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For the past 12 years, I have been experiencing the same dream. In these dream I began to rapidly float and when this happens my stomach begins to flip. I am beyond scared because I can’t stop myself from floating so I start to grab at anything that is around me. If I am outside near trees then I try to hold onto the branches and leaves. Once I was in a ballroom, I grabbed onto a chandelier but I no matter what I grab onto I am still sucked or pulled up when this happens I wake up out of fear because it feels so real. Does anyone have an idea of what this means? How do I let go of the fear so I can see what happens next? When I awake I am still floating, I never see where I land or if I land. 

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Greetings Lanai, from first reaction i say that you are astrally projecting yourself to random places and from getting scared you go back into your physical body. Sometimes if you get scared and thrust yourself back into your body you may even wake up with a headache. But you would need to expand your story for me to maybe give you more information.

If the case is that you are projecting yourself, then this is wonderful! you are naturally inclined to project your astral body. Once you can control it, you can do whatever you like. Fly, teleport, obeserve different realms, even see what your friends are doing. Go ANYWHERE, and see/feel ANYTHING. i would be more than happy to help anyway i can if you like

Wholeness Ramob!

Thank you for taking the time to provide some insight! I actually do wake up with sometimes headaches quite often; I have always contributed the headaches to my sinuses. I do not know how to expand upon this dream because I only actually remember the part where I start to float, the fear that follows and me attempting to stop rising/ascending in the air by grabbing whatever is near. I never remember whole dreams only fragments and that’s when I am lucky.

There is another dream where I am in an outside market full of colorful fabrics. I am walking and looking at the different fabrics when I pass this woman. As soon as I pass her my visual view point changes from first person to aerial. I can now see myself on the ground walking pass this woman as someone shouts witch.  At that moment we both spin and face each other and I shoot what looks like fire from my hand. I wake up and my right hand is radiating with heat, which quickly dissipates. Although I have only had this dream once, I know it will never be forgotten.


Hi Lanai,

I'm no dream expert.  However, I used to have dreams that left me fearful and afraid to fall asleep.  One way I stopped the fear was to set my intention before going to bed.  I affirmed that I was not going to be fearful.  When faced with something frightening, I would relax and look for ways to resolve my situation. After a little practice, I developed a coping mechanism within the dream world that ended the fearful feelings and I moved past the repetitive night fright stage.  So in short, by setting my intention before going to sleep, I was able to resolve feelings of fear within the dream world.  What used to be a weekly occurrence no longer happens.  Hope this is helpful.





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