Some say it hinders spiritual growth...

Some say it benefits....

I have been a smoker for the last 5 years, and am now just starting to wonder if it's hindering my spiritual growth...

I am on day 9 of not using, and I'm doing just fine...Haven't noticed any significant changes other than I can remember dreams more often...

I'm curious to others opinion about this that may have come to a higher innerstanding about this...

Greatly appreciative :)


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I think its just Marcus backwards.

Personally it all comes down to moderation, anything you do too much without moderating can become self destructive. Wait for a good time, use it to relax and get your mind off things for a bit. I use it to help me sleep but have gotten carried away in the past. I was using it irresponsibly and had no intention. So now I use for escapes like watching movies or video games and sleep. Mainly use for recovery is the best use. But remember, the ancients used to eat it not smoke it. It gives a whole diffferent effect and in that state you would be surprised of the benefits it can have (in moderation of course).

I recently learned that marijuana has been a part of humanity for a very long time.  Cannabis has gotten a bad rap in recent history because of this so-called war on drugs, which is more like the war on humanity. 


Cannabis has travelled the whole planet long ago and was once a staple to communities and was used for various ceremonies back in the day.  If you'd like more info check out, Chris Bennett, author of Cannabis and the Soma Solution, and Sex, Drugs, and the Bible.  There are also several itnerviews you can find online (aeon byte). 

Not only is the criminilization of a plant that grows out of the ground absurd, but also remember that Cannabis' sober counter-part, Hemp, falls in the same list that weed does.  Here is a plant that is nothing but good for humanity, because it resembles weed and would probably defeat oil companies... it's illegal.  wtf anyone?


Once again, go with your instincts on this one.. and get a vape.  ;)

Agreed with Travis' post above.  Moderation is key, and edibles are

probably the best way to go.


My name is also Sean and have been smoking for about 6 years (24 now). I'm torn about how I feel about cannabis. There are many pro's and con's. I started smoking and it opened my mind, giving me a broader insight into the world and into self. I feel it opened up some channels of my heart and mind, but the communication is brief and the ego gets attached to it and seeks to do it again and again. Thus it's habitual effects. 

I feel good when I'm high, I feel clear and fluid, It's breaks me out the structure of linear time. I choose to smoke alone and feel that's the best way to do it, or go and walk my dog in the woods and just breath everything in. But deep down I know I have to cut back and that I shouldn't have to rely on a substance to feel good or access higher knowledge and that there are many organic ways... like organic bud in a vaporizer! jk. 

It will have it's place and there is a movement that's just now rising up. I mean 2 states just legalized and other will follow suit. This plant has been abused because the knowledge about it's medicinal effects has been oppressed by reefer madness rhetoric, but the ignorance can not persist, and I feel this plant and all herbal remedies will once again be recognized and cherished.

For me though, i'd like to cut it back to a few times and month, or a few times a year. I've heard 1-2 a month is ideal, but everyone is different. I rather focus my energy on eating right and exercise. Unless you have medical needs, cannabis shouldn't be priority. Sorry if I ranted! New member got excited when I saw the thread.





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