There has been major progress on mapping out the hyper existance of Our species. Lately I have been thrusted into another world that comes into view everytime I go to sleep. For the last 2 weeks it has been the same world meaning to me it is more of the actual reality. I have extracted many thing from there, mainly in feeling. In addition I have been taking a lot of needed time to meditate and use my abilities to see what I can see beyond what is in front of me or even at the normal depth in which I travel.

Know that most of the experience itself will take place in the dream world, so in an effort to get as many as possible at least seeing their dreams clearly so they can "feel" what is being conveyed to them, I would like to bring a few things to the attention of the members here.

First detox is the key. Get gallons of bottled water and drink it, think how far one is generally away from the 8 glasses a day. Since We have done so many experiments, trails, etc. on gaining more clarity in dreamtime I will document once again what we found to be most effective.


Keep in mind lucid sleeping is generally the goal for many, but right now I think all those still atempting to achieve that on a regular basis should just work on seeing the dreams clearly and remembering what they saw moreso than tyrying to control it. This is because lucid sleep happens so intermidant, this has a lot to  due to with the position of the stars and your head in addition to what you are laying on top of. To clarify that underground are you on a layline, gas line, backwards water line, etc. Feng Shui has a whole section about how to determine this. 

Generally most that enter the lucid world and realize they are lucid want to do little more than fly around and enjoy the scene at a million G's. ;-) Lucid is not just for flying around, you can call other Beings and they appear instantly, (Omnipresence you to can do this) you can visualize Gates/Portals that are based on Realm Dynamics, etc. but again most forget to even do any of this. Trying to remember too much while lucid means the end of the lucid state altogether, no?

Here is the scoop. Before sleeping you will need to do the basic things we talked about before. Turn off as many lights as possible, especially LED cell phone chargers with that little red light. Plasma/LCD TV's with that little blue light, and other devices with those little green or yellow lights. The reason for this again is while in REM state the eyes lock on momentarily to any light it picks up. This interupts the dream and forces the mind to pick up were it left off, this in turn equals a blank space in the dream not allowing at times the Dreamer to focus on what the total dream was about because they missed too many scenes. 

To redundify the darkness that is necessary to achieve the greatest clarity put a black t-shirt over your eyes if you don't have a sleeping mask. I have also discovered a little drink that makes it a little easier on the body to digest whatever you have eaten before bed. This drink consists of Lemon, Honey, Celery, Ginger, and Apples. Throw all this in the blender with lots of water and then strain it. Add the ingriendiants to the proportions of what you like the taste to be, the ginger is the main key. Hey that rhymes;-)

As a caution We have discovered cigarettes, which almost all contain the dreaded Queens coat of arms on the package, lock one out of the "coherent" dream world almost entirely, especially when it comes to seeing anything embedded with deep meaning. Marijuana also hinders clear site however it can be powered through with proper daily detox. With cigarettes this is not the case, it contains something that keeps a person locked out for at least 30 days. Of course we are not saying all people that smoke cigarettes do not dream, but we have found most of those that do simply cannot become aware enough to get a direct connection long enough in the dream.

There is something that was conveyed to me when I was in a deeper state that has been a great check to my Actuality and has allowed me to see that much further. Everyone should keep in mind the more knoweldge you have about what is really going on the more you will be empowered to do something about it. In life when we are not allowed to achieve are true potential we become nothing more than prisoners (Pre Sion). As I have said the greatest deception is to convince those in which are imprisoned that they are free when in fact that is simply not the case. A cruel joke.

The potential of the human being is phenomenal, I know of this first hand. So I do not shy away whatsoever in admitting that as a Species we have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and taken advantage of through our emotions with various shenanigins designed by the so-called Elite but in actuality are sorcerers. 

Let us also keep in a "sorcerer" by that term pulls his/her power from the source, also called Sor. This is a serpent. SOR/SIR/SAR/SER/SUR mean snake. A magician uses MAG. One look at the new movie Sorceror's Apprentice will give you a grander idea of who is all involved and to what level. 


Welcome to Syncromysticism. Notice the kid in that particular movie is named Dave, which is short for David. In Kickass the kid is also named Dave, in Jumper the kid is named David. Again I just need the time to put all this in a media format but I'm definitely on to what is going on. We recieve very little help in solving this whole matter in respect to how many poeple will benefit off this when we do. 


Okay on with it. I will snip these videos later so everyone can see it clearly. In all of these movies the Dave's are depicted as weakling nerdy jewish kids who continously are picked on by the element of a very coarse dipiction of society. Basically the bully versus the nerd. The kid is then encouraged to use a special power to elate himself over his peers. In Jumper it's the Egyptian Pyramid System (EPS), in Kickass its basically Red Mist, Red and Black Venusian 25/8 Initiation(VI), and in the Sorcerors Apprentice its all out Sorcery (S). 


This is the occultation. Through various methods beyond visuals these messages are being broadcasted to the children, especially jewish, raising them to the idea of the "practice". This will have far reaching effects on the dimension as it continues and Kabbalah, mainly the lesser grimoires are raised to the forefront. What ever happen to Dan Brown's Key to Solomon by the way, just laying and waiting they are.

