Hello, and wholeness to everyone.

So I have many questions about our origin. Not just our Cosmic origin, but our true world history. I can't trust my history book, TV, or YouTube. The Code of the Matrix tells me we all came from Source, but it doesn't answer WHY we separated in the first place. There must have been a reason.

Then when we arrived on Tiamat/Earth. Were we already human, or slowly evolved from monkeys? My reason would say we came from the highest realm there is, we must be the highest state of 3 dimensional consciousness or in otherwords "human".

I read a post from Sevan saying there was a race called the Dinoids from the Bellatrix system in the constellation of Orion, and the Reptoids from the constellation of Sagittarius came to "inhabit the earth" then let a mammalian species evolve to sentience.

Sevan's post can be found with this URL: http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/quick-history-lesson-wit...

So, I thought evolution is was a false Illuminati scam or that evolution happens spontaneously, much like the research from Bruce Lipton. So, who are the Reptoids and Dinoids?

Then you have "The Spirit Science" You Tube video claiming to have the answers from a "New Age" deceivers viewpoint from Thoth that supposedly fills in the blanks for us. He says we started out in Lemuria, then a poleshift. (did this happen or was it the events described in Sevans post about crystal temples being attacked?) Anyways Lemuria sank and the continent and Atlantis surfaces.

The video then says the Nacaals/Atlantians were benevolent beings teaching immortality and the Martians invaded Earth, took over Atlantis, spawning the inception of the Illuminati. And then something about a comet  And then some gobbledigook about a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba that tears a hole in the dimensions spilling out tons of lower dimensional souls infesting the Atlantians sending them down in consciousness. This being the supposed "Fall."

......Sounds to me like scientologist propaganda, because Hubbard's Creationism doctrine and Thoth oddly share similarities in the interpretation of our origin. Then, Sevan says the Atlantians were malevolent megalomaniacs that want control of the world. So where does Martians come into all of this?

So, just to put this is into very solid questions

1. Why did we split from Source?

2. How did we get to Earth?

3. How did we evolve?

4. Who were the Reptoids and Dinoids? Are they the Anunnaki? If not, then where do the Anunnaki come from?

5. Who are the Martians?

6. Was the "Great Flood" a poleshift or the attacks on the crystal temples bring down the protective ice sheets.

7.What was "The Fall" / Adam and Eve?

8.What is the chronological order of when all these events took place?

Example being:

 Source    Earth     Lemuria    Atlantis    Recorded History             Now


The reason why I need this information is that whenever I talk to someone about all this spiritual stuff, when they ask me about our origin I stare blankly with drool dripping off my lip and they call me on not knowing my facts.

Oh, and I'm going talk to my pastor soon about it so id DEFINITELY need all my facts if I am to have a successful deprogramming. 

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Hello kevin,


At times this question comes to my mind, especially since it seems that if my mind is the one controlling my actions, then my mind must first justify the actions taking place before I do them, not justifying them after.  I say before and after because I do not have the ability yet to dis-asociate myself from time.  Therefore it seems to me that before I can justify the actions it would take to unlock kundalini, to try and innerstand what history is, to only in the end (there's that time thing again) come back to the site and tell someone that they don't need to understand or innerstand the timeline, or in somecases like seven or others on the site, tell contradicting earth his/herstory definitions, I will also need to have a more complete story to relate to, otherwise what would be the point in the effort of transformation and ascencion if when we achieve it, there is no more to be learned about it.  I might as well spend my time in three dimensions and learn it that way and use the archaic methods of beta frequency absorption and retention that has been use by universities for some "time" now.  Also i have found at saturndeathcult.com another piece of the puzzle that only ever gets touched on here lightly, but sheds a tremendous light on the subject of the fall, and what came after.  This site is certainly not infalable, but it is another piece anyway.  I respect seven and others on the site for everything they are doing, i truly do.  I can not say enough about their abilties to uplift the spirit, and make it known to people everywhere that spirit does indeed exist, and their experiances as creators, are, I am sure is what should be attained, to get to the place where one can feel wholeness as an experiance.  I hope it comes across that I am working for the people on this site, as I have had considerable difficulty adjusting to many of the concepts presented here, but surely that is the point.  Good luck on your search Kevin, and the rest of you on astral quest.



