hi I am new here and very excited to be here.
I have out of body experience and dream of things, events time and places that eventually occur the thing is I have no control over them.
In the dream world how come I can't see a reflection of myself in the mirror?

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i have OBE's also, my experience was right here in my apt..."i awakened out of my sleep with intense vibrations which i thought i was sick or something lol so i got out of the bed tried turning the lights on but couldn't do so, walked to the bathroom and tried turning the lights on in there and same thing...then i tried looking in the mirror but the vibrations i was feeling was amplified like it effected the vibration in a way but i couldn't see myself it actually made me move away from it, not out of fear or anything but just to stop the vibrations....so i'm in question about that myself but if i had to guess i would say being that you're not in a physical body you def wouldn't see anything physical maybe a energy of some sort but thats my thoughts....

Dreams don't lie and so as there are good dreams... there are also nightmares. They reflect to us how our life in this reality is going way deeper than what most of us think. It is sometimes funny to see that for some, no matter how bad things in dreams seem to be, those images don't carry that energy anymore, wich can be interpreted as a reflection of the person being in a more let's say balanced stance of no fear in this reality. So what could be felt as panic in a nightmare is automatically transmuted in "real time" to an observer state of consciousness. Dreams tell us what needs to be done and present some solutions many times not regarded as such simply because we can't comprehend. Even more so if a person wakes up and doesn't remember anything about the dream... wich can be a reflection of a very calcified pineal gland, but not only. From my personal experience the times I saw myself as a reflection in the mirror while dreaming represented me recognizing that I needed to heal this thing or that. Be it a physical condition, or a mind and spiritual one. So maybe the answer for your question lies in what you already said - not having control over a dream can be seen as not having also total control of life in this reallity. Or maybe there's something in need to be recognized to allow for the process of... Healing! There is a need of raising perception within the self, to know about something that is still in the subconscious mind but not yet ready to be unpacked or presented for several reasons. But only because the person also have no clue of what things in need to be transmuted might be, and that's when this whole thing looks starts loking like a loop :) but I'm sure you will get what I'm saying.

Last time I saw myself in a mirror while dreaming I saw my neck falling apart in the mirror and melt down while the flesh was turning into this green putrid color. I woke up and realized that I had this node on my throat for some time and I wasn't paying attention to it, so finally I recognized what my subconscious mind was trying to say to me when I looked at that mirror while dreaming. But I guess I had to recognize it first in order to manifest a mirror in that dream... or at least a mirror that works.. lol. It was very interesting.

Out of curiosity, have you done mirror work?   The field I teach about with mirror work that is so successful, is releasing the inner you that has been suppressed....  eg... looking in a mirror and saying to yourself as you look into your own reflection/eyes.... "I love you',  I approve of you,   I forgive you.   I am worthy, I am worthy of good things in my life.  I am important.  I am loved.  etc..
When we do this kind of affirmation, to some it is too difficult, for looking in a mirror and voicing these powerful words, can bring to the surface at once... things that we have kept suppressed.   We have not wanted to see, acknowledge...

It is good to have a pen and pad at hand to write down the thoughts that come to mind whilst doing these exercises, memories may flood back to you and emotions may rise up...and it is alright, okay...and you will be able to deal with them.. you are not alone..  for it is a kind of purging that is going on now...affecting everyone....no one is exempt..

in the process of growth, expansion.... we have to do more than just the physical cleanse, there is the unseen....that which we do not show...the inner hidden...that you do not allow to be seen....so, when we look in the mirror...we can see, feel what comes to the surface.... I love you....just three words...but, it can bring up a lot of real emotion, provoking patterns of thoughts/behaviours that we recycle.. that are just that...patterns...

we can begin...little steps.... to change.

we are MULTI DIMENSIONAL..... beings.   so...you and all were / are groomed, to be 3d.....but, inside you are more, and you know it..as Jedidah Jones.... we are energy....  and so, need to address these fields of energy....

it is about learning who you are..



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