Just saw it last night - interesting experience.

The Resistance as a beacon has helped me to better interpret the stimuli

coming at us in Hollywood - and I drew great strength through my study

here with you all as I watched the film.  Below is my take on it ---


highly recommended that you view it via 3-D. Why? It enhances the overall
experience. The visual display is vivid, and just seeing w/ this dimensional
sight (even if via holograph) can ignite perceptive abilities pertaining to
ethereal sight.

Opening Previews:

I was actually a bit disturbed and uneasy watching the previews. Noting that
nearly 25 mins. of previews/advertising took place before the film actually
begun. Of these previews, the very first thing said to the audience via the 
screen was "There is going to be an Alien Invasion" in one of those silly
dumb-smart Seth Rogen style comedies/pop culture movies. Then, I noticed
the baphomet out in full force, in unabashed fashion. That rock n roll movie
where everyone is throwing up the baphomet hand sign that has become
reflexive for performers in the music industry now. The flashing of all of this
prior to Prometheus is all by design to bombard the unaware subconscious
of those not turned on and In The Know - by predictively programming their
minds so that Prometheus can fill it w/ the projection of whatever message/information
that the designer wants to program the audience/reality. Those who have the knowledge -
and applicable knowledge - can withstand this easily - but to the unaware and
unconscious mind - it becomes extremely malleable to the persuasions within
the film. Fear was a huge factor throughout the previews/film and that's a very dangerous
way to introduce higher knowledge - when in a state of fear. But this is the intended projection: to condition the society to be fearful of e.t. contact and to create a swirling
frenzy of fear whenever topics of higher-dimensional contact are introduced.

Why is this important? Because Prometheus is all about introducing the viewer
to the knowledge of the Pentagram, which is represented throughout our archaeological
findings and within the cosmic alignments at present. Venus is spinning right now
as an upside down pentagram, and there are energies/deities and material results
of the how a planet/symbol spins. Everything we know about Baphomet symbolism within the entertainment (enter-taint-mental) industry reflects this upside down pentagram
symbolism - which is why the recent Venus Transit was so significant - given how the pentagram is spinning off of it at present:


Not a coincidence that this film was released in direct correlation to the passing of the Venus Transit - particularly in the UK (film was released 6/1 in the UK) where a lot of occult activity is going on right to gear up for the 2012 Olympic ceremony. Also not a coincidence that Queen Elizabeth celebrated her diamond jubilee -- (incidentally we get the main character here named "Elizabeth Shaw"). Throughout the movie we see this downward spinning (slightly to the right) symbolism represented as the crew's "invitation" to explore this other world via the archaeological
synchronicities with astrological alignments. 

"Doesn't every child want their parents to die?" (c) David

Major thematic throughout the film is the notion of the Children dethroning the Parent.

"Every king has his reign - and then he dies" (c) Theron to "father"

The Venus transit also represents the Divine Feminine presence re-emerging into
our reality. Theron represented this, as did Elizabeth Shaw in the film. Whereas the
extremely elderly man who funded the entire mission represented the father-gods of elder. The patriarchal serpent cults that have been running this cycle are emanations of the father gods - and the sons - or the Children - are said to return to catapult an evolutionary cycle on the planet via the introduction an evolving DNA. The scene where Theron kisses the hand of the "king" - and tells him that his reign is over, while he begrudgingly acknowledges it by saying "anything else?" was a deeply powerful scene.

The Nephilim / Giants / Fallen Ones:

The opening scene was perhaps one of the most captivating opening sequences
to a film I've ever experienced. We see the creator god emerge out of the craft, with a whirlwind cycle opening up the see, perhaps implying the emergence from hollow-earth
where many activity is taking place. As the creator god is standing on the surface
in all his advanced physicality, the vibratory frequency begins to rip him open, as the surface is often the most vulnerable place for beings, particularly higher dimensional beings who rip through the frequency (or get ripped by the frequency) - similar
to how we would get ripped open from frequencies we are not in alignment with.