Why did you separate? - that is why you were born into physicality.

At least that is the highest answer i have so far, the separation is asking why I am separate - you are not, not one thing you do is in any way separate from source. I am sorry for all the terrible (or hopefully wonderful) things people will now think about, but that is all part of existence.

The very thought you are separate from something separates you from it, hopefully you can understand that. So the question then you might ask to help yourself, if you wanted to go in that direction is:

How do I return to source? - You ARE Source. There is no better site I have found than this one, to give you every single tool to peel back the layers of self separating you from source. Your intent though is your own, where are you headed?

As for the past why?

Its only relevant in your own mind. It has no bearing on anything that you will do now, unless you decide the past will be used. NOW is the only  moment that exists, there is nothing else. Where you are now, how you are FEELING now is critical now. Most people, me included, blow that on TV/Films or Games - your feelings are your link to the spirit body, and how you should be changing the reality to where it needs to go based on the feelings - this is why the adepts can see there is a lack of an upgrade but I digress.

Emotions are the nonphysical but very REAL battleground at present. Better to call it the emotional connection and use of emotions.

Yes they will. They will listen to their emotions. They will be fully in NOW. You will never break them or their spirit, or their fire.

They never broke me :), its making more resolved than I ever was. Took awhile I know, but focusing on now is 100% more effective, for me, than fighting a battle that isn't even here.

Hey Martin, currently i personally expand on this. http://library.sriaurobindoyoga.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/do...
Possible answers on all except for 4, 5, 6

If source is everything and all that is good why would we split from it?

Are we apart from it?

Is it a part of us?

Are we yearning to become it?


Reminds me of the ouroboros.


Are we evolving as well as time? 

What are we evolving to?

Is our concept of time just an illusion?

Does humanity have amnesia or has our development been arrested?

Are we under a spell?

Does it matter who the Annunaki were?  Was David Icke a psyop?

Is humanity here on our planet degenerating?

Obviously the answer to this question is yes.

Are things getting worse, and will they continue to get worse?

Are the problems with the planet due in large part to the ego's of individuals?

Are we being taught to forget our true spiritual nature?

My very personal take is

that source is involved in us seeking to evolve. I struglle a bit to integrating all the annunaki, alien stuff, but if we look at the old school understanding of human history the non-physical evolution, the evolution of conciousness is the most outstanding one. To me this answers the question, what source is. Its conciousness seeking to evolve. Whether this involved conciousness is alien or devine or whatever, is probably only a side discussion?
This evolution of conciousness formed physical body, our vital and emotional dependencies, and most recently the mind. The vital and emotional tendencies are driving all the "me first", "me most", "me better" survival techqnicues from our evolutionary past. It may look like societies are degenerating, but i think the contrary is true - with a more expanded conciousness more and more people become aware of these dependencies in others first. The realisation of these aspects in others comes before the reflection on our own inner setup. This process of realisation, reflection, adopting or rejecting is the mind at work. It structures, devides, categorizes, planning the desired outcome as a servant to the emotional and vital drivers (ego) within us.
In this context the mind can obviously be seen as a hinderness, as it is seperating us even more from source or pure consiousness, due to its mechanism of devison through the products of its working. Thinking, language, (western) culture, are dividing, sperating us from source, pure conciousness, allways adding the layer of the mind to everything we do.
Wth an expanded conciousness we are able to realise that we should not be identified with the ego, nor the mind as we are really self, and that a specific position is neither the truth nor the untruth, but only one aspect of source or pure conciousness. Ability of processing and considering all possible positions simultaniously would be source. Coming out of unconciousness into a higher conciousness, the world, people, society, etc may looking degenerated, however i dont think we should condemn the ego or the mind. The ego and the mind as well as the physical body have evolved until today. Certain aspects will continue to evolve some will desintegrated as they are no longer needed. Once self is in charge Its on us to decide how fast we wont to evolve. To me the most likely next step in our evolution of conciousness will be expansion beyond the mind. The next level may be the establsihment of a supermind or supramental conciousness which is no longer dividing as the simple mind is doing now.

