Hello, and wholeness to everyone.

So I have many questions about our origin. Not just our Cosmic origin, but our true world history. I can't trust my history book, TV, or YouTube. The Code of the Matrix tells me we all came from Source, but it doesn't answer WHY we separated in the first place. There must have been a reason.

Then when we arrived on Tiamat/Earth. Were we already human, or slowly evolved from monkeys? My reason would say we came from the highest realm there is, we must be the highest state of 3 dimensional consciousness or in otherwords "human".

I read a post from Sevan saying there was a race called the Dinoids from the Bellatrix system in the constellation of Orion, and the Reptoids from the constellation of Sagittarius came to "inhabit the earth" then let a mammalian species evolve to sentience.

Sevan's post can be found with this URL: http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/quick-history-lesson-wit...

So, I thought evolution is was a false Illuminati scam or that evolution happens spontaneously, much like the research from Bruce Lipton. So, who are the Reptoids and Dinoids?

Then you have "The Spirit Science" You Tube video claiming to have the answers from a "New Age" deceivers viewpoint from Thoth that supposedly fills in the blanks for us. He says we started out in Lemuria, then a poleshift. (did this happen or was it the events described in Sevans post about crystal temples being attacked?) Anyways Lemuria sank and the continent and Atlantis surfaces.

The video then says the Nacaals/Atlantians were benevolent beings teaching immortality and the Martians invaded Earth, took over Atlantis, spawning the inception of the Illuminati. And then something about a comet  And then some gobbledigook about a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba that tears a hole in the dimensions spilling out tons of lower dimensional souls infesting the Atlantians sending them down in consciousness. This being the supposed "Fall."

......Sounds to me like scientologist propaganda, because Hubbard's Creationism doctrine and Thoth oddly share similarities in the interpretation of our origin. Then, Sevan says the Atlantians were malevolent megalomaniacs that want control of the world. So where does Martians come into all of this?

So, just to put this is into very solid questions

1. Why did we split from Source?

2. How did we get to Earth?

3. How did we evolve?

4. Who were the Reptoids and Dinoids? Are they the Anunnaki? If not, then where do the Anunnaki come from?

5. Who are the Martians?

6. Was the "Great Flood" a poleshift or the attacks on the crystal temples bring down the protective ice sheets.

7.What was "The Fall" / Adam and Eve?

8.What is the chronological order of when all these events took place?

Example being:

 Source    Earth     Lemuria    Atlantis    Recorded History             Now


The reason why I need this information is that whenever I talk to someone about all this spiritual stuff, when they ask me about our origin I stare blankly with drool dripping off my lip and they call me on not knowing my facts.

Oh, and I'm going talk to my pastor soon about it so id DEFINITELY need all my facts if I am to have a successful deprogramming. 

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:) Neil, I love you man. But i've only seen these entities now and again in the near real, they are not so scary, more like mechanical red lit static. You can blast them away with high frequency easy enough or just laughing at them. (Your fears).

What's going on in front of you is far more important, as anything not going on Earth, is going in in your mind. This is not to dismiss it, as this is going on in many people's mind, giving it weight. People dismiss that far too easily, if they had access to their inner mind, or subconscious they would surely go insane. (This makes the denial of it no easier or more welcome on my end btw for anyone in the know there reading this)

Mind makes reality, it is reality as far as I can tell so far, thanks to several people like Danny Wilten's work. That is, the more belief something has, the more it is evident in the human perception of the world. As all we have is perception - that is our world.

The war, does go on there too very much so. Its a great battleground if nothing else.

In a way Physical body, mind, ego are aliens to the self. The ego is indeed very clever and would allways try directing attention to external reasoning so that its position and voice will not be questionened. And yes, the aliens on earth - the ego - satisfy its hunger through emotional outbursts. But i certainly don t fear it. It is it that fears. Self has no fear!

Neil is correct, there is a war going on. This is not the growing pains of consciousness we're going through Sucram. That's horseshit if you believe that. That reminds me of the stuff Terence McKenna was shilling out. McKenna was a piece of s*** for the most part. He was CIA, straight out of the Esalen Institute of mind control.

I don't know how much I buy into Neil's idea that there are entities that are basically feeding off of our emotions and whatnot. It's not, however, hard to buy into the fact that humanity has been duped for an incredibly long amount of time. Things are incredibly messed up, and they're messed up for a reason. Reasons that are mostly out of our control.

There is nothing wrong with fear. Fear is natural. It's good to be afraid sometimes. It's how close you let the fear get to you that counts. I'm not afraid of being afraid. Everyone else can stay positive and pretend things are awesome, but that's just a lie.  The lies are abundant.

