Libraries, Secret Societies and The warzone is getting tiresome. - Options?

Dream One 4.15am Wakeup

Study Group, into animal properties and how they can be used in different ways. This part of the dream was sketchy AS ALWAYS true information was interrupted by something absurd or something pushing in to throw me off track. It dealt with snails, bulls, animals and their properties in motion, warfare, travel etc, how those animals have MUCH more use than just being visually nice to look at.

We were finishing up for the study year, and all of a sudden 3 of the people that had been helping me, turned against me and started shooting. I think conflict had wormed its way into the dream plane, in the form of small engagements or more aggressive uses for animals (stars), but then it was all around me, the thin laboratory/office I was in bullets were flying everywhere.  One of the trusted men couldn't help me as his work was due in (90 days or angle or something 90 was important), then the battle in the office continued, grenades going off as usual etc.

These are usually light bullets sent from my solar plexus, or projectiles of energy/vortexes surrounding the matter they create.

Eventually it turned into play acting saying I shot you there, so you should have been hit like that, that is when I was becoming more and more lucid so I woke up. It was a largerly red hallway/office, reflective, like the pictures of Sevan's ship on the rotation banner at the top of this site.

I really felt like we were making breakthroughs on the connection between animals and stars till this happened!

Dream Two 7.30am (ish) Wakeup

Library Learning, Mini Matrix.

Walking into a large modern library/school, with many offices of people learning on computers, I kept exploring recalling much of the detail but not all. Many programs were being run, some on computers, some in isolated scientific wings. It was about then the place detected I was lucid enough to remember all of this and dictate my path, not lucid/lucid but dream aware ;). So the place started to rearrange, the stairs I was walking back down suddenly shifted to block my path, so I simply jumped over them, landing in the middle of computer room. The student/dreamer behind me was confused, as to where the stairs had gone, I pointed above me to her right and she continued on.

Exploring the downstairs of this complex, an agent asked if he could have a word, I was fairly calm, i've been interviewed before. He sat me down, in a small warehouse area at a table, I knew the briefcase had cameras in it, but i'd considered I was always filmed in the library, and have always been filmed by higher powers all my life anyway, so I had no fear. There were others in the background out of sight, but satisfied I was just looking around and causing no trouble I continued on my way.

I came to a small white hallway, at the end of it was a curtain with various cluttered artefacts. A blind woman came by me and went to the curtain, starting to dig through them. She turned to me, having blue/grey eyes, and called for help to her assistant, realising it was not me, a small girl came over and helped her. She seemed concerned that an aware dreamer was here at all, and made note of it in what she said, blustering around to leave, almost knocking over a small reception desk on the way out. The desk was metalic looking, old gothic metal. The pair then could be heard in the room next door, there was an open hatch where a counter was sat, talking about that man in the other room (me) :) .

So I continued on my way casually, downstairs I walked out of the building in a small street, there was a rotating arm to let people out, like a ticket vendor. Along this small outside street, lay two dark brown buildings, with hints of gold in them. The first read SPIRITUAL POLICE in large letters on the right, the second further down was a latin name, something implying deep knowledge within. I backed off from that one, sensing it was what was behind all of this, and much of the troubles on earth infact. A secret society type of building, that is when I woke up.




I realise a great deal of collective psyche is geared up for aggression, and I realise we take on board spirits all the time that are not fed by us in the waking world, especially in sleep in a dense environment; finding ourselves triggered by past movies, stories, vortexes, shapes and images, we exposed ourselves to, when I fed my mind with such things in my sleeping years.

I am able to whether a lot of damage in the dream world, however someone I care about now has taken on board the spirits that I've been wrestling with ever since I woke up or even began to wake up, and although she disarmed them better than I ever did, she bears physical bruises and small cuts from those struggles in the dream. One of the female gangster types from my dreams, who was in a conflict external to her, started shooting up the car (protective shell) she was in, trying to kill her. Then went in to finish the job, I am used to dealing with them after a year of it, but she is not.

So I need options here, even if its just to go head to head relentlessly against whatever 4D entity is throwing these punches. I have all the defense I could ever need personally for 3d entities but it never solved the issue, time travel even after dream death, teleportation to created scenes, speed etc. However I am fighting back a lot more often now, which usually results in a shoot out, using light/stars/energy or animals put into projectile/sound form as the weapons. This is what stars/sounds in physical form are imho, stars put into matter surrounded by vortexes of energy that are propelled toward targets. (Best guess thus far.)

How do I end these wars across realms I find myself in, is the only solution going into every single battle guns blazing, or moving away (literally on defense or physically in RL)? It still seems like abandoning the entire community, family etc to whatever fate they are going through. The second I go lucid, 4d entities grind me back down, remaining partially lucid I am playing the game by their rules, which is usually a shoot out (fight/flight).

Thanks for reading all of this,

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To clarify, the gun fights themselves and the training is not a problem, whatever form it comes in, the lack of lucidity due to 4d interference and the spilling over of the gang wars that go on, into others I care about is a problem. As is the interruption of my training so I don't remember it in the morning, (they use all kinds of tricks for this in dream time) from knocks at the doors in the dream, to rock tunes going off in the dream, repeating thoughts about something related but on a tangent generated at lucidity, to gun fights, anything to distract or shut memory down, this HAS to stop. I realise the entities reference are not likely being generated by me, but its getting in my field from others watching TV, playing low frequency music close to me and being passed about, or was already there. I also realise what I say when I say I want to go head to head with 4d creatures, they are mostly invisible or sometimes always invisible and so physical connection/resolution is much more difficult. 

In my experiences, the storyline/scenarios in my lucid dreams (meaning I'm fully conscious and aware I am dreaming as the dream occurs) are fake.  After I unlatch myself from the original dream and I begin my lucid travels, I, too, usually encounter blockages attempting to stop me.  Such distractions for me typically appear as monsters blocking my path or seemingly important events occurring around me. I recognize these disturbances as attempts to recapture my attention and draw me back into an uncontrolled dream state.

I think the solution for you, after achieving full lucidity, is to acknowledge to yourself that absolutely nothing around you is real, including the events that feel real.  Ignore the fighting and all attempts to include you in it. If you succumb to it you will lose your lucidity, which I believe is your challenge right now.

Do not become overly concerned if one path becomes blocked.  Another path will open for you.  There are many roads you can travel there.  Simply remain focused upon exploration and block out everything else.

If you don't allow it, you can't be stopped.  Remember, YOU have all the power there.




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