Again, this can not be the whole truth and it is highly subjective, coloured by the knowledge i have anticpated so far.


At this point, my entire perspective has shifted. Where are you going is infinitely more important.

Everyone else can have the past, you can change it with a snap of your fingers.

Saves a lot of energy and time.

Best :)


  Well put.  "that source is involved in us seeking to evolve."  Why wouldn't it be right?  Seems like a lot of work has been made in putting this 3 dimensional construct together.  I also wonder if it's evolution is linked to our evolution, perhaps it doesn't even matter.  Humanoids surely exist on other planets, and I'd hope that their evolution is going about better than ours is.

"Wth an expanded conciousness we are able to realise that we should not be identified with the ego, nor the mind as we are really self"

Well said again. 

"Coming out of unconciousness into a higher conciousness, the world, people, society, etc may looking degenerated, however i dont think we should condemn the ego or the mind. The ego and the mind as well as the physical body have evolved until today."

However, I'd venture that society appears to be degenerating because it is degenerating.  If we look back in time, it seems that Atlantis (if it existed... when the pyramids and megalithic structures on the planet were built) was the height of civilization and we've been moving downward since.  I agree with you that the ego should not be discarded, I am thankful to have this opponent here with me... the animal.  Though, it seems that the best way to control populations is to treat them like animals.. nurture the animal.. make the animal grow.  It's easier to control animals than it is intellectual humanoids or real human beings.  Something happened in the past, and it's continuing to mess us up now.  Mind control isn't that hard to do on an unknowing... exactly it all comes down to knowledge.  Hahaha... I heard a Jordan Maxwell podcast recently and he said, "knowledge is power, and you don't know nothing.  so what does that tell you?"


The past is important.  My kabbalah class recently had a group meditation thing a few weeks ago because of the beginning of Virgo,  supposedly it was a good time of year to "change the past".  I wasn't able to attend because of work n whatnot that evening, so I can't give details.  For myself, even if I could change the past I probably wouldn't want to.  I have faith that karma and samsara will work itself out, and if it were not for those things haha and maybe a little luck and a few miracles I wouldn't be where I am today.  Pain isn't that bad of a thing.  It'll come if you deserve it, and if you don't learn from it it'll keep returning to bite you in the ass however you deserve it.  Change the past by changing your present.  You're right, like a snap of the fingers.  :)

Here is an excerpt from the saturn death cult website that i mentioned above.  This site is linked to other sites and re-sources dedicated to re-search on the saturn polar configuration.  I did recently watch the solar insight video recently about the four "S"'s and the water re-structuring, I don't see how this wouldn't be able to fit into that scenerio as well.  This site may give us better insight into the series of events that would have led to the decision, made by whatever entity, to put the solar system into this current configuration.  Try to pick out the theme on the "stairway to heaven".  I was thinking that possibly the purple egg could have been gathering cosmic dust, producing small planetoids in the bottom of the oval, then slowly twisting them up the "ladder" until saturn would eventually swallow them up, and turning them into energy to drive the sphere through the universe. As far as this member knows, the authors of these sites are not aware of the resistance platform. Please at least give it a look, and reply with regard to your intellect, emotion, and with reference to your position on self preservation.  Again WVB to all and thanks again for all of your hard work, we are all certainly getting where we need to go.


From Purple Haze to Golden Days

The violent flaring of Saturn into a polar sun brought mankind into its fabled Golden Age.  A translucent stairway now reached all the way to heaven, a pillar of auroral light that was the Earth’s Axis Mundi – and with it came death and destruction.

