I want to find some sort of retreat to join with other spiritual beings to make the most out of the shift. I'm just having some trouble finding the right thing. What will you guys be doing during the shift? Do you have some info, links, tips or anything that could be of help?

Thank you

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I'm going to put some intention in to answering this question, I think it would be great for all that wish to participate to meet up at least virtually for a celebration like new years but online. I'm sure with all the new equipment we could host it. I know people would rather do something on the physical but those who cannot a pow wow would be great!

I plan on yoga and mediation and probably some hiking in the forest.

I would like to participate in the online thing, but also meet up with some other members in or near Connecticut. I would be glad to share part of the day with anyone willing to meet.

Dude it's all bs. Check out this film i saw called "Solar Revolution." You can find the trailer at yekra.com/solar-revolution. 2012 will not signify the end of the world. Speakers in this film speculate that we as a civilization are on our way to an entirely new and replenished dimension. Nothing to fret about. I'm with these nerds. They believe we're heading towards the best years that the earth has ever seen. Check it out ! 

If they want us to fear it that much.  There's probably nothing to really worry about.  Its probably good for us in some form or fashion.  Im celebrating.  If it is an end, Im going out with a smile.

Fear is not what we are talking about prophecies of doom and gloom. We are also not talking about the Mayan calendar events. We are talking about universal energy which is more ancient than all of that. We are talking about our solar system and the Deca solstice. We are talking about Self, in which fear has been removed.

We are doing a gathering at 123* latitude at the top of pineal mountain with 12 people from each sign of the zodiac where we will be gathered in a geodesic dome with fresh orgonite made. We are doing a universal microcosm activation with music and dance with an emphasis on implosion and wholeness and balance.

I do not recommend going to any "sacred/scared" sites (e.g-pyramids,etc) during this time because we are in fact at the very lowest point in the year and one of the four gates will indeed be open at this time and many will be pulled down into lower realms. This is what the fantasy has been about for people that I have come across, they are into pyramids and lower Egypt with all the amen racket, and not going inside to realize they are actually the temple and they need not step into anothers and call it "sacred". Many are mislead, and many are guided by the Most High which is grounded firmly in our being at this time. WE will ascend and descend to help others, WE will re-establish the energy here, and will have a TON OF FUN doing it!!!

Meditate, do YOUR OWN yoga, DANCE HARD!

so to answer your question....listen to the heart/earth because this is in fact your launchpad and will guide you to fullfillment in every aspect of your multidimensional self.

What if someone was going to a sacred site to meditate an do yoga and look inside for their own divine spark?

I'm goin to fast for 6 hours and take 5 grams of psylocibin mushrooms in silent darkness.  I'm sure something profound will occur.  :)

Save travel.. Please keep us informed of your travel


Generally when two things are argued about so intently both are right on some level, as they are the same thing.

In this case - End to whatever you want it to be. - Beginning of whatever you want it to be. (An end and beginning are the same).

Be very happy to meet up with anyone online, offline etc :).

Well, I guess I'll just stay at home :) I must admit I was in a bit of distress while creating this post, but I feel a bit better now, having again let go of expectations and accept what is, to be. It's remarkable how easily I can lead myself astray while in the ego state of consciousness.

But I want to have create a space of calm and positive energy.

It might be a problem that I am currently living with my mother and little brother, whom are not at all in the know, and will likely go on about their day as if any other. I wonder what I could tell them to make them somewhat understand what is going on, and better prepare them for a possible experience. I've tried a couple of times to explain such things, but I always ended up with'my foot in my mouth'. I've encouraged them to do some research of their own with little success.

I would be very grateful to hear some input on this subject!

Go to the source www.Matrixx.VPweb.com Scroll Down and click on the Mayan link , in love and light



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