Wholeness and Balance Vibrations to you all!

Whilst, doing what I usually do (seeking for source of information for higher meaning), I came along this diagram:

I connected with this image, by one way or another, and I assess myself to be in between 40 and 50% (Closer to the higher 40's ;) ). A huge leap from the 30% I found myself at about 7 years ago, so I am truly thankful to the Most High for that!

My question is geared more specifically towards those of a higher vibration (specifically those in the "disciple" or higher),  what is the next step to advance? How did you do it? What are some of the things, and sources, that brought you from the 40 range and catapulted you into the 55% or higher range?

Thanks for your reply!


Stages of spiritual development

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Interesting diagram. I'm not currently in the position to comment with certainty but it looks a lot like what I just came across.  In case it helps:




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