I'm finding that the line can become blurred between a lucid dream and an out of body experience.

How can one tell if the experience is just a lucid dream where one doesn't come out the body as opposed to an out of body experience where a person might actually come out of the body?

Any suggestions?

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Greetings, thanks for sharing your experiences ! it's really amazing and mind blowing just imagining what it feels like as I was reading your O.B.E experiences. I've never had an O.B.E before but I remember there was 1 time when I was laying down relaxing and after like an hour, my heart started to race really fast and I started to vibrate, but not too extreme..but as I noticed that this was happening, I got excited because I thought I was gonna leave my body. Since then nothing has happened, does anyone have any tips on this ? Wholeness

I have a similar question as the post above, I am able to exit my body and see it from above but not able to land and walk around. Is there a way I can control my movements more than just sight and disernment? Wholeness and Thanks



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