How to overcome Addictions (video game, film, food, lifestyle e.t.c) speaking from experience

I'm glad you have decided to help yourself, even the strongest fall eventually if they are too proud to ask for help or receive wisdom from others, myself included... the battle for my "I AM" and "Awareness/ Awakened state" has been going on for a long time. 

I've decided to write a little about the one thing I have managed to successfully overcome again and again, which is video game and film addiction and a passive/ observer role life style.
As with anything, the "Why" is important, the why for playing games and watching films or eating certain foods has its origin in a place many of us cannot even remember, and sometimes, before our birth; while we were still in the womb, or even in the genetics of past family members.

My "Why" began when I was 7 years old, the first year of primary school, our uncle came and gifted us (our family) with a Personal Computer, a P.C, I was grateful, yet it didn't take long for me to become addicted to the "level up" and "power up", "virtual accomplishment" syndrome,
I moved onto the console and the hand held device (con-soul) a few years later, the PlayStation 1 and Sega to be exact, and whilst these things are not good or bad of their own nature, they are detrimental to a child's development if usage is not gaged/ guided.

I believe we as conscious beings run the risk of being ruled by our inventions, if we are not wise enough to use them for good... I believe we are still in puberty, as a race, of humans, and that it is only in taking personal responsibility for our own lives that a good life can be lived. Blame cannot be placed anywhere, forever; there is no sense in repeating oneself forever, whilst suffering the same result: it is more effective to just take responsibility and change oneself, than to hope for the world to change, and as we all know: the world does actually change when we change our core self.

The long and short of how i overcame this addiction is

  • Seeing the bad results of repeating my behavior (physical and mental health)
  • Imagining what would happen if i went on repeating myself (my soul's health)
  • Delaying "giving in" to the established bio-rythm; an addiction is a powerful pull... only the rarest people can quit in one go (something I did manage to do for whole months, before slipping back into my addiction). I said to myself: ok, but for 3 hours I will do something else, like going for a walk, or writing, or reading things online, then I will play. It worked; often I could "snap out of it".
  • re-framing my world view/ shifting the "dopa-mine triggers",  I had compassion with myself and realized I was really struggling to let go of games, and I was becoming a shadow of a person, living through a machine, instead of through my body, cultivating merely virtual friendships, instead of actual physical ones; always having the safety to click a button and end the conversation. To get out of my "Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game" and violent/hollywood brainwashing film addiction, I decided to say: Life is a game, life is a film, and really believed it: I still do!
  • Making real friendships and feeling the sacred nature of life
  • Forgiving myself for wasting time: no amount of self accusation can replace genuine compassion and the grace of a loving heart.
  • The resistance! This site and the people on it are probably one of the main reason: something tells me that all of this talk about multidimensional life, giving all you've got, developing spiritual abilities, is not just empty talk
  • Mantak chia (discovered here): Sexual techniques; learning about my own body, and how, as a man, not to waste my power (essence), but store it up and transmute myself. 

Thank you for reading this, I hope it helps! :)

"He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God"; The temple of "your god" is your body, and you are the god, in miniature, which you have always been waiting for :)

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Great advice...and excellent commentary on the truth that video games replace real living with virtual reality living.  With the upcoming virtual reality gimmicks being introduced into gaming, this is more important than ever.  The pillar...yes, the middle channel.  Best of continued awakening and conscious creating to you.  

I learned a lot from games and films and books, the problem is not those things in themselves (just like with supplements (there was a technocrat i read some time ago who ate 200 vitamin pills per day thinking it would save him from death long enough for technology to be developed so he could never die, hahaha! :D ray kurzweil i think), lsd, dmt, monatomics, singing, sex, praying, worshipping, art, riches, fame) e.t.c e.t.c, , its the addiction, attachment and in ability to let go of them and move on with ones life! One needs to reclaim one's energy! 
I think virtual reality gimmicks could even be used to make something like gardening and learning more fun, and then it could be completely abandoned and not used, a complete break from technology, where and when people realize what a glorious game life is, and how they don't need to be scared of "big bad mother nature"...

Well, one can dream!

