Malfunctioning Story.

Hello all I had an interesting dream this morning, Sunday August 12th at about 5.00-5.30. Where the story repeated on a second run through, only this time the story was broken itself.

I have not been non lucid before and have my dreaming self realise that he is in a story, I've had him realise he's in a game or other place before. Perhaps I was partially lucid here, just no direction of events.

It was a space ship dream, xwing's and tie fighters, I think I was in the tie fighter protecting a space station, most of it was in third person. We ran through the mission and everything went well, it was smooth, the diamond like silver space station with the ring around it (best guess image), was protected.

So I went to run the story again, when I was running it (non lucid still), the characters giving the mission briefing began to phase/flicker in and out, their speech started to come in at the wrong time, they started to talk over each other. I was with a co-pilot who was in a second ship, either a guide or a tagger on, unsure (star wars so possibly a tag along spirit ;)). 

At this point we were stating on the station listening to the briefing, in front of these two male characters. The one with me started to be confused by all of this, but I just ran with it, knowing we were in a story anyway. I was interested by the flickering, wondering what would happen if the story continued on now. Eventually the interrupting speakers managed to interrupt themselves to start the story correctly.

We launched back off in our ships, only now a great thick solid white/grey fog covered most of space, and all of a sudden the space would could fly in shrunk to a tiny amount of what it was. However I had the sense all that was there previous was still there now in this tiny dense space, I was navigating bright silver diamond shapes frantically trying not to hit them. Someone called them navigation points.

That is about when I woke up.

If anyone has any observations please make them :) Few things there I am sure, especially that all that is there, is here now in 3d, only much smaller. You need much quicker reactions here to avoid things. I didn't see the significance of the diamond silver shapes though I consider that they were representing something, any ideas?

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YOU SAID: " the characters giving the mission briefing began to phase/flicker in and out, their speech started to come in at the wrong time, they started to talk over each other."

I think you were becoming lucid when this happened.  When I become lucid, the deam starts to fall apart in a similar fashion.  It begins to feel like a bad play with bad actors. lol.




I've had this happen in the past when My dream ended up not only becoming Lucid, but I am projecting my Astral Body. It use to happen a lot in the past when I "consciously" practiced dreamwalking. I say Consciously, because I and my family would do it naturaly. The entire house would have the same dream. It would be like I was dreaming and then my child would walk in projecting their own dream...and mess up my scenery and sound. Also, this seemed to happen when I consciously astral traveled. It was as if I went back in time, or ahead in the future, or even perhaps some other Dimension or realm. When I was caught or moving in between to different realms or Universes..things would start to mess up.  A lot of times it would be something significant or amazing happening..and I would get overly excited or try to tune in, that something (I sensed) didn't think I should be seeing it or was ready for it. I have had many Star ship, other planet and spaceship the past. Seems like the more I try to get back there, the further it is from my reach. So I leave it alone now. Very interesting dream.  l liked. Reminded me of so much. :)

Thank you both. Yes that could be it, i've been lucid before but its usually from my end doing a reality check in the dream, i've not had that experience of lucid before where it's the outside breaking in, it was comforting to think that the (internal) force is attempting to make me lucid as well. My dreams seem at a transitional stage again, sometimes i'm only getting a few lines when waking other times the memory is blanking completely and others I get two a4 pages of dreams, sometimes up to 3 remembered. I don't play games anymore using the computer, or watch films on the tv, so I should be moving past them not having them in the dream, perhaps that is why this game scenario was breaking down.

On hindsight reflection of this, the small version was more internal and feels more like how the more subtle bodies operate. You need faster reactions, smaller movements as they make more impact. It ties into the dream I had with a truck in it, I was asked where club ion is by two men, my father related the question to me saying its a leeds question (somewhere I used to live), I remembered the answer, and looked to the car radio to see if I could tune in the club.

Then all of a sudden the car became a truck and I was off downhill, I could not stop the truck with the brakes, it had a momentum all its own, I ended up trying to go with the traffic and hitting a bus.

This had come because I asked why someone couldn't just reincarnate into the mental realm for a few thousand years, however that came about, even from an earthly body with access. I am sure I could make it interesting enough (non stale, to make it worthwhile). The answer was that vehicle is much harder to drive, you can't just stop it on a dime.  Like this space ship dream, everything is much closer together, you need a keen mind and reflexes or just a very settled mind. I knew much of this already but it was related much more vividly with the gratefully answered question.

Where club ion ties in I don't know yet but I am keeping a look out!



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