Hello, just looking for some details in making colloidal silver? if anyone has done it, please respond?

I have read that if it is done using electrolysis, the resulting product is most likely to be ionized silver; also read that this ionized silver can then be reduced to colloidal silver by adding some acidity - can anyone comment please?

many thanks, julie

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I need to look into getting a generator myself in the future havent dont all the research just yet. On realmdynamics it recommends the silverlungs generator. You should be able to find the answer to your questions on their website

This is a very short book that is worth a read......


Thanks Morad.Here is a vid that explains the whole process from defining difference between ionic and colloidal and the making process in detail, injoyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xur-oP3bmbc

This thing is quite easy to do, even more so if you have some small Tech skills and undertstanding.

I can give you basic setup to make hydrosol with High Voltage AC which is the best way.

You make use of a correctly sized Neon Sign Transformer. IN this case 15000V / 30 milliamp.

You will use distilled water for the process.

Contact me directly for details.

The kit I personally use is from a company called, "SilverLungs". Great site as they clearly define the difference between ionic silver (which is what most of these kits make and tell you its colloidal) and colloidal silver. With the kit you can make both and they show you how.




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