We should use the words "The advertising industry" instead of "The illuminati" LEFT BRAINED EVIDENCE AND PROOF OF CONSPIRACY ON PBS

I don't know you. I don't know who you are. Who I am is someone who has watched our culture slowly degrade to being only about what we consume. surely consumers are like cockroaches who you spray and they become resistant to things. My background is that I'm a rogue academic. I don't believe in college. I don't trust anything "for profit" by instinct. in this capacity I don't trust the new age movement or alternative health any more than I do western science. I am however interested in scientific research. I am also interested in where trends in neurology are heading. I've been aware of David Ickes claim abotu reptilians for a long time. I don't necessiarily believe in the Annuaki. I think that all is not yet proven. I'm not here to tell you there's lizard people controlling things but that in marketing lingo there is something they call the "lizard brain" and I'm sympathetic to David Icke but I think he has a lot of work to do to prove his claims that just because of the sumerian tablets the Sumerians were not just crazy and on drugs or something.

what I do know is this. Marketing has given up in large part on targeting you as a rational being. I will treat you as such, sure. but the truth of the matter is If I wanted to sell you something I'd sell you it on emotional appeals. Romney as I speak is trending upwards in the polls and as far as I'm concerned that is merely because Mitt romney has shown the people his "emotional" side. This emotional side has brainwashed many people who are now on his side. Effectively they are under a spell of Reptilian brain DELUSION.

I'm not here to tell you Reptiltians mixed our DNA but that we did at somewhere along the evolutionary track evolve from reptiles and their brains work very differently than ours. They are primal and instinctive and the way society organizes itself is not a world I want to occupy. voters who chose to "Vote their gut" at this election are under a massive deception if that gut is "mitt romney." This man as I've documented in many other places will do nothing to fix the economy, clean up big oil or stop the repression of women. Look up Steve Kagnas's Liberal FAQ and go through all the myths he refutes. Everything Paul ryan and Mitt romney have stated can be found and shownt o be false in that. no matter what your beliefs. On Oil? Mitt Is pissed that Obama is subsidizing Wind and solar. He thinks jobs are more important. Oh did you know obama's actions led to fuel efficiency mandates? probably not. You're not doing your research and you're letting "intuition" be your compass. That's the problem.

Things are so bad now that not even PBS is arguing with me. In fact PBS seems to be dedicated to showing left brain analytical proof of the conspiracy



I have something to say about your emotions and  "treasured beliefs" emotions can be wrong and completely irrational. They can and often DO lead you astray.


one of the CONS of the new age movement has been to "always trust" your gut. This has only encoruaged the problem of these reptitllian marketers. your gut is often horrrifly wrong

put PBS didn't stop there. This is part of an ENTIRE series that shows you the whole thing. Hat tip To Noami Klein btw. we are in lockstep agreement it seems. Love your work. wish I knew you!

fortunately for us PBS gave us the whole thing. Education is the BEST means of IMMUNIZING yourself against Deception. I HEAVILY encurage you to watch the whole thing if you want control to fall apart as I do.


see this is all part of an emergent field. Advertisers are no longer interested in what Soft science "psychologist" have to say. They want to know the root. They want our fleshly soul: the neurons.

the problem is you're not paranoid enough to even SUSPECT they'd go after us at the cell level and target the part of our brain that has trouble even fighting back. They have sprayed ocytoxin in lab test just to make people "more trusting" of the marketers for instance to sell them garbage. Oxytocin being the chemical a mom secretes when she gives birth... You have no idea how far these people will go to sell you their garbage do you? The reptitlian lifeblood depends on this. If we are being invaded the best means to fight this is if you take your "immunizers" of knowledge. that's what i'm here to spread.  It'll be your DAVID against the GOLIATH.


i don't know that the Annukaki really exist but I stand absolute opposition to all these forces.

here's why it matters:

This is what I mean. Who you socialize with. Who you "belong to" your entire bloody identity has be coopted on the basis of what you're loyal to. Certain things are said about "mac users" as opposed to "PC users" etc. Like "they just get it" etc. none of these assertions are based in fact but our entire culture now runs around what we consume. Branding. Your loyalty to Any particular brand is basically the loyalty a person has to a cult. Have fun knowing that! Hey BOTH SIDES of that conflict: I make no judgements at all about you because of what you use! I Say we need to unlearn all of the garbage we've learned about judging people on the basis of what they consume!

