Hello, and wholeness to everyone.

So I have many questions about our origin. Not just our Cosmic origin, but our true world history. I can't trust my history book, TV, or YouTube. The Code of the Matrix tells me we all came from Source, but it doesn't answer WHY we separated in the first place. There must have been a reason.

Then when we arrived on Tiamat/Earth. Were we already human, or slowly evolved from monkeys? My reason would say we came from the highest realm there is, we must be the highest state of 3 dimensional consciousness or in otherwords "human".

I read a post from Sevan saying there was a race called the Dinoids from the Bellatrix system in the constellation of Orion, and the Reptoids from the constellation of Sagittarius came to "inhabit the earth" then let a mammalian species evolve to sentience.

Sevan's post can be found with this URL: http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/quick-history-lesson-wit...

So, I thought evolution is was a false Illuminati scam or that evolution happens spontaneously, much like the research from Bruce Lipton. So, who are the Reptoids and Dinoids?

Then you have "The Spirit Science" You Tube video claiming to have the answers from a "New Age" deceivers viewpoint from Thoth that supposedly fills in the blanks for us. He says we started out in Lemuria, then a poleshift. (did this happen or was it the events described in Sevans post about crystal temples being attacked?) Anyways Lemuria sank and the continent and Atlantis surfaces.

The video then says the Nacaals/Atlantians were benevolent beings teaching immortality and the Martians invaded Earth, took over Atlantis, spawning the inception of the Illuminati. And then something about a comet  And then some gobbledigook about a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba that tears a hole in the dimensions spilling out tons of lower dimensional souls infesting the Atlantians sending them down in consciousness. This being the supposed "Fall."

......Sounds to me like scientologist propaganda, because Hubbard's Creationism doctrine and Thoth oddly share similarities in the interpretation of our origin. Then, Sevan says the Atlantians were malevolent megalomaniacs that want control of the world. So where does Martians come into all of this?

So, just to put this is into very solid questions

1. Why did we split from Source?

2. How did we get to Earth?

3. How did we evolve?

4. Who were the Reptoids and Dinoids? Are they the Anunnaki? If not, then where do the Anunnaki come from?

5. Who are the Martians?

6. Was the "Great Flood" a poleshift or the attacks on the crystal temples bring down the protective ice sheets.

7.What was "The Fall" / Adam and Eve?

8.What is the chronological order of when all these events took place?

Example being:

 Source    Earth     Lemuria    Atlantis    Recorded History             Now


The reason why I need this information is that whenever I talk to someone about all this spiritual stuff, when they ask me about our origin I stare blankly with drool dripping off my lip and they call me on not knowing my facts.

Oh, and I'm going talk to my pastor soon about it so id DEFINITELY need all my facts if I am to have a successful deprogramming. 

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Every single one of us is responsible for our behavior. If you don't have that concept in your mind how are you ever going to get responsible?

Of course a parasite can genetically tamper with a host. Again see bruce liptons latest videos.

The genes do not define a person, the environment defines a person (internal/external), which the proteins building life reference the genes and choose the right gene for the job. Someone with cancer won't have cancer from day one or at a set date, the environments for cancer will need to be correct (acidic for a start), and that will be due to the person's choices in life, often from the urges the parasite sends them to eat certain foods or a certain way.

Quoting - 'That's how I feel everyday, like i'm surrounded by idiots..... present company excluded off course...'

That's why its tough, up to you to find a way they can accept. 'A way they can accept' to help them. That is why its tough, all those egoic filters in the way :)

The mental trap of de vision?   or division*?

Yes, I agree.  It's all about over coming fears.  Though, there have been instances where

my fears may have also helped me get out of hairy situations, so I'm not going to

discredit fear as a totally bad thing.


"I can sometimes do my best work when fear is presented, fight or flight or rabbit in a headlight? Me = fight."

To which you go on to say, "There are rooms in my head the doors of which I dare not open." then you say, "No 'thing' bothers me nowadays and I truly believe that they only exist by our consent alone....Simplees!"

Huh?  What? 

You understand that those doors of the self you don't want to open are the ones that should be opened and explored right?  Otherwise, how can you master yourself? 

Like a rabbit in a headlight you want to fight, but you flight from your own mind?  Did I read your words correctly?

I'm sorry, but to say that there are extra dimensional beings that are feeding off of us and that it's our duty to better ourselves to free ourselves from "them" is silly.  Really? 

Isn't it so gosh darn easy to put all the bs outside of yourself, when it's all within.  All of it.