These are the magnificent beings spoken about in a myriad of ancient texts - including the Book of Genesis which refers to the nephilim as the giants who fell -- they came from a constellation. They came to earth for the gold, but not physical gold (AUR - alchemical symbol) - the aura, the golden light, the soul. They used the souls for energy and still do - and they created us to harvest our souls, yet never gave us the information and applicable knowledge of how to use our bodies to traverse the dimensions and discover the inner-workings of the soul. Throughout the movie you see the characters saddened by how these creator gods abandoned us. 

The Nephilim are in a timelessness. They've been frozen - the ones that originally fell to earth harvested the souls, and then something happened - there was a cataclysm or a galactic battle that took place. Certain beings saw that the Nephilim were off the chain in the reality abusing the organic/indigenous human - and were birthing babies that were half-god half-men (this is why in the movie our DNA is identical to theirs --- they interbred w/ the earth women and highly favored the women - creating hybridized beings) in the Book of Genesis it said: "The nephilim found the women to be fair") --

The Nephilim - being immortal spirits - they didn't die after the cataclysm - but they did not have physical bodies anymore - and the ones that did had reptilian/dragon-like appearance, were very large, broiled in the earth's core and in caves. This is symbolized by the genetic mutation of the creator gods w/ the 'alien' creature in the film. 

So the Nephilim decided to step back and rule humanity from the inner-core of earth, from the inside - and control humans internally. Some were half-human/half god that were getting on the side of the humans. Some of the 'good' creator gods didn't like how the 'bad' creator gods were killing the humans, because some of them had half-god, half-human children - so they formed a partnership w/ the creator gods.

In the film, after the creator god is released from his hyperbolic chamber - he doesn't even pay attention to the humans at first, but then once David (inorganic being) says something - the creator god scans him up and down and seemingly looks inside of him to see it's an inorganic being - and that upsets him for some reason - and destroys him and all the men there - but doesn't seem to show the same disdain for Elizabeth Shaw - whom he let get away while he easily could've destroyed her. 

Elizabeth Shaw:

Divine Feminine / Christ Consciousness archetype. Her faith is questioned and challenged throughout - but when she is tested in the gravest of circumstance, she overcomes in dynamic fashion. The cross she wears and the mentions of her faith - and the question "have you lost your faith, doctor?" are very relevant here. What's key here is that She embodies Christ Consciousness through her genuine/authentic ability to love and care for life. She shows real compassion and love towards David, whom everybody else is prejudiced against and treats him like trash - using every opportunity to degrade David for not having a 'soul'. Yet Elizabeth Shaw shows real compassion and love to David. This is the significance of the Christ Consciousness. 

Inorganic Archons.

The presence of David was integral and very interesting to me. He was an advanced inorganic being - basically a C3PO type figure. David says something akin to "I look like this because this is the only way you'll be comfortable dealing with me" -- alike, many adept now report that communication w/ extra-dimensional beings is difficult because as humans we have such a programmed way of thinking - that if we saw these beings in their actual physical form we'd go into a fear phase-lock, which would prevent us from engaging with them. Alike, the humans created this inorganic being, to their liking, just as the creator gods created humans 'in their likeness". Throughout the film the theme is ever present. David asks "how does it feel to know that the creators created you simply cause they can, just as you created me, just because you can?" -- so the hierarchy of existence and dimensional beings is a constant throughout. The humans disparage David for not having a 'soul' - yet they seem to be inept at understanding the functionality of their own soul structures.

Event Horizon: Emotional Creativity; Memory:

As human beings we create physical with our thoughts & emotions. This movie was similar to "Event Horizon" to me in terms of the psychological element of memory & dreams. David is watching holographic projections throughout the film. He is able to re-animate past history/sequences in the world they are discovering, and he is able to etherically stream dream-consciousness of the humans via a higher technology that animates one's dreams/memory via holographic projection. It also seemed to me that the thoughts/emotions/overall quality of the character's spirits/energy/presence had a direct
correlation to what they experienced in this world. Their emotions went from excited, to bored, to dull, to fascinated, then of course - to absolute terror and fear. David notes that the world is 'organic' after studying some of the bacteria/matter in the cave. Organic in that it completely responds to the emotion and thought-forms being emitted from the organic beings within it. Once the fear started to circulate - the environment responded w/ a frequency corresponding to fear, creating in correlation to the emotional output of the characters. In an inorganic reality or false matrice, you are not able to fully create physicality w/ your emotional creativity because your reality is inorganic and programmed.

