I was just on issuu under the resistance publications and came across a document about tattoos and the mark of the beast.  Does anyone have any input on this subject?  Would any tattoo or marking be considered the mark of the beast?  I read some documents saying that markings are the beast, 666 as the anatomy of man is the beast, it gets confusing at times.  Anyone have good input on this?

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That makes sense.  I see the whole aspect of spirituality as turning carbon based form, 6 protons, 6 neurons, 6 electrons back into ether form.  

The judgments are flowing fast and loud here. Where do I start.

Stating that a body cannot be considered a temple, and thus vehicle for spiritual enlightenment is folly, as it can. If you are not meaning to do that, you really need to define what you mean when you say a body is a 'beast'. A body is what you make it, either an amazing creation, or a lump of lard that needs a lot of work to even get out of bed, or anything in between, i've had a wide variation of what the body can be or do from manifestation of energy - to being so fat I hurt my foot enough and needed crutches just standing the wrong way. Spirit-u-all, i've had these kinds of posts deleted before but spirit-u-all, means exactly what it says, everything is spirit, so drop the judgments and you'll have an easier time of it. Yes the same is true for me judging you, hence why we have interacted, though I am not in that zone yet again where I can but I can point out the obvious at least for you.


Many of us do not 'choose' to remain as beasts, hell i've been through enough hell trying to evolve, that -my- choice was rarely considered, it was usually stamped on and boxed in. I live in a fairly well privileged environment, so I am not speaking physically boxed in either, though that of course was a factor given how travel and life in general is pretty much a machine these days.

I saw this after I wrote the latest post a few below - Apologize if I was a little hard on your clarification of a beast :). I am very much in warrior mode at the moment, if I was using jung to surmise things. So I would remove that if I could from the last reply.

However, we should and shouldn't push evolution. You can't evolve in stress, obviously, as the body is in shut down rather than growth, but you can get things done in fight/flight - that's what 'stress' there for, in shorter bursts, not to live in for prolonged periods. You can encourage evolution though, as this entire site shows you. Despite my now love/hate relationship with it, its by far the best there is out there for encouraging evolution.

666 is man's number, not a beasts number, its the other half of 999, to make both doors 888. 

Tattoos are just ink on skin. Make of them what you want to make of them, they are points of focus like anything physical, points of focus for all of creation - you, you are the point of creation looking at the tattoo about to shape reality as to what that means throughout your life and others you meet. (The physical combined field).

Frankly I am fed up with people degrading others. Either pick them up or if you have to move them on, don't put them down and put yourselves above them, that's just divisive to be honest. You -are- them, all of them, every single one is another incarnation of you, especially those people you 'don't like' or label beasts as those are the people you have the most charge or attraction to, for whatever reason, let it go and if you want- help them where you can.

To answer you first:

Your quote - 'spiritually unevolved , unawakened, humans, bless their hearts. Choosing to remain as a beast. Your body, my friend, is the mark of the beast.'

I barely chose anything -consciously- till about 2011, I never even knew anything outside of my own fairly limited perspective had relevance to my consciousness, its difficult to put into words, as it relates to the quality of a persons conscious awareness of their acts. I wasn't even aware that a combined consciousness existed for example, and it wasn't for lack of looking, I went to the places Sevan went to. In less depth, all the way to darker stuff, and fantasy stuff too. Structured and some unstructured magiks for example, modern psychology, NLP etc.

This type of knowledge though has still not been communicated to those people you are saying are choosing to remain where they, they choose through their acts certainly as to what happens next, but not consciously, many still haven't been communicated to - in a way they can accept. This is perhaps the most crucial skill you can cultivate in communication, to speak to someone in a way they can accept, under the 'static' blockade of modern media and other formats which strangles the natural (individual) development of consciousness. We all instead get a one size fits all interaction across the combined conscious field, which doesn't, as nature doesn't work that way.

There was no choice to remain stuck as I was, there is more choice now to remain as I am, because i've been in what you'd surmise as higher (i'd say more cohesive harmonic) frequencies  and they get nothing directly done physically, for me, unless I can move energy. I've talked to others who have different techniques for manifestations, but me personally, its moving energy, emotional fields (shifting people's moods) or physical action, that's about it. You need the physical element in all things else nothing becomes real here, surely astrally it's a whole other world, but here still exists, no matter how much we want to get away from it, it always will as its a part of the universe. Thus - you, and thusly why we are speaking, you sound in a much more level field than me, but still you are judging party of yourself, in this case the body to be a 'beast' that people would be advised is unevolved. My question is why, why can you not be evolved and walk around in a physical vessel, some people I listen to, for example sadhguru are incredibly potent with their knowledge, sevan too, yet they are still walking around in their 'beast', hardly unevolved, whatever that means to you.

Meandering thoughts.

Why would creation have something in, that was not useful to it.

If that's too abstract.

Why are beasts bad? - I think most of nature's creations are more sane than the average human.

If that's still too abstract.

What is the 'highest' potential? Doesn't exist, because high/low surely you know by this point is just different states of mind, emotion and interaction.

Sometimes my posts and thoughts get deleted here for being too direct, hopefully this isn't, WBV to you.

Also of  course when you invent a fictional character, you are of course putting something that doesn't exist forward, and telling people this is how something that doesn't exist acts to natural situations. Is it any reason people are mildly insane?

Then you get RPG's which develop entire fictional persona's with about 3 responses, who are entirely static no matter what input someone else has been getting, or direction in their life, they hit these static characters who were created fictionally and are asked to buy into them. 