Don't worry about trying to better yourselves by working on your ego's guys.  Just worry about bettering yourselves by going after the things you can't see, sense, or nothin.  Just worry about all the pretend stuff.  It makes it easier that way when all the bad things you think about and do in life are strictly because of you.

I'm going to try to start using that line.  "I swear it's not me, it's these bastards that are feeding off of me and making me do all these funny things.  I try to stop em, but they just keep coming back!!"

My main proposition in this thread is the question of whether humanity on this planet right now is degenerating because of ego.  Cause it really seems that way.  I can source references to why that is the case.  Heck, let me just tell you about my day, and all the stupid crap I thought about (and am working on) and saw people do.  Those 7 cardinal sins that relate directly to the ego are no joke.  They're referenced in all of the world's religions.  Sure, say what you want to about these religions, and how they've been used to manipulate people.  The (inherit) message is correct though, whether or not certain individuals have usurped things for their own egotistical advantages..  What are the 7 cardinal sins????  Greed, gluttony, vice, anger, laziness, lust, and jealousy.  Sure seems to me there is a crazy amount of that going on.  How often do people try to constantly check those things in themselves?  Consciously, mindfully... exploring the source of those ideas and desires within the mind.  Of course it doesn't make it easier when the manipulators of this world want you to be a slave to your desires.

Come talkin to me about extra dimensional beings when the problem is YOU, ME, US!!! 

I agree with you though in some part I think.  In some instances of fear I do know when to fight and when to flight.

You CAN see them, this is the point. I am long out of the realms of fantasy. 



I could list these kinds of videos for ever, but your intuition will be better for it than mine, unless your so overrun by parasites you can't even stand the possibility that certain organisms in you are not wanted and not for your benefit.

If it doesn't have a physical component its only in your mind, but don't dismiss that either, its what makes most of the universe at present.


This kind of thing is why in a few hundred years, this period in time will be looked like we look at those of the medieval period for hygiene, it'll be that kind of step up.

Division. The mental part of our ego is simplifying complex problems or situations by a devision in 2 basic concepts: right/wrong, good/bad...its like a processor. But what is right or wrong is ultimately defined by our emotional ego.

What i am really reading when you speak of fear and hairy situations is your intuition being your advisor. It comes like an inner voice to leave ie that place or this group of people. This is no fear! This is your self talking!! The problem is that our emotional ego just doesn't want to give up power over you. It s acting like a layer filtering all that comes from within and presents it as its own.
An enlightened higher mind has the ability to identify the actual leadership in us as false. On the other hand i agree with Mark that many of the egoistic urges and outbursts can be neutralised not only by becoming more conscious about our inner world, but also by eliminating the physical aliens within. it should not be necessary to yell at your neighbour/wife/kids/etc just because you (your parasites) are hungry, but it still happens too often because we have no control and are controlled by emotions that may not even are our own ones...:)

You can easily control your emotions. - In short always put into your heart/mind - how you can best help the person your with, and you'll neutralise anything, real quick.


Almine's (the toltec shaman's) teachings are best for that, I grew quite a lot following them. Though she is for me, too soft for the world we live in. In a perfect world she'd be everything i'd ever want to aspire to be. In the world we are in, no, but she will answer you call if you ask for her help astrally :) - selfless woman.

I am a lot harsher than I was when I followed the toltec shaman's teachings, but I can recommend you seek her out yourself, because she allowed me to gain emotional control over situations I hadn't had control in since I was a little kid, that were ongoing. Now I can choose to let loose and be harsh, or choose to help someone another way through love and compassion.

Either way they learn, it's just which way you think best to interact with them. - That is what the mind is for, to be used as Sevan so beautifully puts as a checking station, based on genuine past experience - not illusionary fears.


Also just consciously choosing to feel love for someone or a situation, will mean that is what you'll focus on and thus try to achieve. You'll find that, I can't guarantee the event or situation will differ, it has often for me, because in looking for love you'll find more of it than looking to get even or get ahead. The quality of your emotions will define much of your day, so why not look for the high ones.

"You can easily control your emotions. - In short always put into your heart/mind - how you can best help the person your with, and you'll neutralise anything, real quick."

Hi Mark, wow - this is a real pearl! And so easy..... Thanks a lot

I was right in saying you can rewrite anything in the click of your fingers, you built up what it meant to you, so you can redefine it just as quick.

But I was wrong in saying it didn't 'matter' (become material) as to where we are now, I apologize.



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