company sends notice to employee that this site is not suitable within a business environment.

Look at this.... Since today the site has been blogged at work:

Access Denied (content_filter_denied)
You have been denied access to the requested URL:

User: abcd
Category: Suspicious

This site is being blocked as it has been determined not suitable within a business environment. If you require access to this site for a business purpose please send an e-mail request to your help-desk with all the details given in this page.

Categories of sites are assigned automatically by an external software company and may not reflect their true use or content.

I actually take this as a good sign - we do make a difference!

Obviously the company and the group network do not have a problem visiting what should be rated suspicious and being blocked:

"Habemus Papam Franziskum".....


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But I bet it will let you watch porn at work! Or worse yet...Fox News!

Exactly, not sure about the porn but fox news for sure.

Most companies do not allow social websites while at work. Mine doesn't either, no facebook twitter etc

Yeah, with mine it's just interesting that it wasnt blocked a wee ago and now it is. Also its the group spam filter which probably affects thousands of people globally. Everyone can still use facebook, YouTube with no limits.... But no resitance :(

It may not be company policy that's really preventing you for checking out resistance while at work.  Could be the IT guy who took a look at what you were looking at and deemed that it went against his belief system, his belief system being the company policy...



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