Where to go and what to do after your soul leaves the earth body?

Hi everyone and  _wholeness and vibration_. This is my very first post in here and I m Norwegian so exuse me if there is any typoes or weird put togheter scentences lol

This answer is most likely out there somewhere in Sevans radio shows and videos, but I cant seem to find more deep details about this topic atm. So Ill give it a shot in here. Maybe someone knows and can help.

I allready know when the earth body dies. The soul rise up towards the sun and its like oposite gravety (your pulled away from earth) I allready know the Sun is a portal and that where we are suppost to travel in there. BUT......

My question here is. What are you suppost to do when you hit this glass thats around the earth and prevents you from reaching the sun and getting away and being free?
It may be a stupid question cause the Resistance is here to assist and activate us superhumans so we can break free. But still I just wonder... what if you all of a sudden die without being done with the activation of Self? And your floating around right there by the glass? Is there any other way? This have bothered me for a long time now. Cause I DONT wanna reincarnate ever again on this planet. I dont wanna be stuck in that neverending weel. I wanna break free just like the rest of you!

So I really hope someone out there have the answer Im looking for :)

Thank you

Malin from Norway

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No one knows?

That's a really good question, Im sure you'll come up with the answer just remember simplicity. Wholeness!

     The glass is a mirror , your going the wrong direction moving twards the reflection , till you hit the glass.

But arent this "glass" covering the whole earth? So how are you suppost to get out?

Thank you and wholeness to you too brother :) I need to figure this out somehow cause its been constantly bothering me...

Its not about fearing death but what to do when you hit this glass that is covering the whole earth (trap for souls) From letting your soul reach the sun and become free from enslavement and non stop reincarnation.

This "glass" is basically a lower vibrational wall, until you raise your VIBRATION, achieve BALANCE, and or WHOLENESS, this wall can keep this cycle going, this is why you have souls that are stuck, they are mainly the souls that are spinning into chaos, fear, and greed etc. vibrations that are very dense, they cant fit through the same door they came in metaphorically speaking. I must add that some die and leave without any problem. Death is an experience just like life, so to fear death is to fear life. hopefully this answers your question to a certain degree, i would be more than happy to explain more just message me. best of wishs, WBV :)

Thats your wiev Neil. Not mine. Respect that please. There are knowlengde about this within the Resistance for a reason too.Out of body/astral travelling. When you know how to navigate/have knowlengde of the astral plane and when youre out of the body, you will know how to truly navigate after leaving the earth body, so you can break free from this prison planet and avoid getting stuck in that weel and not reincarnate into a slave again instead of your soul evolving and moving on. Knowlengde is power, and thats what we are getting here in the Recistance. Thats a discussion I m not going into with you (how I dare). And it was not the purpose of my post.    

On a astral trip I was on while on a trip to Greece I seen my departed grandfather ad had a conversation as he was leaving I asked him what happens when you die? he told me we go back to hell witch really through me off my grandfather saying that so I asked him whats the way out and he said within, at that moment a demon interrupted us and told me he was a lier I called the demon a lier and ascended from the basement into some sort of meadow lolol hope that can help

True say its within Kevin :)  But I think we also need all the information we can possibly get about this since this is a obvielsy a prison planet and these lower beings are messing things up for billions of innocent souls. Yes indeed NEVER trust a demon. I belive they can take form as a loved one too to deceive you. So its important to be aware and not be tricked by them or their misleading words.

Thank you for your reply RAMOB, I appriciate that :) I actually heard in here (Recistance video/radioshow) that that the lower beings/souls/ bad ETs have tecnolegy that cathes souls after they leave the earth body so they go straight into that reincarnation weel again to have endeless dumbed down lifetimes and being slaves for theese low beings. They go into a blinking light witch is a trap. Just like a musqito attracted to light and when it goes into the lightbulb it dies..(silly example but thats what I heard lol)..Maybe this is truth or not? Its called the prison planet for a reason right? Do you know anything about this? It was also said that you need to know how to navigate the astral planes and how it works to get out of here and free yourself...and yes high vibration is for shure a important key. Id like to send you a message if you have more info. Thank you my friend :)

i dont subscribe to the idea of there being a 'glass' per se, although i suspect there are numerous obstacles . Have you been projecting in your 'dreams' and facing a glass during your travels? can you just go thru it? did you mean glass or was that just the word you wanted to explain it with? is not glass just fire and sand?



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