I had never seen anything like this before. This happened very early in to my awakening and search for knowledge. I was driving southeast on the highway and saw what appeared to be a water figure man passing through vehicles or playing dodge cars as the cars in front of me was passing by. It then vanished i guess to the side of the highway that was headed northwest. Curious to know what this something from another dimension or what/why this happened?

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id like to say something but there are different dimensions it would seem the being was probably phasing between dimensions or another theory which is different was that it was trying to be invisble but you somehow sensed its presence.

the power of ether can alter visual perception. ive lifted some seals and can view things much more clearly. i can see some things better. by focusing i can see energy by splitting vision i can view ether and by using peripherals ive seen some pretty creepy stuff. the latest thing was a dark entity staring me down. it wasnt going to attack but it misunderstood the vibes and perished. it wasnt too creepy as im prepared for unexpected visitors. but i dont trust my vision as much as the partcle density of the ether. i disperse particles and connect the dots based on their movement and how they move. but i can also connect them for special visual options. for example closing my eyes allows me to view activated particles. its better most of the time to see using unseen methods. 

that is currently what i wish to share about enhanced visual perceptions.

if you could describe its looks id have a better understanding of what you saw.

most dimensional travelers that arent human can show up in pockets between dimensions. people are only stuck there if they randomly get stuck in 4th dimension. based on the actions id assume it was human the way it dodged traffic. but is it a spirit or the genuine article. ill leave it to others for now.

I've seen that an outline of a man, it was watching me. I could feel the presence when ever it came around.



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