I say to you what I know only kindred spirits can hear, and for those of my brethren who see the bigger picture of our present condition right now. Everything that creates life goes for birthing process.

Just like one woman gives birth and right before the crowning  is the most difficult time. The time when her pain is the greatest  is also during the push. It is during that time one can lose all sense of reality, and think I don't know if I can do this, but new life is already in the process of being born. Previously the work of conception was already done, and there's no turning back now, or there would be a breach, and  we already know whats down that road. 

It's only an illusion in time that makes her think that  the push of birth cannot be done, but then one looks and sees that in-between the loans of the womb is new life waiting to be fed. 

I say this because I can hear my brethren, and sisters moaning and pushing through this time for some of us seemingly alone. Keep pushing to the outer edges of the dark sticky mess that is trying to consume us and keep us grounded. Work from the inside out !

All things can be of useful advantage as this stage can  also be used as a spiritual  cleansing, and internal reflective process. I hear you as I hear myself, on distant spiritual plains moaning in the darkness. Just push! Push your way to the other side you are not alone we will be there waiting for you. This is a special time we are giving birth to a new reality that starts from within ourselves, one  of the hardest places to look, and see. Its from within Astro plains,  and from within the outer reaches of reality as we have been forced to see it.  Hold fast  we are all here !

Push, because we by choice are giving birth, making a space in time, and punching a hole in reality toward a new. We are making a real place to operate in so we can truly BE real starting from within ourselves. We are branching out to that place where we are only truly governed by ourselves, from within our selves. 

That place where we are who we truly say we are. So just breath brothers sisters and push together, and usher in the March of ourselves. I know you can feel it....

This song is 4 you :) wbv'sss

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Nice words and nice track : ) Late comment 



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