I have been investigating Herbalife and their products, and I need to know if this stuff a good thing to take or will it have an adverse affect on my awakening and consciousness.

And on my body of course.

Who knows the truth about their products?

Thank you


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My mother introduced me to it a couple years ago and I was loosing weight and feeling better,, but in all honesty idk whats in there but i have had no adverse effects although i rarely drink the shake anymore.. best research would be trial and fail i guess

In short..too much synthetic material ~ soy based protein ~ which is not good for the body. 

*It's an MLM company focused more on making money.  

The reason why many lose weight on the program is because they are on a high protein diet that puts the body into a state of ketosis.  

It's a standard Atkins style protocol that will temporarily get people some physical results: 

*If you also look at their regimen, you'll notice its all about replacing meals with shakes ~ synthetic shakes.  

*"3 Shakes a day and a colorful meal"  is their MO.

*Just because one physically looks fit, doesn't mean their organs are functioning properly.

*The result is that many people plateau and don't know why they can't lose weight. 

*Liver and the Kidneys tend to get over worked on a super high protein diet.  

*The lymphatic system tends to get clogged up, and the organs have to work harder because it is ingesting artificial substances.

It's this common misconception that the body is just a machine, and needs certain nutrients to control any deficiencies ~ using synthetic material from a laboratory..its a Newtonian approach approach to solving a problem, without taking into account the knowledge of the energy body / consciousness.

What's happening is simple.  When the human body doesn't get enough nourishment, and it receives synthetics that are superior to eating the standard American Diet ~ of course one will feel a lot better - it's all relative.

However, put someone one a whole foods plant based diet, and you won't need nutritional synthetics.    

Now in regards to HerbaLife's claims:

*Some interesting findings about their research is that of course they say that they have a doctor that has a noble prize backing up their research. However, we must look at the consciousness of where these people are coming from.  What does the Nobel Prize really even mean?   After all, didn't Obama win a nobel prize...

Eat real living food that has spiritual nutrition?  

Eat Shakes made from a laboratory?

Just look a the consciousness behind the people who run herbal life.  I think you'll find your answers. 

It even has one of those misleading names... "herbalife".  Like gee whiz, I want an herbal life too! haha..  Also, don't they use pyramid scheme tactics to push their products? 

I had a neighbor lady trying to push their products on me a few months back.  Her actions about how she thought the stuff was good really got me to thinkin about how that stuff might not be good.  Especially when she wanted me to purchase the stuff through her.  It's a pity that some people will only engage you in conversation in order to make a buck. 



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