I really wish to know what the Resistance community think about this movie.

Being a film with a very good budget ... I was wondering:

The same old wolf in sheep's clothing ?

An Illuminati effort for us to believe that finally someone is telling the truth ?






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I really wish I recorded this conversation me and the Dr. had about thrive. On the Youtube version at appox 1:31:00 on the counter they tell it all. They say something like "A totalitarian police state for the most part is already in place", they mentioned the FEMA camps railroad cars etc. and then they say "RFID was created by Proctor and Gamble to "track" their products, this is how things that are meant for good intention end up being used for bad things". This comes from the mouth of none other than the son of the founder of Proctor and Gamble the Lords of Plastic himself. No spiritual solution, a little metaphysical torsion field free energy glitter to get the target market interested and then floor them with a useless solution like banking locally and basically stop working for the controllers and they will just go away. Oh yeah and stop occupying things because then you join the age old way of we are on that side and they are on the other side. Work with pro peace like Gandhi and King and you will overcome, someday. I personally want the world to know that it is because of its failure to use real methods of advancing powerful Beings I had no choice but to upgrade the Plane. Thrive is a very good example of this new wave of Go Green Ron Paulish Social Melding Seductive Programing that buys the controllers more time to spend on wasting yet more people's time because in truth they just want this dimension to continue because they cannot live without us, it is possible we will find out if it is vice versa in the near future. I feel great!

Also if I'm not mistaken these are the same guys that funded Zeitgeist, birds of a feather.

Thank You Sevan. Your knowledge is very important to me.

oh, good stuff... i wasn't thin-king <_/p>


well you know, everyone knows it doesn't actually offer the whole sol u tion,

but that's the thing: we're all it aren't we, and if we weren't it, then we wouldn't be here.-



The "upgrading the Plane"...... a grand, inbreath- outbreath, statement sevan, Thanks,  and thanks lore. for bringing the subject matter, back to the fore front...... just the words proctor and gamble are enough to start your inner ear buzzing as if to tell you to stay alert.....  

Thanks for the thread Lore! was looking at watching this but it haven't yet. More so just interested in this free energy generator i saw in previews.


If its for you it won't go by you.

Thank You all for answer !  


There are truths in this video that can be of great value to humans, but there is also some deception involved. use your intuition to filter out that which is not beneficial. I am impressed with their effort to take control of the online conversation and collaboration with regards to the free energy stuff, torus fields etc. This is the kind of technology that when coupled to a responsible, spiritual and respectful outlook can be enormously beneficial to all life on Earth. 

The goal here is to make sure the current corrupt powers dont take complete control of the new energy networks that will be born of this technology. it will happen, there will be a new grid. It is simply too much of a leap to get all of humanity on the path beyond technology so this would be the first step to achieving that.,

What this documentary is saying is that at one time, many people were murdered for this tech, but now there is a lot less pressure in that department and more opportunity for left field scientists and researchers to do the work they want to do without the extreme oppression of the past.;

I for one, would love to see the poor, malnourished areas of Africa, Asia and South America transformed into a  healthy, nourishing environments with abundant clean water, food and opportunity. This resonant technology has the ability to do that faster than anything in our current paradigm.

Peace. Intuition is a gift, use it! 

Incredible all around comments, thank you!

I was able to pretty easily discern between the things that resonate on that higher Plane and those that didn't.
All love.



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