Wholeness! Wholeness Cindy, Wholeness Family! :D

Appreciation and gratitude to Maria, Jana and Samuel for sharing your thoughts.
I've been raising my vibration through thought-patterns, being conscious of my thoughts, eating better through less junk and more fruits and vegetables, meditation, recognizing my power and not making a big deal of it all.

I am curious if it would be more beneficial to get off the medication I take before doing the internal cleanse? I would not wish to cleanse only to have stunted my potential growth by continuing the addiction, or making the cleanse moot by bringing this pharma into my body.
Maybe the cleanse will be great no matter what, in which case I would do it yesterday.

Thank you for your thoughts!

If you can tell me and or us more about the type of medication we could make a more thorough recommendation, but for all concerned, i would recommend first slowly getting off of it, instead of suddenly jumping off it, whilst also, if possible, getting the aid of your doctor, as well as cleansing after wards, as this could cause some rapid changes to take place which you might not be prepared for.

This is also how my girlfriend / wife managed to overcome her medication; reducing the dosage over time until she could just drop it, whilst regularly doing yoga, eating well, and having me to talk to and guide her forwards, through a lot of her past issues.

If you are really hot for just dropping your pharmaceutical "medicine" and actually want real medicine, which will help you get toward being completely addiction free, then ibogaine is something that comes to mind, although it's more commonly used for treating addiction to other drugs, or post traumatic stress disorder, i've also been told with great enthusiasm that it cures psychological addictions of all kinds. Then there are of course the different supplements offered over at realmdynamics which you can consider. 

I think if you can secure someone to walk you through this time and set up certain things for more balance, then you are good to go, from whichever approach you take to get over this stage of life :) We are with you, and we are here for you. 

Wholeness and balance! Keep moving forwards 

Samuel, sharing doesn't bother me at all, I am grateful for your focus.
I am currently taking Buprenorphine which is prescribed for opiate addiction. I am weaning myself down right now and have been doing a great job of it in the last few weeks. I am prescribed 16mg/day and have cut that down to a little over 10mg/day. In years past I have been as low as 2mg/day and fell off the wagon, so close! I know I can get back there where the withdrawal is less uncomfortable.

I have been taking this 'doctor' prescribed drug for some 4 years now after a stint with percocet/oxy-codone that lasted almost a year and reared it's head once or twice since but not for some time now.
I tried to go through the withdrawal a couple times but didn't make it. This all started after a fatal car accident which broke my pelvis in 9 places, herniated 4 discs... I was 18 and prescribed strong opiate pain-killers for a long time....I became hooked, J.
(I don't remember the accident still, maybe there is trauma inside I haven't dealt with but I don't feel that way.)

Since then I have fought through some really difficult times with this hanging over my head. With strength, in the last 2 years I have seen quite a dramatic change into a well-paying career accompanied by my own personal journey of expansion that has led me to this point. I do feel better and better as I continue expanding. But is it all stymied with this addiction here?
See, now I am in a place where I am comfortable, confident; I work, pay my bills, enjoy time with my pup, I search for truth and expand and I feel better and better and better....BUT I KNOW that to just get past this addiction would free me for true expansion that I know is being held back as if I have built quite a dam here.

I don't know how I could spent the necessary time to get off this substance because I need to work to sustain myself and the thought of working through a withdrawal period seems not just uncomfortable but unfathomable.
If I could take 2 weeks off and go clean I would try my best but I haven't found the time or the money yet but I believe I may have an opportunity this summer.

I don't have a support structure of friends or family who are willing to help. My old friends were of a lower vibration and so is much of my family. I don't have anyone else to turn to really, this does not make me sad it is merely a truth that I live with, at this time.

Forgive the long winded nature of my response but I thought I'd share what I could so as to get the most effect from the amazing minds that are here with us.
I am very grateful to all for your love. Right back at ya!


hey Andrea, thanks for really giving this a shot and having the courage to go for it. 

listen, there's only one thing I can think of that will really achieve what you want, and that is: talk to your body, talk to it as if it is a living being, tell it what you want, and how you will help it get through all of this, tell it you're sorry and you didn't know any better at the time, but that you got hooked and felt like there was no other way. 

