I went into mediation 2 hrs ago and whilst meditation i asked to be told what my mission was here on earth, how to go about achieving it. 
So during mediation i felt like someone was pushing something into my heart, like my breath was stopping and i could feel my body spinning around and i couldnt breath but i didnt feel in danger..

I could see a lot of purple veil like shapes and energy fields.

So i woke up and i immediately wanted to sleep, so i drifted off... My body started to vibrate heavily and my ears buzzing , so i realised i was activating.. I relaxed and went with the flow, i heard music, electronic sounds, i wish i could repoduce it was beautiful.. I could feel myself going into a portal or  a tunnel of some kind, at an incredible speed ( i was laying on my bed) I could see space, the stars, i was not moving though... 

Then there was this voice, kinda like a male and female mixed together, speaking from what looked like a fuzzy tv screen..( my body continued to feel like it was moving at another speed) It was telling me the comos energy is love, humanity needs love, we cant do nothing until there is love.. like a cd that was jumping.. It was telling more loads of thing that my mingd cannot place into words right now.. its more like feelings..

Then i could see outside my bedroom window a world unfolding based on my imagination, i was erasing and restarting what i didnt like.. I also felt an orgasmic energy coming from behing me,  kinda like holding me at my waist, like it was trying to seduce me or something.

It was an incredible experience,  i felt really connected to a very high source of energy, like it was waiting for me. 


Previously to this experience i noticed after deep concentration that the energy field around me was Turquoise, going into violet sometimes. Ever since i have been feeling a connection to something but i dunno who or what.. 

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Thank you Karen.. This will help a lot!! will take a look!! all my love!!
that was the same answer I got... we MUST love our SOUL... Once we love OURselves we can LOVE others and then it spreads.... It is tough to even say a word like LOVE... because the actual feeling is indescribable... it just is...

Hey Bliss, my name is Paulo, i read your article about sequence of numbers, in the last 3 months i've been receiving lots of sequences, i don't know if i can really trust does numbers and the beings who are sending them and if the interpretation they are doing in the internet is correct. do you some reliable source which will help understand the sequences of numbers? Thank you..:)

Love is A beautiful thing, and it makes sense that we all Learn to Love absolutely Everything! because then We'll Realize That In Turn its Just US loving Ourselves because we're Everything!..Its so Funny Because i used to absoluteLy hate Fly's they're so annoying to me! uggh! lol...But now since ive been Getting my Mind right and practicing Love for all Creatures,animals insects, or whatever else Our Wonderful Mind Can Cook Up. So now instead of Swatting them Down when they're Buzzing Around my Food or just plain ole In the Way,  i just swiftly Guide Them Up Outta My Crib! and off they go! to continue to live on to annoy someone else! lol  There was no Murder involved thus making the Karma Police Very Happy :) and i do Beleive both partys was ok with the outcome!....Wow what an Amazing Meditation you had..It A beautiful Thing To Be Connected..Wholeness Balance Vibes And Love...

my story was. i was flying over the pyramids and got called down and horus thoth and anubis were presant, aunbis told my, i couldnt remember what he said for a long time, i woke up one night remembering clearly, he said your hear to bring the truth



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