Time/Space Continuum; Immortal Beings

There's an interesting synchronicity taking place with a lot of diff. films/shows. The depiction of higher beings - or the walking dead lately has been to show that there's a major difference in the eyes. in Game of thrones, we saw the hyper-blue eyes of the walkers. At the beginning of Prometheus - we see that the being has human like qualities (super-perfected) - with the eyes showing real distinction. Many of the Adepts who are communicated with extra-dimensiona/higher beings note that they look just like us, but you know they are different by looking in their eyes. I'd offer up the notion that these creator beings were really the perfected state of humanity, at least physically - in the distant future. So as humans, they were actually looking at themselves thousands of years down the line, via an ascended state. Being multi-dimensional beings with both higher & lower selves, there are various perfected/imperfect states that we find ourselves in. The Prometheus crew seemed to be ancient-futuro time-travelers.

Grade: B+

I loved the film because of the feel and intensity of it. It kept its momentum throughout
for me and while I certainly understand the sentiment of those who feel it was too vague
and left too much up for interpretation, I think that was the design of it. I also feel that
if you analyze it closely and even launch some research after imaginatively deciphering the film, that you can bring much more meaning and innerstanding to what is taking place throughout the film. These are ancient stories that many have been trying to interpret for so long - and it was presented in a daring and unique way with Prometheus. Ridley Scott is certainly somebody who has attained knowledge and uses this film to project a distinctive piece of art that carries a lot of energy and consciousness in it.

There is indeed something going on in our reality - and I can feel people sensing
and perceiving our reality in a diff. way - and it seems to be accelerating. I think if you can withstand the fear that always accompanies Luciferic Entertainment, you can really appreciate its deep art & aesthetic projection to cultivate deeper understanding of what's going on in our world.

This was just an unedited stream of consciousness after my initial viewing. I'm still
processing it but that was a very unique viewing experience.

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Nice Break down, im still buzzing from seeing this film.... Visuals were on there own high grade and you could just study that alone. The Engineers had over cloned them selfs even it seems to hint at also. The heavy christ theme as you mentioned. Astral technology, oh and even zombies it was all in there, i need to re watch as there are many layers as usual, more than i can type at the moment WBV! Skype session on this one would be dope.. Any one else seen it yet?

I have to check this out now lol. Thank you for your view on this, I'm not adept, but I can go in knowing what's going on now. 

I'm lookin forward to seeing this.  Ridley Scott is in the know.  If you want to see more esotericism directed by him see Blade Runner as well.

Enjoyed the break down. Things like this is in everything. I believe the tv programing is geard towards the programing of human behavior to encourage violence, fear and other low vibration thinking. It seems the more big block busters or the entertainment content that gets us excited and enthusiastic contains the heavy hitting "this is whats going on around you, right infront of your face"  type of content. Guess if we are excited about something it can imbed deeper into the subconscious mind. Ever see "They Live"? Movie was awesome. Was suppose to be done by someone that was "In the know" like George Orwell.

Hit the Nail on the head with this break down David!. When the start of the movie happened i was feeling something interesting the irony of the Terra papers came to mind with this movie lol especially the Terra forming etc. Made me think of Enkei and his scientists!.


wonderfull brakdown realy interested in the perent vs child bit, its every whear in films now adays, lockt at this the uther day whanted to post it together whith this! ;) http://vaken.se/modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=1641 



Sometimes we are scared about thinking that «aliens created us».

Can they create humans?



We, for example, can create small white rats in laboratories , for study.


Maybe our planet is like a big lab... And we are pieces of study.


there is another great movie that make us think, it's «Inception»




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