Ok so I can't stop thinking about that movie Groundhog day, the one where he keeps repeating the same day over and over again. What if life really is just one day of multiple opportunities to perfect it over and over again?

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It basically is. I remember a post on this website a while ago where a guy wrote about a dream he had where a teacher came to him and he was shown how life is life a never-ending cycle where we're doing the exact same thing over and over again. It sounds just like what youre saying

i don't know but it seems i was stuck in groundhog's day for years lol. until i woke up around 2006

same here lol for me it was 2011 xD

especially for certain life lessons. I can see it in front of my experiences is that there are no enemies, the fear or sense of hatred is just a reflection or projection from within of an indication of something I need to learn or work on with my life experiences.

along the same lines that life challenges are actually opportunities for personal growth in disguise 

this quote i read on twitter today also resonates with that thought

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. ---jean de la fontaine

take care

awesome quote... thanx




I think the movie also has something to do with living through your dreams, and being yourself.

hahaha or it will turn into a groundhog's day really quick.

I like the part where he explains that the  creator has just been here so long he knows everything from coming back  so many times .

i just saw a movie like this called repeator and it had me thinking the same thing, it definately feels like our imagination can explain more to us then "facts", has me wondering why we only aknowledge 7 days

On Groundhog day - If you are stuck in one of the energetic eddies (cycles) which you'll spin around in till you've let it go or integrated it, then that is what life can be.



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