Creating Effective Regimes, Compilations and Introductions to Sacred Movements, Art, Food and Life

Let Us compile Our own study course,

resources, techniques, music, art and so on, all that stimulates flow and wholesome living.

Thank you for reading! I wanted to start this with a brief history of Chi gong and internal alchemy in Mainland China.

The strange story of how tai chi, chi gong and certain taoist movement courses spread through communist china like wildfire: the hidden history is that: The commisars and army officers of the "People's Republic of China" were desperate to find exercises and effective training methods for their population to do, so then, they attempted to force the monks to reveal their secrets and give them regimes to do, little did they know, this would soon back fire on them, by giving people who practiced EARNESTLY, so much inner freedom they could no longer be controlled by the dogmas or group-think of their nationalist party policies...more on this here: 

Traditionally, knowledge about qigong was passed from adept master to student in elite unbroken lineages, typically with secretive and esoteric traditions of training and oral-mind transmission.[13]
Starting in the late 1940s and the 1950s, the mainland Chinese government tried to integrate disparate qigong approaches into one coherent system, with the intention of establishing a firm scientific basis for qigong practice. This attempt is considered by some sinologists as the start of the modern or scientific interpretation of qigong.[14][15][16] During the Great Leap Forward (1958–1963) and the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976), qigong, along with other traditional Chinese medicine, was encouraged in state-run rehabilitation centers and spread to universities and hospitals, but was under tight control with limited access among the general public. After the Cultural Revolution, qigong, along with t'ai chi, was popularized as daily morning exercise practiced en masse throughout China.

They always give you part of the truth, but make it seem meaningless and without the real context, to send you back to sleep, but once you get a taste for it, you can soon ferret out the lies and start seeing through to the real history. 

You can Research "Falun gong" and "Falun Dafa" which claim to be more effective,

balanced courses of chi gong, they are still being persecuted and repressed by the government, for the simple reason that it conflicts with the party line. 

I have had practitioners tell me: It is simply too effective and new, in comparison.
Murdered because of practicing chi gong?
We must not let this be set as a precedent, anywhere in the world.

Why do I mention this?

Because we can create this same inner freedom and Celebration of life, world wide...

even more so! All the secrets are coming up and out! WOW! 

Let's not pretend we know what's possible, but just follow the calling of our soul and see what happens when we do! 


We are all with you :)

Even those who appear to be against us, are just giving the critical back drop for us to sharpen up and stay in space; think of them like the line on the edge of the road you are racing along... then again, sometimes you have to make your own road.


Here is a playlist I compiled of Maya Fiennes Yoga Course: 

Chakras 1 to 7

Free & approximately 45 minutes each,

set all thoughts aside and let the kundalini rise and do its magic! 

This was a POWER Yoga video linked to me by Luis, also excellent:

Power Yoga, Mark Gonzales ~ 75 minutes

This Yoga Class is also a great work out,

try going through all of these courses to build an internal library of moves,

your body will then till you what it wants and feels right, if you listen with enough certitude and discipline

Beginner's Yoga Class, 70 minutes

My best idea for this is that we, collectively, innerstand the yogic movements and how they stimulate the essence within us, and  then compile and customize our own courses.

We can publish and market this as a dvd/online course, and spread it throughout the world like spores.

Wow, what if everyone started doing the kundalini dance, and purifying themselves, moving towards galactic wholeness? :D 

Sometimes it is hard not to go on a mad digital shopping spree, 

downloading this book and that... we have to strengthen and discipline ourselves

to truly stick to what is relevant; follow intuition, let us use our time wisely. 


An ELEMENTAL Smoothie! :)

The 5 Elements Smoothie, Delicious


Fire foods, water foods, air foods, earth foods...

all can balance and help pronounce one another for greater aetheric flow.

below: the ancient circle of elements, also mentioned by aristotle

To know what foods we need to eat, we need think only about their basic nature;

when and where do they grow, if we had to describe their taste with an element,

what would that be, what does their colour match up with, etc.

