I have seen some varying planetary chakra systems and am wondering which is the actual one to use. the ones i see are as follows starting from root; Saturn, mars, Jupiter, sun, Venus, moon, mercury. the other is as follows from root; saturn, venus, mars, sun, mercury, moon, jupiter. any info on this is appreciated and much thanks!

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There are planetary stargates, solar, galactic and universal. Some universal gates run in our local galaxy and we are blessed to also have a universal stargate hosted in the center of this planet. In other words connecting through the core of the planet provides access out of the Time matrix completely (all galaxies and the universal structure combined). Connecting externally with the other planets with your personal lightbody chakras will only serve to amplify severe grid distortions and gates distortions on those planets and also on a galactic level running through your morphogenetic template. Almost all the higher gates and dimensions corresponding to those D-5 and up are compromised and a no fly zone (this occurred a few years ago due to reaching a certain point in the grid wars). Stick with Chakra 13 and earth's core as the 13th core pillar (the other 12 pillars around it) is what sets up the templar pattern and runs back outside the time matrix completely into the non dimensional systems. www.arhayas.com

ok thanks for shedding light on the subject.



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