Prototyping the First 100% Off-The-Grid, Affordable, Low-Maintenance Greenhouse using Earthship Principles and Aquaponics.

  •  Launched: Mar 14, 2013
  •  Funding ends: Apr 13, 2013

**Update**: Thanks to you, WE SUCCESSFULLY RAISED $10,000 IN ONE WEEK! We are incredibly thankful and humbled by your generous donations :)

With more momentum comes bigger goals. So we'd like to set a new funding goal of $40,000 and reveal our next project, a perfect compliment to the Farm of the Future and Valhalla's mission to make communal sustainable living mainstream.

Introducing the 'The Dome' -- a 33ft greenhouse hybrid of Geodesic Dome and Earthship architecture:

Click here to read more about 'The Dome'

We're also adding some fun bonuses for different levels of funding. (We're excited to do the rap video!)


(Traduction Français)

We are Valhalla -- a group of people dedicated to making sustainable communal living mainstream and inspiring people to help create the beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.

We live in a time of extremes. Technology has enabled us to either cause great harm or make tremendous strides.

We want to make that choice an easy one, so we've launched a project that will do just that.

We are creating a prototype of the farm of the futurea 100% off-the-grid greenhousethat produces vegetables, fruits and fish year-round, all in an automated way that requires very little maintenance.

This model sounds expensive, but it's actually very affordable ($4,000 to $6,000) and will pay for itself within 3-7 years just from the food it produces.

Our unique and innovative design combines three of the most promising technologies for a sustainable future: Earthships, Aquaponics and Passive Solar Greenhouses.

Aquaponics is a symbiotic system incorporating fish and plants that automates the production of a large amount of diverse food.

Passive solar greenhouses capitalize on the cycle of the sun to maximize heat and solar gain, even in a freezing cold climate.

Earthships are sustainable structures designed and developed by Michael Reynolds. This technology enables the greenhouse to be 100% off-the-grid by using passive ventilation, geothermal heating, water collection and renewable energy. It also allows the greenhouse to be made at an affordable price using recycled materials.

We want to show that sustainable living is not only possible, but also the cheaper and easier way to live . 

Can you imagine walking into your greenhouse, smelling the fresh basil, and picking your own lettuce, tomatoes and avocado for tonight's dinner? 

What about doing all of this in the middle of winter?

This could be your reality.

This technology exists today, and will grow exponentially once it becomes mainstream. This is why it is our goal to bring easy, healthy, green food production into the cultural forefront and pave the way towards a sustainable future.

We're building the first prototype in Montreal, Canada on our 60 acre Valhalla community. The greenhouse will be available to visit by the public, along with the other Earthships being built on the land this summer. This community will be a shining beacon for sustainable communal living.

The funds from this Kickstarter will go towards the materials to build the first prototype of the farm of the future. This includes glass, wood, concrete, plumbing, clay and plaster.

Any excess funds will go towards building additional prototypes. We want to nail down this design as tightly as possible before releasing it to the public.

We will film and document the entire process so that we can then provide the plans at a very affordable price so that everyone can access them. Any proceeds will go towards creating an organization that will travel and build these greenhouses for those unable to build them independently.

By supporting our project you play an integral role in the shift towards the sustainable future of our collective dreams. Help us push this revolution forward by contributing and spreading the word!

For more info, visit: &

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

This greenhouse will be the first prototype of this type of structure. This has never been done before. So there may be engineering challenges that pop up as we push through the construction process.

We're confident that we can handle any of these potential roadblocks because of our skilled team:

Francis Gendron, the designer and foreman of the greenhouse, was the first full graduate of the Earthship Academy of Taos, New Mexico. He has participated in the build of 3 different Earthships and has done over 40 conferences about Earthships and Passive Solar Greenhouses all over Québec.

We will also be working with 2 other experienced Earthship builders. We also have 2 experienced aquaponics specialists who will work with us to installing the aquaponics system.

To donate, click here

Here's a short presentation

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wow! :D

i think i'm... getting to grips with the whole free energy thing more and more. 
free energy for one, means free energy for all, and vice versa, we are the planet's nervous system, witnessing our own and its evolution. 

This is a step forwards, 4wards... through the door of what was before just a promise or a metaphor. 
how do we know we aren't creating and sustaining our own past, in the vision of the future? if time is cyclical, it must be so, boo ya :D 

now... let's integrate all this delicious knowledge about phi, water, consciousness, into this project (you are the project/ i am the project) too. 


I been feeling strong about this statement for awhile "we are the planet's nervous system" so if we are and the planets field is getting weaker maybe that's why we are living in such crazy times... idk Just thinking and sorry for getting off topic .

I really like this idea, can't wait to watch the vids you guys make and hopefully I can make some room in the back yard


Thanks for the post brother Im actually pushing for something similiar and know many people who are doing the same the future indeed.


Yeah, I think if we all did something like this we can take the power back. In the meanwhile thought I'm creating organic gardening before attempting something like this. Who knows maybe they'll release the blueprints or something one day

A 35k dollar movie about the people at "Valhalla" with superhero powers?

A 20k movie for a rap video?

I hope those goals don't see the light of day.  For all of us..  It's funny because

2/5 of your goals look like they're about helping yourselves and not others.


Some of the money I donated to this site probably went to that silly video

of Sevan and his gang as superheros... Atleast Sevan's little fantasy superhero

short didn't cost 35k, so I think I can sleep at night.  Probably just a few hours of

sitting around doing video editing stuff on software they d/l'd for free.


Minus the silliness I applaud the idea.  Affordable greenhouses (that work) for people's

backyards sounds like a nice niche market.  Please tell me, what is really innovative about this

idea though, and why should I or would I invest?  Are you trying to get free money to build stuff in your backyard/ Valhalla compound?  Cause that's what it sure looks like.



Hello Allen,

I agree some of the goals are a bit silly but I don't think they placed 35k into a rap video. The rap video was a cost free way to get people to donate more into the project, not into the rap video. I think they could use more productive ideas in their position.

A worthy cause for self-sustainability. I went to the Mother Earth News Fair several months ago and listened to Will Allen speak about aquaponics and more efficient food production. While I no longer eat animals of any sort, the amount of fruit/veggies/herbs/etc. one can produce with these systems is inspirational, especially in colder climates. Good luck to your cause and may your educational outreach spread far and wide.



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