Cymatics creating universes - any digital cymascope we can use in real time?

Hello brothers and sisters, does anyone here knows if exists an app or plugin so we can use to visualize a sound we create? The idea is I've created this music track in a DAW tuned at 432Hz and would like to visualize the harmonics and see what's this all about :)

It would also be nice to see it in a traditional cymascope - water or sand, but I couldnt find yet any interface about converting a digital track to an "analog" aparatus, effectively...

I saw a great forum conversation about this but it's dated from 2004 I guess it was on Tribe forums but nothing more of specifics. They wanted to create harmonious sound/music from cymatics. Any info or help in this matter would be very welcomed, thanks.

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Here is a link to a site you may like


Yeah thanks brother but was looking for something more practical it would really be good in a form of a plugin so to use with a DAW. There's this software that was even presented by Sevan: , but it misses a real-time interface with a sound created by us. Because to output a whole digital track with all it's frequencies and changes ocurring at the same time, multiple patterns and layers of harmonics glued together and for it to ALL to be visualized in the best definition possible.. hmm.. seen many sites and posts and promisses but nothing quite like what I want to see.

I've seen amazing visuals from some of those cymascopes based on water and there are great images out there from those sources and I don't think a digital cymascope software can present those kind of "graphics" of how it looks in organic form instead of synthetic, but it would still be awesome. To shape not just a binaural-like tone... but a whole musical universe in a fast paced, super-precision, double-way fashion from a digital audio workstation is still a dream for music producers it seems.

This is really just a quick attempt at responding, but from what i recall, the hardware is something one may have to purchase or build.  Here's a site with some suggestions.  I too play the music of the spheres so to speak and am very intrigued but do not have the finances.  Aside from building a hypercube and being able to afford supplements as well as copper infused clothing to enhance my energy intake and circulation, all purchasing power is sort of in limbo at present, haha...  Here's a shot in the abysmal dark nehow for your viewing and or reading pleasure..

Also, have you considered biofeedback?  Aside from being responsive to music, it can show various readings as an actual waveform, whether its heart rate, heart rate variability, heart coherency and skin conductance(which is an indirect measurement of  chi that gives a measurement of the autonomic nervous system activation via the sweat glands.)  There are programs that can synthetically show waves in this case based on how strong or calm the waveform we generate tends to be.  I'd love to show this at some point when time permits me to film.  Neurofeedback holds amazing potential to see behind our "crystal curtain" as well, hehe...



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