Does anybody know of a EMF Shield that actually works? Like-"I had a gauss meter, I tested before and after, and it works."


Also, I have been looking at the "Qlink," which has been brought fourth by Stanford University and is heralded everywhere as the thing to have, but thats why I don't trust it. Its just way too commercial, I think. But if you know for a fact that it works by all means please share! :)


Thank you for your time! Love and Peace!

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Wrong, it doesn't sound cheesy at all and you explain things fairly good Kai, I like reading your orgone explanations.
Well, I suggest They have all types of diode devices to sheild emf's I have personally never tested because you can't really test orgone energy with any device, but I stopped wering my diode for a few days and was wondering why I was feeling so bogged down untill I started wearing it again. I've also seen people test it by showing your strength while using a cell phone with and without a diode on it and they were a lot stronger with the diode.
Awesome! Thank you guys for your responses!

...I made some diodes by using fine copper plate(0.3 mm) from e-bay plus an ordinary cassette tape.

magnetize the tape by running thru on play,both sides on cassette player.

cut copper plate into strips approx a length of tape(from the cassette) along a section of copper strip.

bend copper in half over tape,then cut into approx 5 mm squares,voila,many diodes,stick to all electrical appliances and wear one under your watch etc..try it.



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