In my studies I constantly see this and it never resonates with me. I have very specific reasons why, but I will start by saying when it comes to the Hebrew language there are two things that should be kept in mind: 1) You cannot just switch around vowels based on English transliteration or trying to match it up with other words that seem similar and  based on the root consonants in a particular and maintain the same meaning or family of thought. The roots of proper nouns are usually verbs. That being said, the definition of YHWH from my level of knowledge at this point is Is-Was-Will (Cause) to Be. This is not the same as Jehovah (re: definition of Hebrew word "hovah") or other variations as they do not contain the "hawa" part of the compound Yahh- hiyah-hawa. For me this gives an indicator that the description has something to do with space/time and the true nature of reality. Ive looked through many occult writings and "workbooks" and a common thing I see is the Tetragram written as a seal/protective barrier against neg entities in rituals but Ive never seen/heard a proper pronunciation. I intone YAH- h- WAH and I can feel the vibration even stronger than OM when I draw out the sylabbles. The Ah part is like the a sound in "caulk" our "awe" and the (h) is a fast, warm exhalation like if you shot our your breath real quick on a cold piece of glass to create a mist on the surface. .Ive been deep cover in synagogues and sensitive sites in the State of Israel and the Sabbateans/Illuminists do not use this pronunciation and frankly  seem to be scared of it. Thoughts?

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Here you go


..and here's the recording


come with us to the etymology and ciphering groups :)

you know i been highly interested in etymology since i was a shorty. im in.

cool beans! bout to listen to it now and check out those groups afterwards. 


This is an energy that has evolved over time, originally meaning Fire or the Fire force of a two fold essence. This is why Ya is seen as a male while Yah Hovah is male female. Again as Carolyn pointed out if you take a gander at the last show you will notice that the current rulers have absorbed the title and placed their imagery on it. To fully restore its meaning one would have to follow history/herstory for a great deal of time. It is better to move back to the basics of the essences themselves. As every great occultist knows names are only used as words to give one some type of ID for the totality but it could never as being just a word, hold power within itself, the power is within the individual and this separates those who are just reciting from those who have not only made contact but are the contact. 

See below what Yah Ya Ja Jao Iao Alpha and Omega has evolved in to and witness the corruption. Again, time to go back to the basics rather than trying to find some fake god to stand behind. I trust this will clear things up.


The luciferian thought process conjures up light. As individual thought charactistics are applied the whole black light becomes divided appearing to separate male and female. In other words, this illusion manifests as male and female, dividing and disconnecting us from awareness of our wisdom state. The original male/female oneness does not manifest in energy atoms. The original male/female knowing had no physical form or no physical atom energy. We were purely WISDOM, we were, and still are, FORMLESS, and fully WISE. However, the luciferian mind conjured the human form and thehuman psyche, and used this illusion as the receiving dish for the THOUGHT PATTERNS they wished to extend to us, manifesting as a 3 dimensional reality, and in the process disconnecting who we really are, WISDOM and FORMLESS, from our ETERNAL PARADISE STATE.

Keep in mind as you consider these words. There is no such thing as TIME, and this process is just occurring NOW, even as I write. It wasn’t initiated centuries ago, or untold billions of years ago. Its occurring right now.

So the fact that the guy that wrote this article, can use words to point to a state of mind, and label it with the same thing he proposes "started" the problem is insanity. Basic knowledge tells ypu we come from nothing, language is a barrier to energy and is not the cause of light, it dulls down emotions as putting labels, we are all in this effect, even if you silenced ypur mind, bever spoke, never said anything, you are still caught up in these vibrations based on your other senses, and plus he stated that we dont receive light we project it, words will make you believe things and paint false pictures in your brain labeling an energy/feeling that really has no label, language is a severly butchered wall which can paint pictures in your brain like that article does, notice anyone who read that has went crazy and that was the writers intent, he knows something you dont and has distorted your vision, that article alone breeds and entirely destructive thought process
Words cannot effectively express feelings, and words can make you "think" things but look at the basic logic behind everything, what made thoughts, what gave this thought process power, what backed up this whole luciferian light thing, theres something behind it, what powers that? why would you believe words in an article as opposed to what you feel or see? Your right brain doesnt need words, what if you couldnt analyse that article would it still matter? What makes me think that i know better than what he says? Idk this can go back and forth but thats the point, an insanity loop

what article?

Wadup Ben! I see you on a roll here! 

"WE CAME FROM NOTHING" but nothing is no thing it is eve re thing, eve the m other of us all.... re thinged... you know what's her name thingy ma bob.... the ma(mother) of thingy and bob  LOL.....

We should do a movie..... the Resistance Re-Thinged or Re Minded... Don't you love being Re-Minded about something? It is the same as re Penting... EVEry Sun Day at least 2 Billion people are re Minded to re Pent LOL.. Are you falling out of your PENt ? Well you better watch out? and rePent you sinner !!! Mind out of my way will ya... I'm just getting started...the pen is mightier than the sword or is the pent mightier than the S word ? What words do you write with the pen ? S words to keep you in the pen off course... swords and speaking(spear-king) and pens and words and spelling is all sorts of cunning and conflict, off course if you don't mind it doesn't matter..... back to we came from nothing, I will just copy a previous rant i posted about no thing : 

Think of the word nothing… what is nothing? Describe nothing to me…. You can’t describe nothing can you… you can describe everything or even something… everything means every thing and some thing is part of everything or is apart of everything but no thing??? And amazingly which is a maze which leads no where or nowhere OR are we, now here ? Where are we? We are nowhere off course…. Back to nothing that is amazing cos you cannot describe something that does not exist and is nowhere…. Hey! Nowhere or now here again…. So what is it? Are we here again or are we NO Where ?

Got to love the word NOW anagram for NWO – New World Order… MMmmm or for OWN which the New World Order does to us the people hey?

But how do they do it? Maybe by convincing us that we are something and part and apart of everything? Now are we part or apart of everything? Or are we just a part of everything?

Yes the English language… language of the Angels… the language of angles…. Angles as geometry

Angles like 90 degrees which you get when you graduate at University for falling asleep from being awake which the majority of you will never do, is wake up, because what you most afraid of doing is

Dying which means you will go on to being nothing which means your funeral or wake which you are afraid of hence you will never wake up cos you terrified of your wake aren’t you? Yes you terrified of be in awake, I mean being in your wake… Hope your brain is starting to ache ;-)

You are also afraid of getting zero on your test aren’t you? Zero = Nothing…. Nothing is a bad mark to get… you want to make your mark in life don’t you? Have your day in the Sun…

Yet nothing is where we all came from, Zero point, no point in time or space… Time as in a Temporary Induced Mind Experiment or space as in empty space… Yes em T….. Me T and then add the i and you have Time… i, me and the angle(T) or is it a cross, or X, a crossing of what ? of time and space  maybe ? Gravity is also scary cos when you fall you can die, and then you will end up in the Graveyard which is very grave and I’m afraid off falling asleep so I will stay awake… hold on…. If Im awake aren’t i a funeral… Dam it !!!!!!! I’m getting mad !!!!! Dam maD i should  say as well…………..

All this geo me TRICK graveyard gravity and awake funerals is so con Fuse in….. Well we all are occult practitioners, unawares off course, we are taught spelling and cursive writing from very young and then curse ourselves and everybody around us until the day we die,,,,,,,, 



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