warning. many of the elements of "Resistance" to this system ARE PART OF THE SYSTEMs built in defense from actual change

psshh... hey you... look up the tally sticks

the bankster and wealthy elite  have to demonize some of these terms to keep you from finding the truth

got a very little  known secret.

the banksters have a plan b. It’s called libertarians. just look up the tally sticks and you’d know.


corporate welfare is not the same thing as regulation. They are two separate things. Hatchet man!

some of those “bureaucrats” or regulators are actually doing you major favors by doing things like hassling corrupt mine owners so they can’t exploit their work force.

If everything else fails and the crony capitalism ends, then they’ll just give us laissez faire capitalism-it’s the same damn problem either way.  the poor are still getting f*****.

any time that the right wingers on both the authortian crony capitalist and the libertarian absolute freedom side uses the word “freedom” they mean freedom to exploit. you can call a horse a cat but it’s still a horse.

what they call “libertarianism” is a term they hijacked. It now means the opposite of what it really means. 1984 man. the resistance has been hijacked and now works for the corpgov.

que the: but! gulags! and silenced oppponetns and it won't work in practice only on paper and in thoerY! etc...here's for you.. to disprove your counterargument



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