Couldn't believe this vid... it's the Lucifer Invocation they are saying has the intent of love hope peace and harmony.... so they are putting down the Windsors I suppose as an ethnocentric ploy to get the weak to get on the band wagon and chant with them... yet they are saying what seems to me what the elite would love everyone to say.

Is seems to imply that there is a wireless energy system on the earth using the ley lines and tesla coil like mechanisms and that people can have an impact on them my sending their conscious thoughts...


these are tunes by means of a cirtain number of wires wrapped to activate a certain frequency...

sounds like the elite is already using free energy... and if we knew the frequency, everybody could tune their equipment to it and tap into it. i wonder if the atomic clock is the tuning mechanism...

Is there a wireless energy system set up using the lay lines and monuments on the earth that someone is tapping into and what could be the frequency and the tuning mechanism???????

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taping the Earth Frequency or the Schumann Resonance by a perfected pitch mantra together with the WILL. this quite hard nowadays because of the ever increasing hazardous manmade electromagnetic pollution and myriad malevolent ethereal waves. an entrainment device using solitonic transmission of frequency waves may aid to access these frequencies.



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