Transforming negative lower vibrational energy into higher vibrational positive energy

A thought occurred to me today.

Energy can never be created or destroyed it can only be transformed.

In addition I was thinking of the movie daybreakers.

It occured to me that these reptilians and lower vibrating negative energies need our life essences

whether it is blood spirit soul they need us we don't need them hence all of the deception mind control and constant promotion of fear anger and the lower emotional vibrations.

Another thought occurred to me that in his-story I have learned that conquerers inevitably fail because conquest is easy however managing what you have conquered that a whole other story all together hence the need for things like religion and keeping the masses docile and peaceful.

With all this in mind I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for transforming negative energy thought forms and the like into positive energy?

Not only for ourselves but for our loved ones and for all the other humans one this planet that are lost.

An example would be there is a thin line between love and hate both are emotional energy but they can be transformed from one into the other.

All praise is due to the Most High I am grateful for all positive input.

There is no Fear there is only LOVE


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Hey Ahmad,

Have you done much research into Orgone?



hey Kfive,

No I have not.  I will look into this, any other suggestions?


Ahmad S.

I have a free webinar about healing Parts of us that hold negativity...
I will check this out



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