The reason I say this is because I healed my heart this way, when I was having heart pain and I was actually loosing hair because of all the stress in my life in the summer of 2012. 

Oh and the most important thing: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! In a hidden away, locked up part of self, a higher self, a deeper self, which can now become unlocked and get out, and kick ass! 

Wholeness bro :)

Oh and if you want you can add me and us on skype: samuelthemule I'll add you to the resistance group chats if you feel like it, there's always helping hands/hearts/minds. 

Hey Samuel,

I give you my gratitude for your help and I am excited to speak with you.
I will take your advice and put it to use, actually, I already have and will continue to do it.

It's good to hear that you have made it through your issue with your heart and the stress. I have felt my stress dwindle since beginning my expansion, however, not all gone just yet. :)

I will keep that in mind and continue to try empowering myself to have belief in self.
I'd like to take you up on your offer some time, I don't really have anyone to talk to whom I can trust so I've been flying solo for some years now.

I'd be happy to join the group.


Hello Andrea. You must be strong to have survived such a collision. How has your physical body healed since? Is your structure mostly back to normal or still healing? Meaning from where do you feel you are still experiencing pain?

'Pain killers' are often a quick fix many physicians use initially to alleviate pain, yet fail to provide a workable plan of tapering down or providing alternative options as the body heals itself. Perhaps some of the issue is fear (often in the cellular memory) that the intense pain will eventually come back. In the meantime, one becomes dependent on the substance often for other reasons than it was originally prescribed.

There are many options for natural pain relief if you are still in physical pain. Just the other day I watched a work client essentially have the nerve burned near the site of pain. The procedure lasted 5 minutes, mostly pain free, and the severe back pain she experiences is gone for several weeks. She has been able to reduce pain medication because of this. We have been crippled in many ways but will continue remembering how to heal our MBS vehicles.

Once we establish whether your pain receptors are signalling accurately we can begin invisioning a solution in the direction of pain relief, dependency on a substance, or both. Again you are a strong person to have survived and many pain killers are well known to be quickly addictive. You can do this! Your instinct of overcoming in order to continue expansion is strong. Most of us have areas we could clean up a lot or a little so you are amongst friends here. Wholeness!

Thanks for the kind words Jana. I guess i never looked at it like so. It was difficult.
My friend, the driver, passed on impact...took them almost 2 hours to cut us out. We were in a little car and struck a tree at high speed on my, passenger-side door hence all the energy went through my hip.Sometimes I feel like maybe I haven't gotten past it? I don't think of it like that though.

The pain I experience now is nearly everywhere as it has spread to knees, back, shoulders sometimes. Most of the pain is located within the hip/groin area and lower back. I get stiff real quick if I sit in 1 position too long.

Sounds like an interesting treatment your friend received. I haven't researched much in the way of helping with pain because I haven't found it very difficult to deal with.
I don't necessarily require drugs for it but it does make life uncomfortable.

Thanks for taking the time Jana.

If I am innerstanding correctly you are in general not taking the pain medications because of the pain, it is more so due to the dependency. I am sure you mentioned this I just want to ensure I know exactly where the issue is.

I could sense the fear and subsequent pain you went through. Again you are a strong human. As Samuel said it can be beneficial to speak with your body regarding your 'faith' in it for lack of words. Pull up throughout and around the natural energies surrounding you. Have you tried glucosamine/chondroitin? Ginger tea is excellent for inflammation. Just get some fresh organic (preferably) ginger and boil it in water with cloves for 15 mins. I like to slice fresh pieces into the mug then strain in the hot ginger tea. Drink to your temp. preference. These are methods to utilize if the pain becomes an issue. St. Johns wort, lemon balm tea, etc. have healing properties related to the anxiety that may still be present while giving insight into why the accident may have occurred if that matters to you. Much more if you are interested in natural healing. Acupuncture, cell salts, healing foods, clean structured water, crystals, etc. A selenite crystal under the pillow or sheet will often alleviate skeletal issues.

I will link a supplement that I have observed kicks butt with skeletal, etc. etc. issues and I assume would work well in conjunction with the enzymes 7 just discussed, especially since amino acids aid in increased enzyme production and utilization.