(continued from A Timeless Age in a Purple Haze)

The extreme earthquake activity and climatic changes brought about by Saturn’s sudden increase in radiated energy would also have resulted in the intensification of the invisible electrical plasma currents spanning the distance between the two bodies (called Birkeland currents today and largely responsible for the  aurora borealis).  As a result, there would have been the sudden manifestation of auroral activity at the Earth’s poles, unseen before Saturn’s flare-up, followed by electrical arcing displays into space towards the new polar sun.

An impression of the electrical effects on the Saturn system as its plasma sheath came into contact with the Sun's heliosphere.  An intensification of electrical discharges would have resulted in giant inter-planetary electrical arcing with the violent expulsion of a body from Saturn which would ultimately become Venus.  Birkeland currents would produce intensified auroral activity on Earth and stretch towards Mars and Saturn producing a pillar-like effect when seen from Earth's surface.  Saturn's previoulsy opaque plasma sheath would have started to equalise with the Sun's heliosphere and become transparent.  The Sun could now be seen as a dim star approaching from the East. (image not to scale)

Due to Saturn’s polar position in the heavens, a mound of water would have previously formed at the north pole due to Saturn’s gravitational effect (in the same way that the Moon today affects tides, but in a stationary way).  The sudden flaring of Saturn would have disrupted this gravitational pull and released the mound of water where it would have spread out destructively over the northern hemisphere.

A bubble of water held in place by Saturn's gravitational pull would have been released when that gravitational pull was disrupted by Saturn's flaring.  The water would then have spread out over the northern hemisphere in a cataclysmic deluge.

Mammoths in a warm tropical-like Siberia caught in the deluge created by the collapse of the water bubble previously held up at the north pole by Saturn's gravitational pull.   An intense Birkeland current can be seen amidst enhanced auroral activity.  It stretches up to the flaring Saturn as the mammoths' nocturnal world comes to a brightly-lit end.

The extinction of the mammoth: By Charles genenthal

Due to the twisting nature of the Birkeland current connecting Earth with its polar sun, a giant hurrican-like event would then build at the north pole.  Replacing the previous mound of polar water, this swirling mass of plasma would still suck up vast amounts of water into the atmosphere only to send it crashing back down to earth with every future disruption of Earth’s electrical link to Saturn.  The resulting deluges plagued those species living at the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

The twisting and intensified Birkeland current connecting Earth with Saturn would have produced a polar vortex while supporting dense auroral activity around the Arctic circle.  The encroaching light from the Sun would add a greener spectrum of light reaching the earth's surface that would have started the process of changing Earth's vegetation to a predominantly green hue.  Human's on Earth would have also experienced night and day for the first time.

Add to this a sudden and heavier change in Earth’s gravity due to the electrical changes in the flaring brown dwarf star and you have the first of a series of major extinction events for the larger and now much more heavier species of the planet.  Those unable to adapt to a non-nocturnal environment woud also come under pressure to survive.

At this same time the continued aurora-like Birkeland plasma activity at the Earth’s north pole would have begun to manifest itself into a virtual stairway of light, seen as a tapering beam of translucent light reaching all the way up to the flaring Saturn.

The formation of the Axis Mundi soon after Saturn's flare-up and before the creation of ts rings.  The tapering appearance of the Axis Mundi lent itself to the illusion of a ladder reaching up towards the heavenly abode of Saturn.

Taking on various shapes as it fluctuated over time, this translucent connection between Earth and its heavenly godstar would eventually be remembered as Jacob’s Ladder, the Stairway to Heaven and the Tree of Life, amongst other things.

In fact, screeds and screeds of rock art from around the world record the many manifestations of this pillar of light, often in the shape of a squatting stick figure with its arms held aloft (more on this in the next section).

Spiraling ladders and eight-pointed star burst patterns were also featured in ancient petroglyphs.  The Axis Mundi was now established as the dominant feature in ancient skies.

