In meditation:

... it is when we pursue the knowledge about what we're made of that eventually we reach higher realms.

... it is there that it meets the Self and the Self meets the limitless.
... the outer space where our consciousness wanders becomes the inner space of our own bodies... and then... we remember...! the amniotic fluid that surrounded us as babies for 9 months... That, was our ocean, the bottom of the sea!
... knowing our own body reveals the need for serenity, the need to be alone, where not a single light or sound exists. We become specs of consciousness, floating into the abyss, diving more and more, going deeper and deeper.
... we discover our own Breath and Center, our own Higher Self and when those higher realms become the deepest of the deeps... We see that We dont breath anymore... there is no need. We breath by NOT breathing. This is the meditation of the deeps.

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Can you go in depth on the methodology to obtain such a high qualitive state. For me my meditation has led to me various realizations of just formatting certain ideas about life in general on how i should go about solutonizing things so to stay, and i would imagine , to know yourself on an insider level , you would need to look as if you were imagining at first lookng inside , and i try to envision my spine being as straight as the staff of life , to use a wand of great powers that being classifed as kundalini, any insight would be greatful , thank you !

Hi Jacob. Oh boy... methodology... Well I'll give a glimpse of the method I personally use, bear in mind though that what works for me might not work for you.
There's lots of kind of meditations we can experience, from the simple desire to relax for 10 minutes meditation, to wanting to go way beyond the "fringe", wich has no limits. Obviously every meditation should start with the intention of what we want to achieve, wich is kinda like what sets the background, energy signature, etherial environment if you will that opens a path.
In this kind of meditation in particular my goal is high. High enough to propel me into deep uncharted regions of my subconscious mind. I know I want to dive deep but I don't know how deep. I guess the deep reveals itself later.
After the phase of relaxing, I start by listening to my body. And with this I mean feeling what part of the body wants my attention. What part is tingling, hurting, aching in stress, I feel my organs move and make noises like some water creature. And wichever one pulls my attention I breath even deeper to it. This means the focus of my breath goes to that part/being only, until it relaxes completely and doesnt seem to need my attention anymore. Oxygen seems to appease the spirit of those organs/beings, so to say... This I do for every part on my body that calls for my breath into it.
The next phase for me wich is to breath for my own breath. I see my breath as an entity in and of itself. Treat it with respect. With time I notice that I am the breath, this means I am really the breath that enters into and goes out of my body. I feel what I, as my own breath, am doing to my body. I am the sensation that I, as a breath, am feeling. What is it like to be a breath of air, what is it like going through this body? I breath myself.
Soon, a new relation is born. My breath and the vessel wich is my body are the same. My body is not bones and flesh anymore, I am this breath wich turns into consciousness. I am a spec of counsciousness, wandering somewhere in space now.
This space goes and grows from being my own body, to being also the place where my body is laying, also the bed, also to being the room, to also being the house, the building, the street, the neighbourhood, city, region, country, continent, planet... And when I go out of the planet something different usually happens. I already dreamed about this too, it was visually stunning.... Wich is instead of going even higher, I dive, like into a pool of water. I even feel the cold of this water. I am in an ocean, wich is simultaneously the outer space. I feel how I am all this at the same time. How I am everything I've gone through. How I am the universe wich is simultaneosly the deepest of the deep. Darkness and silence. Then I start to see energy signatures of these various entities, as forms of light. They are what's in the universe and deep ocean. They are the planets, stars, constelations, all the astral bodies moving in the innerverse, wich are also all the living beings deep down in the vast ocean. The creatures and plants are the stars in the sky.
Later on I see myself as all these beings, and I breath by them, or better yet, all of them are breathing for me instead. I am just an observer, and my body has slowed down so much to a point it doesn't feel the need to breath anymore. I feel expanded. The energy being spent is almost null at this point because the energy is spread through All that Is. The hearthbeat is also so slow... (The first time I noticed this I got scared because I didn't know how much time I was without breathing and it kinda knocked me out of the zone... lol)
So yeah, I guess I can say this is how we can minimize our impact of co2 in this planet too! :)
This requires allowing, and to accept and bypass the normal concept of death. To feel confortable in surrendering the ego and to be a mesh identity of all things at the same time. To let go of the normal daily identity. This is what it means when All is One. It's not easy, and it hurts. In this state fear is not an option as it is unknown to Life and to Existence... Fear is the rational reasoning mind where our own dramas are. One can only get better at it with practise and time. Like what is said in the video, this is a mental exercise as it is physical since there's a lot of physiological changes going on... Mainly, the Great Healing is happening.
This is my meditation of the deeps. Solid imagination is key!

you have helped me greatly my brother. reading your passage, made me think about what exactly it was that was keeping me from going deeper and deeper inside myself, the inner self, that which reflects the external world. whether it be the distractions and negativity that others gave off unknowingly, or the negative thoughts that I try so desperately to expel from my mind, I simply did not know the source of my confusion of the phrase, "I am All, therefore All is Me". Simply reading your passage has given me clarity and wholeness as well as confidence that my spirit is growing, I am beginning to "Activate" and innerstand who and what I am. I simply wanted to Thank you , Wholeness my brethren

I feel your words Charles and I can see clearly that yes, you're on The Path. I'm glad you found and felt something useful resonating within you here, remember that it happened because of who you are at this moment.... Thank you and take care.

Oh i barely saw the vid link , ha
thanks for sharing

Beautiful. Gratitude for the share :)



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