Hi resistance! The name is Kay-Kay! ^^

Um, well to let you know I am very young to know about this, but my mom Regina… yeah she said I can sign up! Okay enough about this…. So…..
I’ve had dreams about a couple months ago I think. Two stood out though… I will explain them and do you think you could explain to me what they mean?

1. Okay so my first dream was my mom and dad weren’t home yet. My sis and I were supposed to have the house clean but when we realized that we didn’t clean it and we found out they were on their way home we scrambled to get that house clean. To my surprise they only came home at 9:00 pm. So I was on my DSi (Nintendo) on facebook talking to my crush, (Oh brother -_-) and my mom and dad happen to be arguing. My mom went to the porch and I went out there to keep her company. Then I looked outside the window and saw 3 to 4 port holes and portals in the sky and it looked like outer space. I told my mom to look out the window and she was amazed. Then my sister looked at the DSi and said “Sis your crush asked you out!” Then my dad said “Yeah, go out with him I’m sure you want to.” My mom was mad at that response though. I wasn’t focusing on that though I was focusing on the sky.

2. Okay so my second was I was at school. The high school principle had told the cafeteria to quiet. My buddies and I were still talking though. We hadn’t heard the principle so he shout “EXCUSE ME THIS GROUP NEEDS TO SHUT THERE MOUTHS!! EXPECIALLY KENGINA AND HER BIG FAT MOM!” Being the girl I am and seeing how disrespectful that was I said “Excuse me but you shouldn’t talk about my mom like that!!” Then he said I have afterschool detention and he walked down the hallway. I stopped him and said “Hey wait! You can’t give me afterschool detention” A friend followed me down to make sure I was safe. All of a sudden he opened a door and went down the stairs, but he did them in a pattern… He’d hit a dark stair that turned colors. More like the Chakra colors. Every two steps. So I followed him along with my friend. He went through the first door. Safe. He went through a second door and picked up a rolled up poster paper. (You know the ones you’d see in the store) I felt a bad presence though. He walked through the third door. I didn’t go in. I felt something bad and it was too risky for some reason. Later on that day me and my friends went to walmart and wanted to by stuff. We pared up, I was with my crush. (Here we go again -___________-) So we went to the toilet paper aisle and we raced there leaving us falling. Every time we tried getting up we’d fall again, laughing. Then a lady and manager came out of nowhere telling us we were making out in the store. We started yelling or whatever about we weren’t making out we fell and we were trying to get up. We were stood up and sat on these seats. Me and my crush sat on opposites sides.
And I had told the lady how I liked him but he doesn’t like me.

Okay all those dreams but yeah so watch do you think?? ^^ Please give a response! Bye bye!

~Let the chakras live within you

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Cool dreams baby I'm so glad you chose to share them with me/us here at the resistence.You are doing real well, allowing yourself grow up in this kind of stuff insted of ignoring it,  in an atempt to fit in with other children your age more. I am so very proud.  I've already told u about what I thought of the dreams, and what they may mean for you, hopfully you'll  get some fresh insight from this realm  here too.

Thanks mama! ^^

Hello :) dreams are like us, we have lots of ways of looking at them, seeing or experiencing them.

There was a lot of Masculine - Feminine, which I find beneficial to relate to the divine masculine energies and the divine feminine energies, as its all the same thing, down through our lives. That is what is inside of us and outside in our daily lives.

You've got certain emotions and authority figures, and an ability to see that emotions are guidance and also powerful forces for guidance or for direction, or energy to get something done. An envious one too :), as I have to work on getting emotions out in the first place! ;) it can be a gift certainly. You had the ability to sense something was bad before you got there, and so decided to turn back, rather than run into it for example.

If you think of the dream of having many faces and levels, so you've got all these TV's or cube faces displaying the dream. Its a story on one, its a lesson on one, its an emotion on another, its showing the future sometimes in another way, its you helping yourself or someone else on another, its being repressed in some areas and free in others on another level, there are all these, and many more faces to to it if you want to look at it like that. Multidimensional is the word, and you are the person who chooses what face of the dream to look at.

Some questions to think about privately:

Did you feel you learned anything about yourself or other people, or about situations in your life playing out again in the dream?

Whatever the answer to that question, what else could you see, that is going on right now in your life? Do you feel these kinds of influences at school or in life?

Did anything related to any part of it, no matter how small it seems at first, happen the next day? Did you go to walmart, did your teacher tell you off, did you feel a bad feeling and change your mind about something? Things like that, where you can begin to see not an exact -> this is the future, but instead -> this was an echo of what was going to happen if nothing was changed.

Sometimes dreams give us these answers right there when we question them, but as Whole once told me, they are in our subconscious, in our minds for later if they don't, and can come out in our lives. If you've written them down in a diary you can always go back to them whenever you like, I always leave a bit of room for hindsight in the diary, and it helps dream recall/consciousness to be able to remember them from time to time. Consciousness is what is you, the piece of you that you grow and goes with you, so remembering dreams or learning from them, exploring them etc is a wonderful way of growing that, and it saves you having to learn the same lessons in your life instead ;)

Hope it helps.

Here is a free dream dictionary resource from a very skilled mystic.


When you know things like this your higher self, or guides, can send you dreams that help you more, as you have the language or reference to go by, but it is always personal to you, nobody else. So your version of something, is your version, that is important to remember whenever you read someone else's (like my) advice.

From the diary:

Learning in school would be - humility is needed to learn something

Lessons would be - pay attention to what is before you it has something to teach you.

Kind of like what life teaches you too if you think about it, school = learning, so it all matches up. There is more in the book I linked on authority, I'll leave to you, but the 3/4 holes in the sky to space is valuable I think, perhaps life or someone here has more insight on that.

Thanks Mark! :D Sorry it took VERY LONG to respond... computer issues lol. But yes thank you for the dream dictionary, I'll be checking that out. :)

Thank you so much for responding, especially since you were the only person that responded! This made lots of sense to me. Thanks again. :D

Kay-Kay- First of all, what an amaizing gift you have to be able to see the portholes, colors, and that certian people have dangerouse spirits!!!! You also have a great Mother who alows you to explore and share these things!  I think the dreams may have something to do with what you know in the core of your soul to be correct, but, there are so many individuals in a place of authority that do not have your best interest in mind and could have harm in there intentions.  Be proud of who and what you are and let no one define you according to their ideas.  Don't follow someone just because they are in a place of authority over you, make sure that their intensions are good and to your benefit.  The second is that you are in a very exciting time in your life and the friends and interests will define you and what your life will be like. Right now you are becoming what you will be for the rest of your life! So, listen to your inner voice, look at the colors and spirits of others around you, choose your friends and crushes very carefully, because, even though you have no bad intentions to thoes around you, what they may do, can get you into trouble when it looks like you are doing something else. You may think you guys are just playing and laughing, but, you can be punished for the other people's bad intentions by thoes who see the situation diffrently.  I hope this helps! You are beautiful and a mighty spirit, be proud and let your inner light shine!! R-MORE

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD



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