I have a few members of my family that struggle with drug addiction (alcohol & narcotic), the older ones are in 12 step programs and habitually relapse every so often (whether weeks/months/or years, it's usually only a matter of time), which isn't surprising considering the fundamentals of the program that say you can never be cured.. 

Having been in it for years they've been thoroughly convinced they have to make their addiction the focus of every day by 'taking it one day at a time,' and never presume they can find the root of their problem and find resolution. Once these patterns are so engrained is there anything anyone knows of that can heal these afflictions? 

I believe Iboga could helpful, but none of my family would be into trying it.. any info would be greatly appreciated. Peace.

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Breaking your own habitual patterns and cycles will begin to have an effect on those around you, as those that are in your life a lot are close or frequent aspects of you that keep showing up. You can look at this on any level you like, people influence each other in close proximity sharing behaviors, spirits, auras rub and pull/push, healing you heals them etc, being around hard situations strengthens you. For me it comes out like this, I used to drink a lot in my 20's, taking the behavior from so many around me, now I don't at all. When someone asks me why I do not drink any more, I need a good answer to give them, so they have no excuse to fall back into old routines of thinking drinking is in any way beneficial to them on a physical level. When I say a good answer I meant, I need research and I need to be certain of my ground, not just parrot what they have already heard a million times and hasn't worked anyway. A definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result.

When it comes to harder drugs, innderstanding them may help, or bridge the gap between you are their behavior. As obviously with greater innerstanding comes awareness/expanded perception. Drugs are part of the search for bliss, the way people seek out their natural states, or even states that were once found with healthy plants, using whatever they can find to try and get close to it. Bliss is a natural state, I've experienced it sitting there opening up to higher self, crying to release blocks, it gave me more of a high on life than any drug ever could. The bliss like after effects carried on all the next day, like a haze. 

So occasional bliss I feel is part of the human being, in balance it is a wonderful state as it'll refresh you, and free you. In its artificial matrix form, it is demonised on both a physical and society level. The tools that are there for the average person hurt much more than help, I know that from a family member's struggle. 

I hope that helps, they are just carrying out what their body knows is right, only they have no tools to find a healthy, productive, useful way of achieving bliss. Our body carries memories long after the mind is gone. See Daniel Winter's work for more ways of achieving bliss in a completely ordinary day to day life way, even without the higher self experience I spoke of.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Peter- I've always interested in learning more about crystals, but avoided cuz it seemed like a dauntingly big subject with a lot of hoopla intermixed by the fakers. Thanks for the insight, I may utilize that myself, but as for my family, I don't think they would be so open to it. Perhaps, I could keep something like that in the house tho.. does it have some type of proximity range you know of? 

Mark- I begrudgingly really liked your take on that, and I think you're right. That thought was actually floating around in my mind for a while, and tho I've never even tried a narcotic I can identify similar shades of addictive programs within myself.. I think I'm addicted to my comfort zone and perhaps certain concepts. Do you think you could expand on what you mean by 'a good answer to give them?' How do you eliminate the excuses they could fall back on? I absolutely hate trying to put people on to esoteric info cuz I really don't know how to do it w/o coming off kinda cunty either saying or insinuating so much of our conventional understandings are backwards which a lot of people are either very proud of or just very much engrained in. I'll def look into Mr Winters btw, thanks a lot!

A family member of mine was on drugs as hard as they come for 12 years or so, so I know a little of this first hand and what families go through.

A good answer to give them/him. - If you are going into a situation for someone you care about I'd get every bit of information on the subject possible, from all angles not just the standard media parroted line, that obviously isn't helping anyway. 

If I may, here are some things that have helped me: Esoteric knowledge. Life is estoeric knowledge, just different degrees. You can make it practically useful, just the same, depending on who you are talking to if that helps make it easier. Step out of the ego and thinking about how you are going to sound, step into thinking what will be best for them, from the heart if you can (which is where all thought originates anyway). 

These days I just go with it, I speak plain to people that are killing themselves with water around me when it comes up. My relationships have changed as a result, but my family still is there they haven't gone anywhere :), things flow much easier now. This way they know the clear choices, I give them the most accurate information I can, and when I am thinking or at my best, I give it in a way that will be best for them, not me. Speaking is not for me anyway, like this post, its for the person that reads it. It does rub people occassionally into facing things they don't like, pieces of themselves that are hard to look at, every single word you say can be a seed, so you may not get an immediate reaction but if it is high knowledge then it'll do its own work on multiple levels.

Drugs are the search for bliss, they are a handicapped way of going about it, an often painful and dangerous way to go about it, but that is what they are. The search is in all of us. If enough people knew that and enough people knew safe ways of finding bliss, certain foods, certain plants, certain yogas, certain breathing/meditations, certain spiritual practices etc, then it'd take away the victim mentality or the why am I doing this mentality, and give them an entirely new outlook.

