I was wondering if anyone could share some artists who they know are awake by the lyrics in thier songs etc. I know of a few and i am trying to subject my self to better musical artists.  I will start and if you have any input it is greatly appreciated.


K-os, Dub FX

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FOR SURE check out www.wookiefoot,.com! they are amazing and their newest album is excellent as always! you will love their lyrics and the sounds!
This is my first post so bear with me. I have been browsing the main forums for about 2 months and this is the first one that I think I have some fair information to offer. I am not trying to single any one poster out, but it sincerely concerns me when I see mentions of Deadmau5, Lupe Fiasco, and Muse to name others. Although I think we can all dance a jig or two to an artist like deadmau5, the mindless energy that comes from such songs is more of the repetative beats working on a subconcious level to make a point , as opposed to lyrics being more straightfoward. However, I am not beyond reproach. The music I listen to is along the lines of STS9, which for a time I was convinced was onto the good nature of occult symbolysim until recent events changed that. I recently went to go see STS9 at Red Rocks, which is an ampitheatre in the foothills of Colorado. The date they decided to play for the second night was 9/11/2010. The 2nd set began at 11:11. Their visual sets are well known, but one visual that stuck with me was a ufo attacking the white house in flashes. On NYE 2009, STS9 played at wells fargo theatre and during the main set, Murph (the bassist and considerable frontman) was repeatedly in a bowing motion putting up the "rock symbol", which is a devlish sign in itslef. Off all the disorienting visuals, included were the words "Disengage the System".I encourage you all to explore the meanings behind Red Rocks and how it is not only an all natural ampitheatre, but how it supposedly sits on multpile lay lines as well. If you look out from the viewpoint of the artist performing i.e looking out to the crowd, the two rock formations equal the sun and the moon, left and right brain, etc. There is also something to be said about the Beatles playing there in 1964. Once again, I am not here to shun any opinions, but  this is what our Youth is listening to and at a prime time in their lives when they are very succceptible to subconcious manipulation that has the guise of being "in touch". So there's my rant...I would also suggest listening to Proffessor Griff and Canibus. Professor Griff was a stand out with Public Enemy and has "fallen off the map" only to be "disgraced" by artists such as Emimnem and Ice cube. The same goes for Canibus (see: Eminems "Can-i-B****"). There has to be a reason an artist who barely records anymore is still the topic of fearmongers like Eminem. I hope this is not too scattered, but once again give me a break...I'm new :)
MUSE, THe gulf stream has stopped the Ice Age is coming. It has begun, Be prepared the Ice Age is coming that is a subliminal
message I found in one of MUse's music videos it is called sing for
absolution it is at minute 1:42 to 1:45
I listen to alote of music throughout the years.what I have realized pretty recently is that most of the music i have been listening to the artists are awake maybe only subconciously sometimes.I like Living legends members biccaso,murs,scarub,.I would torrent the dicography .the older stuff isreally good .the newer better produced is also great.There is more to there group melencholy gypsies (i cants spells sorry,drop out).They have songs with some members of heiroglyphics like opio and del.I highly recomend del the funky homosapiens future development and deltron 3030.It seems that within all of it there is a bit of faction sidedness if you really sqrutinize it .There was a development with pantera I would like to mention.The members of pantera the drummer vinnie paul and dimebag darrel went and formed another band known as damageplan,at one of there live shows a man came in the back and filled dimebag darrel with a clip to the face(I beleive it was manchurian,)he thought that they where stealing his songs?They seemed in there final stint that well in the lyrics they were pulling away from the pantara type.songs like new found power(nothing like pantera and there by demons be driven type mantality.Anyway i will go on FEARFACTORY IF BY FAR MY FAVORITE it realy breaks the god thing some might find it harsh but I find it to be good(if i could use such a word)i dont see the genda in fear factory yet ,alwas open to know though.also megadeths sing talks extentensivly about satanic child abuse he went through and the information he put out i think is astounding considering he was kicked out of metalica,he mentions the conspiracy of silence,some may be aware of boystown america(sad story).thats all for now im sure il think of more




Alice in Chains "nutshell"

How do I embed youtube videos on this site?? argh!! haha


All the artists on this page are awake!!! Atma and Kalki are my favorites. This is Conscious/ Spiritual Hip-Hop.

The Underachievers. Rap duo focused on spirituality. They're my age, like 17 and 18 I think. This is what's written on their tumblr if you feel like reading it.

"There are two points to this life, first is conquering this reality, second is surpassing it. The choice is yours. The first point of life is to CONQUER it. What this means is first you have to get over the illusion, the ego and the superficial.See that is the “test” religions speak off. We have been placed in a reality filled with aspects that we , following our ego, cling too.We naturally, being blessed with a consciousness, get caught up with the physical representations of ourselves. This is an illusion.We are all fragments of the whole, the source, the god. We were blessed with consciousness to be able to EXPERIENCE the creation for god.We are not separated from this source as nothing is. We are all one. The illusion of separation is the test. Reconnecting is the answer. Once one can realize that he is existing in a false reality, an illusion, he becomes the first step of CONSCIOUSNESS. The re-connection. Now when i say conquer life i mean once one realizes he is apart of a whole, and he really is a creator in this reality, he must IMPACT it. As humans we get caught up in the false illusory accolades, the money and such but get this and one will find himself wanting more. Why? It is because these are gifts of the illusion. We must first reconnect to the source before being allowed to enjoy the GIFT of life. Because NOTHING from this reality can be taken into the next world, besides YOUR SOUL. So you need to work on getting that GOLD. Once man is one with the creator again he can CONQUER the reality. Do you think life was meant to be a 9-5 conventional slave? No. The way i like to put it is you have to give yourself an impossible goal: mine is to aid in saving my generation. Then go get it. Simple. See you were given all the tools on the planet to create YOUR reality. If you are one source the world will evolve to meet ALL YOUR NEEDS.This is conquering the reality. Because you no longer live subjective to the illusion, you are now OBJECTIVE over it. You are in charge. Man who lives subjective to reality feels that the world is against him + unchangeable, he’s very pessimistic because he sees an ILLUSION. Man who lives OBJECTIVE sees the world as a game of endless possibilities. He lives to create, and to contribute to its evolution. I am a OBJECTIVE CREATOR. Nothing happens in my life that is not of my fault I do not live subjective to a false illusion. Only to GOD. Now surpassing the reality is more complex. That is complete ego death, release from Karma, and CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.This is where we are to be these are the Jesus, the Buddhas the Krishnas Shamans, and so on. They have ascended completely. Because they have completely released themselves from the reality they don’t exist in it. This is harder for us because we live in society.We aren’t in a place that hones spirituality, consciousness, or ascension, places like this thrive with Christ conscious people, But here’s my plan. To get us all to CONQUER or reality. Then UNITE back into God. Then go to CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS together. The only way.

thanks peter, yeah man, they sound like they are far along the path (:

enjoyed reading that.

i have basically come to the same conclusions; feeling your decisions and recognizing the impact YOUR OWN MIND and HEARTS interaction have on the "outside" world is KEY.

trust is gold, maintain the connection and the words come of their own accord.



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