Why is the past important, so we can dwell on it or what was. No to heck with that, i've had more than enough of those chains :).

Though for some I am sure they are uplifting too, but I never saw it that way, not even at my most positive.

What is the point expending energy trying to recapture something that isn't here anymore or preserve it, its all just a pile of nonesense to me to be honest. That goes for all that modern day society would call history as well, even a bad feeling I had from someone last week. I can be more wary of a person's actions, but of a history that is so long past its barely worth mentioning, no, it deserves to be moved on from.

We are here and now, let's deal with that.

NB this was in response to the page 1 comment, i've been busy :)

Yes there is a war going on and I will not break a promise posting more, but every single breathe you take you decide your actions. Not based on what happened 10, a thousand, ten thousand years ago but of what is right in front of you.

Wholeness Allen, Neil! I respect your oppinion and i love decent discussions. To me it is not really the question whether one stanpoint is right or wrong as both really are the same. There are endless of stanpoints on the truth, each contains a different aspect ofthe truth. We need to integrate as many as possible to get a better innerstanding of the truth. We dont need to create emotions on being right or wrong. Lets look at the similarities. I guess we agree that this feeds it :) Wether you call it aliens or ego, we seem to be in agreement that we are beeing directed by alien entities or energies fed by our emotions. We are not the kings in our kingdom. Only when we have become concious of this we can make up a plan to change this. This is the reason why i am here and why i am writing these lines. Lets team up, respect each other and make a difference to the stupidity we see in this word. Fear is pretty useless and in fact it is an emotion.

en lak ech

Thanks Sucram, and wholeness to Neil and Mark as well.  Fear is a mind killer... I disagree with you though.  I think fear is very useful.  For one, is the obvious fight or flight mechanism.  Second, fear is something that helps people grow.  Those "oh s***" moments in life can be real learning experiences.  Fear can cripple a person, but it can also create a stronger person.

Mark, how is the past not important?  Do we not learn from the past?  The past.. the accumulation of previous experiences that make you the person that you are right now in this very moment.  To disregard the past is to disregard the present.  IMO...

Thank you for the Age of Stupid video Neil, watching now.

Its hardly taking in circles to say let's deal with what we can deal with. As far as hitting them I do at times, but they've some serious weaponry at their disposal :). Notably low frequency stuns.

Though all of this comes from the humans, not the other way around. A parasite cannot exist without the food given to it, and as all of this comes from the human collective mind, that is a good a battleground as any.

This is not a circle either its basic logical progression. A (Cut off food) B (Parasite Dies). Cutting off the food is done by your actions every day, just keep cracking away at people's shells of ego and we'll get there, we are lifting the weights of everyone who's unconscious or still blinded so of course its hard going. 

You've already absorbed the past, why relive it?

I think that if you don't learn true history. It's like going on road trip, stopping at a rest stop, some random person comes up to you and strikes you on the head, resulting in a severe case of amnesia. So, then if you don't know where you've been, someone can tell you who you are. You no longer "know yourself". Without true history, you have no road map of where you were, where you are now, or where your going.

That's why I yearn to know our true past.

Every single event in your life keeps going around and around until you get out of the pattern.

Look at what is in front of you right now, that is your pattern, your history and who you were.

Look at where you want to go, that is your road map.

I could call that pattern a lesson, I could call it what you created yourself, I could call it a cycle, whatever. Its where you are, this is your past right now, constantly relieved until you decide to go somewhere else or do something else.

Would it help if you saw planets destroyed and lots of people killing each other? Probably not, but if you push into your past lives in for instance the dark ages, you won't see much else. Still if its truly your desire then every night at bedtime set your mind to relive a past life that you are looking for, eventually you'll get there. Probably at a random time you were not expecting it.

NB There are nicer past lives :) but plenty of weight and i'll say it again parasites who aren't worthy of any time whatsoever, holding you down from seeing it. So use now instead, that'll show you a direct reflection of all you're lives.

Hey Allen, well i think we are looking at it again from different perspectives :), me tapping in the good old mental trap of devision. it is inacurate to label anything as good or bad. its the devision of the truth. The fear in us may be helpfull as it marks the first touch point for individual growth so if we decide to grow we may want to look at our fears first. From this perspective fear does help. however, the direct result of fears are limiting us, seperating us from source. So if we look at the effects of fear, we are (iam) tempted to label it negative as it results in suffering and limitation. Only by facing the fear and mastering it we will grow and can complete ouselves. The process of mastering fears makes us stronger, not the fear. Strong may be a little inprecise - we become more concious, more complete, more heart centered.



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