This can just as easily occur on the TV but there you have but a series of static responses, the  player/viewer being fooled into engaging with something that will never react to them, or give them (life) genuine feedback.

This is numbers (computers/droid) expanded. What I am getting at is, we are living in a artificially created construct reliant on these things, not a genuine beast ;)

I appreciate you engaging with me :), giving you what I have too. (I being the -connecting strand- from ground to higher self, the experience.)

Mind is shared, the subconscious reflected from everything around you, so 'we' are imprisoned, its not our own mindset that does it, nothing was ever more clear to me than this experience. Surely we are not imprisoned also, it just depends what you are focusing on for long periods, restriction/depression/fight - flight or expansion/growth/healing. However the combined suffering makes it impossible for me, to not act now, despite what any spiritual teacher i've yet met tells me, with no action there is no result - basic physical reasoning perhaps but true. There are many ways of acting however not just physically but you probably know that. I think eventually the fear factor of people changing their physical environments through 'actions' of all kinds will diminish spiritually. (As all fears do).

What does resistance to a calling mean, who's calling you? Do you mean resistance to the natural energies of life? Yeah I have that everyday, it is self condemnation and to be blunt sometimes its justified. If all is self, and some part of you is so overly harmful that it needs to be looked at, and healed bit by bit, its not so much condemnation but certainly its not ignoring the problem just because its part of you either.

Evolution - We are far from healthy, just look around you a bit. I understand it -can- hurt a high frequency, as it did me, to really look into what needs doing, but there are people hurting everywhere. You call it evolution, I call it trauma, from a past event in all our lives repeated, which put us into this off kilter spin rather than natural flow of life. 

Tattoos - Why should we not? -  That is again a huge judgement on your part. What if I put a name that inspired me on my arm, and every time I looked at it, it raised my frequency. What if I tattoed on there the image I associated with divine love as point of focus? They amplify a belief or power of focus to achieve a goal, negative or positive if we want to go there. Tattoos - to you, mean a certain thing but don't think for a second one image or symbol means the same to everyone, or even barely anyone shares the same interpretation of it as we each do individually.

Aside from the fact d'evil means, the perspective of veiled thinking, even just VI, the bottom of the I. - looking at things in the worst possible light. If you pictured a devil or entity was able to take you over a tattoo then its quite possible an entity could, as you all you really need to do is believe it enough to start giving your energy away and giving up, (for me) plugged in from the stomach chakra. You put yourself in the space for things to happen when you concentrate on them enough, to facilitate where you want to go.

A tattoo could be a symbol of fear if someone felt fear when looking at it. Same as it could be a memory they can't let go of, or an ongoing situation that the planet or community is dealing with, reinforced when they look at it. 

Perceiving what that calling is, can be difficult. Most of the time I do it without needing to, somedays I know when I am going against it but its not always clear, for a variety of reasons. Breaking each and every one down would take forever. and highlight the reason for our struggles here on the planet.

The spirituality of others can never be controlled, in the same way with fear when fear itself becomes irrelevant. Communicating to them that - 'You are everything' - removes many of the methods of control on the planet.Of course its controlled anyway over the astral, with  ridiculous amounts of nonesense going on, but fearing that doesn't change it or help it.

I do not have tattoos 

with that said

i find many of them delicious, creative, expressive, gorgeous 

nothing like a good tattoo on an enlightened being

lotus tat on lower back - yum

dragon tat  on pecks - yum

Om sign at wrist - Divine

Tattoos have been experienced throughout history

I find them fascinating and Diivne

Art actually

666 is not "the mark of the beast" as such as the Omen films and other pop culture would have us beleive. it ia just a powerful number in relation to all numerology and geom. It is a concept and figure of the wisdom spoke of before its mention in Revelation 13. Having it branded upon your body may have a certain vibrational quality, however its the quality of the intent of its use, as all things, where the power lies. (a knife is neither good or bad, nor can it cut itself.)

I think it's a bit ironic for me that this thread is at the top of the resistance site, as I was studying this subject a little bit ago...

Look at this world and what it has become.  The media throws the 666 moniker around like it's nothing, and by doing so they attempt to dispel any negativity associated with it.  The media spews out constant filth celebrating degradation, and the majority of people are gobbling it all up.  Has anyone noticed how dark some of the youth are becoming?  Dressing in all black, with skulls and upside down crosses... having absolutely no clue the game that is being played against them.  There is a spiritual war being waged against humanity, this is about light and darkness.  The people who do the worst to humanity are the ones who are rewarded with the world's riches.  It's a tremendously sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

As humanity continues on it's downward spiral here on planet Earth I am convinced we will be given our moment of choice.  See, the thing is, in order for evil to have it's way it must be allowed to have it's way through consent.  It is of my opinion that the tattoo in question will be something along the lines of the verichip, known now as the PositivID chip, the technology now exists where a tattoo like bar code can be imprinted on the body and used for transferring data to satellites and who knows what else.  This is no joke.

If you believe in prophecy... "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom"

You could easily brush that off as some pointless thoughts that some guy came out with in order to control people, or maybe you could see something in it.  I see something in it.  The history of man has been nothing but blood shed and slavery for at least the last couple thousand years.  What makes you think things are going to change for the better out of nowhere?  There are forces at work in this world that would rather see the planet destroyed then to have it set free.

When the choice is given will you accept it just to save your flesh?

edit:  I'm aware that the 666 is applied to the carbon molecule.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe they are the ones using it in a negative way.  However, if that number is the mark of the "beast" and the beast is referred to as man... most people act as beasts, and "follow the beast".  Which stands to reason why they throw it around as they do.  If any of that makes sense...



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