All you can try to do is lead by example and not be badgering to those who are trapped in that hole.  I agree with Mark in that esoteric knowledge has really helped me avoid all the bad stuff.  It's no wonder all the crap that has people jacked up is readily available for purchasing and destroying your body.  They've done a terrific job brainwashing us into destroying ourselves and making us feel awesome about doing it.  If people with "addictive personalities" can focus their attention on the negative, then I think they can do the same in a positive way.  The benefits far outweigh the consequences, and remember.. anyone can make a change for the better.  :)

        You could try DMT . Ayahousca has been known to cure drug addiction .

hey. i have battled with every narcotic addiction i could possibly get my hands on and the way i beat them was to realise that my perception was my reality.. the 12 step program is a brain virus focusing on the problem with no apparant solution! addictions can become so embedded in our minds that the real root cause is seemingly lost, and judgments from our external reality end up cementing the belief that it cant be done! we will only be able to release the addiction once we identify the true dynamic of why we have it in the first place... and depending on the depth of the addiction will govern the depth of how far we must journey inside. and this is no easy task to navigate through the mountain of denial and destorted perception our own addiction has seemingly created to protect its self! all aspects of ourselves need to be adressed starting with persuading the mind that it is truely possible.. i would suggest search the mind to find as many things the addict loves to do that are natrual and good for them then replace bit by bit the high for the new action... for example lower the daily dose step by step making sure that in place is a suitable replacement that the addict enjoys.. after all addicts love things that make them feel good! so once a realisation is made that other alternatives can be used that are natrual and healthy this will start the process.... the body is usually craving norishmant and love in the first place anyway! i think we all are to our own degree! then self reflection must be adressed core beliefsand programmes of the.mind h ave to be reprogrammed and realigned.. alot of negative junk can get lodged in thsubconcious which needs to be reconditioned with discipline and consistancy.. but this does not have to be as daunting as it sounds! it is all about enjoying the transition as much as possible and convincing the self that sobriety will achieve the desired state of conciousness... i am starting to think that such a complex subject cannot be covered in one blog i have so many more methods and tips if you would like more info then feel free to message my inbox at the resistance i can definatly explain in more detail and would love to help... yours sincerly smokey love..

Aaaahh drugs.

Sry, this is gonna be a bit of a rant.

I smoke weed, drink booze, and snort yeyo, slip acid, mescaline, chew shrooms, listen to dissonant music, play video games where you kill people, etc. But I don't feel guilty. It's all just a distraction. I don't feel socially awkward at all. I can communicate with any type of person (that speaks english), high or not. They are all my brothers and sisters. It's all a huge joke, a game, and we are all in it. I'm going to entertain the troops to the extent that said troops allow.

When I need to get some boring ass job done, it gets done if I want to, regardless if I'm high or not. I flow with whatever extra chemicals I happen to be indulging on. When the money needs to be prioritized, then I just quit cold turkey. The past two weeks I've had like a few beers on one out of 14 days, maybe did a small blast on another day, smoked a joint or two on another day. I'm surrounded by drugs, someone's always got a drink or joint or a bit of something.

So uh... what the hell's my point? Oh yeah. Kyle Jodoin, from reading your post, well, how does your family members struggle, exactly? Are they ashamed or something? Peer pressure? Messing with their finances? Losing their jobs over it? Shunning themselves off from the population? Are they surrounded by candy ass white bread? Whoever invented shame has done a huge disservice to this population. Are the members of your family into opiates? Those ones are pretty tough, so I've heard. I've smoked a bit of heroine once, and honestly, it tasted like s***, and didn't do s*** for me either. Crack is a piss off too. It lasts like 10 seconds. The first blast I did was kinda cool, but now it seems pointless to me, and I never go out of my way for hard. Powder to me is kinda fun, especially when you haven't done it in a while and your at a party, but it is too expensive and doesn't last that long, so it's not necessity. 

Honestly, it is all about the weed and booze, those two twist my music, games, movies, etc in a fun way. I don't mind going out of my way to drop 10 bucks on a gram of cush, and 12 bucks on a six pack of 5.5% bavarian pure danish beer all to my self on weekdays.

If I can't get a sip of booze, then I just drink water. If I can't smoke weed then I just give my lungs a break. Honestly, quitting cold turkey for several days, or a couple weeks, then getting your drink on, especially with friends - that's the way to do it. I'll binge drink/smoke weed every day for weeks on end, and get bored of it! It is like taking a break is my new "high."

OK, back to your family. Yeah... theres nothing you can do bro, except maybe suggest to them to try to go cold turkey? Don't make fun of them, thats for sure. Tell them to stop going to those rehab bullshitterz, those tools only make it worse.

Opiates are nasty though, I've seen alot of people get PFHUCKED..... everyone is in their own world, so, it is up to them to change it.

Also cigarettes don't get you high... so, what exactly is the point to them? :D 

I have very similar issues with family members only they have given up the thought of recuperating from addiction. Some have even died, do to addiction related health issues. I believe when our eyes open we can see the bigger picture regarding the program of addiction and the different spiritual aspects of it pertaining to  bloodlines and curses. The power of our own will and making the decision to say "enough, I wont be governed by that or anything in the matrix" is underrated. Like others have mentioned in this post, it is a highly difficult thing to watch addiction continue to happen to those we love or anyone. However, they are right the biggest thing you can do is lead by example. You are breaking more bondage than you realize by not being apart of the belief systems around you within the matrix. When others watching you see that you've truly broken free. It loosens invisible chains within the blood lines and raises questions about how you did it. That, in itself, shows there is another way. We never really know who's watching us develop and who we are influencing all the time. I've had the least likely person be influenced by my daily changes and lifestyle. I've learned to look at the bigger picture. Meaning, other than my own needs to see the people I've chosen to love be well and trying to give them that. At times in the past I had sacrificed myself  and energy for family members. It ended in frustration, because I couldn't fix it, I could not do the inner work for them. I could not want, or will it for them either. At times they were resistant,  and even vindictive. I've learned to simply live to the fullest and be truest to myself and who ever whats to come along... Well, that is when I halt, and lend a hand. Dealing with addictions is no different that dealing with religions. A box, is a box, is a box, and they all kill steal and destroy. You just happen to be on the front lines, in the know.

wbv'sss brother Kyle  :)



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