I was just on issuu under the resistance publications and came across a document about tattoos and the mark of the beast.  Does anyone have any input on this subject?  Would any tattoo or marking be considered the mark of the beast?  I read some documents saying that markings are the beast, 666 as the anatomy of man is the beast, it gets confusing at times.  Anyone have good input on this?

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just found this

"Six is the Arcanum of Indecision, temptation, the struggle against desire and the battle for chastity. The number 6 in each brain represents the Beast 666, the animal ego that currently controls us, and which constitutes, when we make Kabbalistic additions: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18: Twilight in the Tarot, signifying terrible, bloody battles against the tenebrous ones, both within and without."

hope is not lost, lets turn this ship around!

every skin cell has an ion channel and some skin is over areas where lay hid nerve plexus, nerves and very small blood vessel that play a huge roll is the crown opening. Tattooing causes scaring that in some location can cause neural branching which in the long run may be beneficial.Even injuries can be beneficial in this way, though there are many area of the skin and what it covers where nadis can be more or less permanently shut down by scaring -not always a good thing.The clearest example are the hands that can develop via neural branching with practices like Iron Palm compared with the feet that would only become damaged by the same practice.   Also, the physical body can be imprinted by beings in 4D that no one in 3D will ever see. The ''grey'' races exist in our microcosm and rise up into our reality from there. They are very good at imprinting and love carbon as much as they hate silicon. We are transitioning from carbon to silicon -like silicon 28.



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