I came across this video the other day and have been trying to decode it ever since. It''s basically one long symbolic gesture. The thing is, I'm not sure which "side" this is coming from. I'll let some watch before I comment on what I've figured out (I think). Sevan would be best equipped for handling this one..hint, hint


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This is quite a vid...I would be interested in knowing what you figured out. Thank you for sharing.


I'd love to know what you figured out also.......I may have to watch it again.....Thank you for posting...

Too bad people so talented in CGI FX have to waste their time pandering to the age old bogus religious mind control doctrines. Its obviously a Christian message that the New age Illuminati Anti-Christ is coming.... 

Oh & btw how about going to the website of the films creators for a break down of ideas... lol


It's really not all that deep or meaningful... just more Christian fear bassed programs running amuck in some talented people, a shame really, we could use talent like that here @ the Resistance to help get ideas across. 

I am in (near) total agreement with the assessments of Interface/Phi. It is indeed a religious Old age "prophesy" of sorts. However, to say this is not telling its viewers something is not entirely accurate. There is a ton of clues as to what's next in the TPTW (the powers that were) plan of action to bring about One world order. Before I get into this, I want to make clear that I know in my heart the NWO agenda will not be realized as it is an ideal built upon lies and false assumptions. This is not to say "they" will not try it anyway.

The title gives one clues: "I pet goat" (the first "pet goat" or stoolie/patsie/drone) was obviously G.W. Bush as clearly shown. The II, or next "pet goat" is Obama, and his 9-11 will be in London. In the drawing on the board behind him where the Hangman's game is spelling out evolution, the O is present in "evo", but not in the "tion" portion of the word. Instead "evo" is in lower case letters and LTN is capitalized. Why? LTN is the international airport code for London's Luton airport. I believe the video is also saying that Obama will not survive (hence his tears/fear as "it" approaches). As the camera pans away from Obama (who is trapped in a prison cell) Psalm 23 (the lord is my sheppard....) is found on the wall. This Psalm is supposed to be  recited by those who are walking into the face of death knowingly. There is also a calendar on the wall in one scene which is set to July 2012. The 27th day (or the start of the Olympics) is missing. Beyond this, things are pretty lockstep with the christian ideal of the "end of times". This is what TPTW wish to give us. Their narrative following the script they devised for us hundreds of years ago, THE self fulfilling prophecy of all time.

I also noted a few other obvious cues in the video. In the scene that first shows the American flag, notice it was split in half. Whether this was alluding to a revolution which divides the country or a physical split caused by "natural events". I am leaning towards a combination of the 2 myself. The next few frames show the statue of liberty under water. If you look at this frame, it is an overview of New York City under water. Whether this is a HARRP induced earth quake or meteors from space that cause it is unclear. I am leaning towards a manmade event due to the star of david scene appearing under the statue of liberty just prior to its' sinking. I took this as a symbol of Israeli (specifically Zionists/Mossad agents) involvement.

Did any of you note Osama Bin Laden's CIA patch on his jacket? Or the stealth bombers bombing Iran? Or the "end of Russia" symbolized by the Russian man sinking into green muck holding a sickle and hammer? All clues as to their agenda. The bottom line is, most here know these events are "theirs" in which "they" hope to cause to usher in a one world government.

Most also know their failure is imminent (provided the awakened souls do their part to continue exposing "their " false imagery). This is a battle for attention. energy flows where attention goes. So if enough attention(through a fear of it's coming to pass) is paid to their vision, it will be realized. Someone asked the question (paraphrasing) "can you maintain your ideal vision in the face of a total collapse?" this is the key. It is my personal belief that history (as we've been taught it) is ending. It is about to be exposed as a total farce, therefore ending it as we know it. Can you keep your head, stay calm/focused/present in the face of what seems to be the end of us all? the answer to that question will play a part in how this whole series of events plays out.

It's goin down

Sure can mate...

I've been waiting for the End of this Aeon my entire life here on this Terra ( Terror ) Dome, my life has been a dress rehearsal for this moment.

Let the show begin.....  IAO

i noticed they have some explanations of things here: http://www.heliofant.com/gallery.html 

next to the pictures.

just let your own inner guidance and esoteric innerstanding help you wash this video clean and scrub the lies from it to be left only with truth (:

p.s in wholeness (spheres) there are no sides, all is truth, only extreme polarities which serve a purpose.

love has no points, it is round.

for instance, about christ they say: "That's YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your sonship with the Divine and the brotherhood of mankind!!! "

about george bush obama they say "The left-right puppet and additional layer of disenfranchisement, keeping you distracted while Drako weaves his web. " 


about islam they say: "The whirling heart of Islam awakened to the one true God! He is free and needs no control. "



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