Thanks for those recommendations, i've been interested in St. John's wort for a while now, too.

Also, I think faith is a good word, it comes from the latin fides, meaning trust, binding, bond, confidence in,

there's also this which you might turn your nose up at, but i think it's actually true and great: 



inner attitude, conviction, or trust relating man to a supreme God or ultimate salvation. In religious traditions stressing divine grace, it is the inner certainty or attitude of love granted by God himself. In Christian theology, faith is the divinely inspired human response to God's historical revelation through Jesus Christ and, consequently, is of crucial significance.

note it is through, not of; Jesus, just like all of the Angels (wait no, not the fallen ones), just like all the flying and righteous angels, say, they do not want to be worshiped, they are just a part of the creation, doing their part, and what they hope is to inspire everyone to become a part of the whole again. 

Here is the best book I have found which explains all of this, note: I am a rebel against and away from the system, the corruption, and the fake sickness, just like you, but the fact is: there is truth in the bible, and in Jesus' words, they are just not what most people turn it into, which is hero worship: he was trying to show us heaven is and can be even more so right here on earth.

"You are destroying the word of God through your traditions that you have handed down. Mark 7:13

In other words; the Bible says traditional religions destroy the truth of God. The Bible is central to the Christian religion, but they don't see what it says.

Newton, Einstein, and Tesla were the greatest scientists and were mystics.
Science and religion have different pieces to the puzzle of life, and people need both to learn the ultimate truth of life. This book unites them for the first time."

Seriously, read that book, I'm only on page 30 but it's wonderful! And fulfilling. And best of all, it doesn't turn you into some zombie, it in fact does the opposite, makes you more intelligent, if you can really digest the spiritual food being offered. It is also in line with everything seven/sevan/james says.

— n
1. strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence
2. a specific system of religious beliefs: the Jewish faith
3. Christianity  trust in God and in his actions and promises
4. a conviction of the truth of certain doctrines of religion, esp when this is not based on reason
5. complete confidence or trust in a person, remedy, etc
6. any set of firmly held principles or beliefs
7. allegiance or loyalty, as to a person or cause (esp in the phrases keep faith break faith )
8. bad faith  insincerity or dishonesty

good faith  honesty or sincerity, as of intention in business (esp in the phrase in good faith )

 On the resistance, we learn to have faith in one another, and discover we are all parts of the greater body of humanity, we are not blind believers, but seers, gnostics, of all kinds, the words are not what matters as much as the feeling, the faith... Ultimately faith IS more important than reason and any facts we can know, because facts and reasons we can talk about all day, but faith and emotions we can feel, of course we need both, but if we have to choose, i choose faith and the things i can feel, over the things i can think "reason can take you from a to b, but imagination [faith, in a way] can take you anywhere" Albert Einstein.

This fact, that we are all of the greater body of humanity, is also presented in TomTom Biggle's video "the return of you" here: featuring Sevan and films like "the christ in you": featuring Santos Bonacci.

I know this might seem odd that I picked on just one word and made such a long post about it but the truth is, we are not alive to be ashamed of our selves, our bodies, or our faith, in the creator, the most high, who we have a direct connection to through our body; our shared soul, neither male nor female, but eternal unstoppable sound and light. Wholeness and Balance! Good things to and for you :)

Jana, you are correct that I was not, for a while, taking the pain medication for the pain. After this "accident" I was, but that changes after a while.
Currently, I take a medication that manages the dependence with longer half-life and consistent dosage but in all essence is just another opiate.
The Ibogaine suggested to me seems promising as I have done research on it but I am going to have a problem raising the $ for treatment.

I really do appreciate you being that bridge for me to innerstand the potential of some of those remedies. I will definitely try some of them. I am such a neophyte that I haven't come across much material on these subjects until now. Sounds promising.

And to answer your question more pointedly, yes I would like to know more, as much as I can, about what happened that day and why it happened.
I do have a lot of unanswered questions however I have gotten used to just accepting what is. I am hoping to help my body manage these injuries as my body continues to age.

Thank you Jana and Samuel.




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