you know why I say that? because who you LOVE has been STOLEN from you. Social relationships have been CORRUPTED because of emotional branding. Division has been introduced where there should not be. people "irrationally hate" on the basis of silly stupid s*** rather than what actually matters. Like I like Certain musicians I'll be "disdained for" I wear certain clothing i'll be seen as less valueble for wearing. All of this. All of this has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO I AM. I'm trying to unlearn and erase ALL of it. LOVE ALL. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. PERIOD.


this is why "mitt romney" pulled ahead for some time. He used this DIRTY slimy garbage at the debate.


http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/10/15/1144665/-Stephen-Colbert-d...<-advertisers ACTUALLY have this much disdain for you. VOTE OBAMA. Trust me. Tax Cuts have NEVER lead to healing and EVERY EXAMPLE of austerity actually "working" spending did not actually go down. Taxes did but were made up Some other way! Tax cuts only spurred growth under KENNEDY because they were at 91%! Reagans further cuts did not help and his "claims" of "helping" were wrong because while taxes went down for the rich they went UP for the majority! 






There's a history at work here. it has NEVER worked


Do you want to know the truth about the GOP? they're ALL this bad.

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Its very true what youre saying about marketing tapping into people. The issue here were not in control of our emotion which would normally centered the three lower chakras. These three chakras represent the reptilian brain need for basic needs security etc. when you ground these chakras through meditation when standing or sitting taking deep breath and imagining an anchor running from these chakras a sensation should passover. However everyone is different so one must adjust their imagination accordin to their emotions

I know an armor shattering or "almost" shattering question for the tea party

how we can win this debate with libertarians

Freedom for the pike means death for minnow! just ask them 

As Berlin noted, “no man’s activity is so completely private as never to obstruct the lives of others in any way. ‘Freedom for the pike is death for the minnows’”. So, he argued, some people’s freedom must sometimes be curtailed “to secure the freedom of others.” In other words, your freedom to swing your fist ends where my nose begins. The negative freedom not to have our noses punched is the freedom that green and social justice campaigns, exemplified by the Occupy movement, exist to defend.

just ask them this when they throw "Freedom!" as their defense

“do you accept that some people’s freedoms intrude upon other people’s freedoms?”

and will that most of right wing philosphy falls apart. 

I also wanted to mention ive noticed the illuminati only recently have been releasing artwork from their masonic lodges on sites like estcy and restaurants. I would think it has to due with peoples lack of knowledge on the subject in this day of age.

hate to burst your bubble but if  this is true i'd rather give up vitla existance nad presist in a state of absolute death of the soul spirit and body and seize to forever exist than give up women. woman is god to me. All who oppose are evil or deprived of all joy.  Only by accepting stoicism and viewing joy and emotion as evil does this even start to become rational. I'd truly rather die. and I am a conscious being who read your story and knows.. I do not wish to convert woman to man. I am not gay, not in the slightest. I want woman to remain woman and return to paradise. FFS. Forgive Sophia. 

it's not like that! it's just that I LOVE them. you know! I want to protect ...I have desire towards truly but I want them to be happy! it's not JUST sex, is love! 

oh dear god i'd rather perish and all life end than give up women. I'm tired of the "gnostic" answer. IT's also a deception to me. The old testament god is untruth, so too is the gnostic truth, so too is the christian and islamic truth. Without any form of "sexualized" love i'd truly rather meet the second death. 

also the egyptians had an answer for you http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/apr1/ankhing.htm

I regard all "Anti female" theology as FALSE. 

anything that does not insist they are absolute equals with no perscribed gender role is false. 

I'm new to this blog and community so just trying to find my way around,this is the first blog entry I have read and this subject interests me massively. The subject of attraction goes right to the core of our nature, Ad men have known these Magi tricks can only work through materiel desire and our inability to produce this material. Knowing "no" being can sell you what you already have, the trick is to convince mankind that he/she no longer needs to create as long as there are beings meeting your supposed desires.

Is it a case file of experiencing duality or is this seemingly dual place created by our desires being given to us on a silver plate whilst moving us away from our creator origins?

Big ups for the post, Great read..Balance all!




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