The Appearance of Saturn’s Rings

As the blackened debris that formed the black spirals of the Chaos Monster dissipated (see previous page) a halo of discharged water from Saturn could be seen circling Saturn’s orb and settling into a  series of rings.  These rings took on the look of concentric bands eventually numbering seven in total.  They harken to the account of  ‘Seven Days of Creation’.

(Important Question: Did the ancients know Saturn had rings before the invention of the telescope?  For a study on references to Saturn’s rings in the ancient world, g....)  In the image of Saturn by Caravaggio to the left, note the encircling vines around the god’s hips.

An artist's impression of the iced water agregates that make up Saturn's famous ring system. (credit NASA)

At about this time Saturn’s formerly impenetrable plasma sheath dissipated as it equalised with the Sun’s heliosphere.  This now allowed the brightest stars in the galaxy to now be seen from Earth.  The brightest by far of these was the Sun, at that time still a distant yet growing light that rose in the East and set in the West.

Though Saturn still shone as its own sun, the arrival of the Sun and its ability to shed light through Saturn’s plasma sheath now meant the Earth experienced the phenomenon of day and night.  Up to nine new smaller celestial bodies could also now be seen orbiting Saturn while the planet’s new rings were now illuminated from the side by the Sun’s more powerful light.  This made them appear as crescents that spun cyclically around Saturn’s circumference when seen at different times during Earth’s rotation.  The result for life on Earth would never be the same again.

Man could now calculate time.

Illuminated by the approaching Sun as a crescent, Saturn's newly formed rings could now be used to tell the time of day.  From left to right:  Morning; Midday; Evening; Midnight

The Saturnian system was now established.  In the ancient world Kronos now ruled the heavens.

The Golden Age had arrived.

Please go to www.saturndeathcult.com  or www.maverickscience.com

You are right. Our society, at first sight does not seem to produce anything of value. However, back then when the pyramids and megalithic structures were setup, this ability and the math behind that was the peak of its cultural evolution. Physical formations determined the perspective of society. Clearly these formations are a product of the mind and the capacity of the mind has been increasing until today unfolding more complex, more subtle, energetic, virtual structures and abilities to tranform and use matter: chemistry, electricity, physics... So, the evolution has not stopped and it has not even changed direction. The mind is being perfectioned and nowadays' concepts like massproduction, telephone, tv, internet are the peak of this evolution. These concepts are not of degenerative nature just because you can not see anything of it as a physical expression in 5000 years time ahead.
The problem which may appear as degenerative, is the Actual usage of these concepts as is in fact NOT directed by awakened and expanded consciousness. The usage of these concepts and techniques on an individual and society level is overshadowed by the inferior parts of ego, our evolutionary past "me more, me best, me first". This is our evolutionary past. It was usefully survival technique in the pre-mind evolution, but at the current progress in evolution this heritage is limiting our progress, resulting in degenerative looking behaviour to the awakened conscious mind. We need to pull inside, learn to use our mind to know ourself. Instead, these techniques and concepts distract us from pulling inside. We need to learn to reject the inferior drivers and enrol the superior aspects of our ego and use our minds achievement to continue or even speed up evolution. We can speed up our individual evolution if we clean up, tune up the vehicle, strengthen vital energy system, structure our mind and most importantly bring all these in the back and convince these, that self is the king and should lead them (on individual level this often leads to rebellion and crisis many will need to go through). This prepares for our evolutionary future. This process naturally begins with knowledge, Knowledge of who we are (self) and who we are not (mind, body, emotions). The crisis and rebellion, that occurs during the discovery of the real "king" and the change of "governments" can also be observed on a macro level, the current wars and conflicts within society may be an expression of this ongoing power struggle we are currently in. The old 'leaders' in us and societies are fighting not to loose ground against self. This is happening on a macro and micro level, in society as well as individually.

In that sense Yes, (inner) knowledge is real power as this is the trigger for our evolutionary future. I recently saw something which reminds me of the Jordan Maxwell you have mentioned: EGO = 1 / KNOWLEDGE.




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