On the whole, we seem to eat much too much salt, sugar and grain foods, Grain seems like an Air and Earth food, for example, so to balance it out, we should eat some more fire and water; chillis and fruits/vegetables for example. Make a Substantial shift in diet and communicate with your food and you will be rewarded beyond what you can imagine because it will actually EXPAND your imagination.

Once we have that established, then we can move on into the actual cycle of elements,

and studying which foods work together best.


What do YOU meditate to?

Training the inner ear is as valuable as the inner eye, sometimes.

I have been highly fortunate to grow up surrounded by classical music

and somehow i have unlocked the ability to hear entire orchestras play, within,

also, when going through intense transitions or connecting with various people,

i will hear them speak, independently of me...

So, some suggestions:

A Very Long Aum ~ Om

Music appropriately aligned with the Solfeggio (cascade?) natural frequencies and Sacred Geometric knowledge.


Ancient Vibration ~ Dance

And of course, the newly created:

Sacred sounds and Music Group


Sacred Visionary Art, a collection of websites: ~ A grand Collection of articles and art

Alex Grey ~ Third eye active


Andrew Jones, Cyber Visionary

Andrew A Gonzalez

Unio Mystica painted by A. Andrew Gonzalez

The best of old world art: ~

A massive gallery of all the semi-ancient art you can name

The dual focus of the geometry which man is captured in,

the famous "Vitruvian man" by Leonardo Da Vinci:

Circular thinking; The navel is made the centre point. 

our umbillical chord and connection with the universe through our solar plexus and dan tian

Incedentally, in this proportion, the navel is exactly at phi ratio times 5, when using the head as a measure, from the feet upwards. WOW, eh?

Square / Box / Cube thinking: The genitals, quite revealing when you think about it,

and how many people think "passing on the seed" is the only point. 

Oh how wrong and right they are. 

It's not the quality of the seed alone which determines the outcome, but the surroundings, belief the seed has in itself, and care that went into it, helping it to sprout into a great tree.

We are uprooted trees, trees of life, and we can care for and reshape our own environment, how incredible, when you truly think about this.

Daily Study: 

We have a lot of material on the website, maybe too much to know where to begin for some,

let us all read our books, things we are TRULY interested in (not just vaguely: we are all interested in everything, but what means the most ~everything~ to us, individually?),

condense them down into 5 minute videos (if we can) and report back to one another.

Make tight knit study groups.


I will be adding more to this list, but i feel like this is a good start, please feel free to contribute, 

even if it is obvious to you, especially if it is obvious to you.

Realize what you see with your REAL Eyes, others do not.

Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations. 

You might be wondering why i type these messages out with centre alignment...

I find if i read and or write from left to right,

and also have it aligned there, my brain works differently! 

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Samuel, your mind reading abilities are quite good :-D but seriously I had a blog post that is in the "approval" limbo right now that I created that is basically an experiment on myself to see what works in attaining higher vibrations. However, once it does get approved I think that I am going to delete it and then throw it up in this group! :) Awesome group, and thank you!

hey light inside, what happened to that post? :)

Unfortunately, my good man, I am not sure if I will get it done. Maybe one of these days... I've got lots and lots and lots of stuff going on, most of them for the better thank goodness! But time consuming nonetheless! I hope you are doing well Sam! :)

the russian discoveries on the DNA has indeed proven the ancient belief on the "sacred sound". it concluded that the DNA and the human body responds primarily to acoustic and electromagnetic impulses. meaning, SOUND and LIGHT. therefore. we can literally say that the human DNA can be programmed by this, at the right frequency parameters of course.

subtle energy also play vastly in this domain. in fact, sound and light influences the body in a subtle energy chamber or irradiated with subtle energy. if a subject, is inside a subtle energy chamber (orgone/vril chamber) the brain and the human body will meditate better, will feell the efficacy of an entrainment device than in an external environment. Please check my blog out.

Another excellent technique for cultivating energy is Falung gong/ Falung Dafa

This is a video of the exercises with a step by step explanation.

This is a video of the exercises done in succesion without detailed explanations.

This is a link to the organizations webpage in several languages.



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