Vegan Diet: Protein Need, Protein/Calcium relation & Needs when working out

 I changed my diet to vegan and have been reading through a lot of sources on the Internet and there are various recommendations on how much protein we need per day. For normal activity level I found something like 0.7 g protein /kg body weight per day. For those that work out recommendations range from 0.7 - 3.0 g protein / kg body weight. Does anyone knows what is really needed to cover basic body needs and how much should be added if one works out trying to gain weight/muscles?

 Also, many sources (contra vegan) say that a vegan diet is not good because one is cutting out milk products and this would lead to a calcium deficit which lead to osteoporosis / weak bone structure. The other sources (rather pro vegan) say that cutting out milk products and the calcium is not a problem:  calcium reacts with high dose of protein supply (non vegan diet) and a high dose of calcium intake from milk-products is being absorbed via the urine if a high dose of protein is part of the diet as well. So, a vegan diet does not weaken the bone structure / increases risk of osteoporosis because less calcium is absorbed due to the lower protein intake.

Now, my second question relates to the first as I am wondering what happens if I increase my protein intake when I am on a vegan diet? If the above is correct, my body would probably absorb too much calcium and I could actually end up weakening my bone structure as I am cutting out all milk-products?  Do I need to increase my calcium intake ie via supplements? 

I am currently working out trying to build some muscles and gain weight using hemp protein as a protein supplement (best amino acid profile &  best fats)

Anyone who can advise?

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wow just what I needed thanks for all contributors to this thread. Excellent resource for those looking to switch to healthy veggie diet. Wholeness and positive energy to all! As a little bit of a sidenote Im on a very low budget in the uk any thoughts for cheap healthy solutions. I know overall compared with meat sugar nonsense its ok but maybe just particular key items...

What about Indian cuisine?  They've been doing the vegetarian thing for a long time.

It's something I've been planning to add to my culinary reperoire, and the food is


Guess Indian food is mostly cooked too long and it a lot of the ressources get lost or damaged... But yes, the spices are deliocious if soucred and scaled propperly
Just checked the scale at a friend and..... i Gained 2kg in the past 6 weeks since i finished the cleanse! :)yei

I was also thinking that i may got rid /getting rid of all the worms that were/are eating ME....
Havent seen any, but maybe i got the camoughflage ones :)


I am happy nuts were mentioned early so often they are missed, i see them as near essential in my own northern hempishere UK vegan diet. The reason there is so much opinion is every-'body' is different, and every climate is different, what's affordable and such like.

The only thing I could possibly add in the search for proteins from food is

You can order lists there about proteins rich vegetables/grains and such like. Then do the same for calcium etc

It surprises people when I say many deeper greens have higher % protein values than meat, only of course they weigh less so it balances out as you need to eat more, and do on an all vegetable diet. Quinoa is a constant favorite of mine for protein, many bodybuilders use it as I used to when I lifted weights.

The search tool is here -



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