So here's what happened. The MKUltra mind control stuff already happened. The Alice and Wonderland looking glass is in effect. Welcome to the otherside Alice you are in it. The words are backwords, "back words" you are on the opposite side of the brain, i.e. the otherside of the looking glass, the real world is right through your mirror, where left is right and right is left, correcting your polarity. More on this later as we crack open the Matrix.

As children the mind control was already embedded. There is enough in the Smurf's alone. Smurf means Devil. There is Azrael the dark host as the Cat/Catalyst and Gargemel as the Sorcerorer.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gargamel Gargamel creates the only female Smurf through genetic manipulation/magic and thus insues the inner skirmishes with the Smurf's over who will have Smurfette while still evading constantly the vile plots of Gargamel.

The A-Team gets even deeper. That A is Atlantean, always has been, those are their Pyramids, doubt it not, see Dune. The Stargate story is every planet they go to the people are enslaved by the ORI/ORION/ORISHAS and imagine them to be the highest power when that is simply not the case. Atlantis never sunk because the whole city was submersible anyway. You have Mr. T. That T is Tau it is the Cross. 



Must I really go into what BARACUS "BARACK" really means or is the rest of the esoteric world at least gathered enough data on that? My main concern right now is most of the esoteric world is highlighting none of this, very cold on the trail they are and too puffed up with pride to admit We even exist. There are so many people pretending to know and pretending to be in contact it is getting sickening as they cloud the airways with UFO mechanical space junk. Innerstand Light Body and Thought Body, now you have The Resistance.

As you see with Mr. T this is the Trinity Three Tree. The Cross is a gate and one is encouraged and instructed to "Cross"over by using it. Keep in mind in Christianity they are only pointing out or favoring 1 side so there is only 1 gate they have total control of. This is also why the Christian cross is unbalanced. 

Since those that go by this system are using Pythagorean Dynamics let us consult with their ideals for a moment to see what they even say about the cross.  We Quote from a member of their Order those that swear by the Tetrad "The cross created by the intersection of the Spirit's vertical line and matter's horizontal line, represents spiritual man crucified into the flesh, consciousness being manifested". Okay whoa. This is the symbol of when one is entered into a Matrix. The idea and embodiment of that, now I'm crystal.  


Of course I'm jumping around ;-) so forward with it. The A-Team comes under the radar while hot on the trail of Ultra MK. You have Murdok, properly spelled Merodach. Marduk is Jupiter in Sumerian Lure. Jupiter is of course father JU. Pater means Father, i.e. Pa. Check it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marduk Marduk threw the net over Tiamat keeping its inhabitants trapped inside. Gone be hell to pay for that.


How this works is basically they give the child a very likable character that embeds itself into their mind. The character of the individual is a little more illusive and generally very animated but the MANE-NAME or word of power remains intact. That is of the greatest importance to these sorry Sorcerers.

We can go so far into this and in fact I will as I add more illustrations to this post regularly. As  I become more and more aware of the situation through the higher states of meditation and clear dreaming I will be sure to report here until they deem me more of a quantum problem to keep around than to get rid of. Keep in mind to get rid of me would only mean people would focus on the work even more. Yes! So its sort of a Catch 22 for them also. 

Indeed born on the 22 of October they are so aggressive at catching my mind and stilling/stealing it. Real Inception type stuff going on I do not jest. But I will not remain silent, I meant every word, Free Me or I will break your Matrix, I'm not trapped in here with them, they are trapped in here with me. I suggest all gain the same attitude. People do nothing unless they feel like they have to, We are telling you now you have to. The ramifications of what has been discovered so far means this is all no laughing matter, I do it just to stay insane (Inside of Sanity). 22 is still the Fool in the Tarot and of course Mr. T pities the Fool but this time the jokes on them. Talk to you soon. 7

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sevan, your last statement on "gargamel aka with azarel", am i to innerstand those in the know on the other side is trying to penetrate your dream world, i will come right out with it, are you in danger?
Ones greatest danger is themselves. The opponent is mining the mind so thus if your mind is sealed they cannot enter. This is when it comes to things of a hyper dimensional nature, on this plane it constantly manifest with external forces telling you to shut up. To keep secrets, etc. Not going to happen. The ultimate state in part is being fully tuned in and despite what anyone says or does you never waver in what you know to be happening. The Happening.
Sevan, Son and Ayzik < wholeness Indeed > with the cherry on top > "Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness."
here is smurfette playing it off, lol

LOL.....just really bad taste. Jordan looks old and stressed out..
Locked in here with me, well said! Thank you all for the information :)
Two born on Eleven Twenty two nine teen eighty six Tumaini Kehinde Obafemi Taiwo Kaside Obafemi alot seems to have occured on this day I have never had gave time to consider this hmm...

have you tried dreammoods.com ? Try typing in the background of the dream, such as sky, cave etc in that website. May open up something.

GOOD STUFF SEVAN!!!  I can't wait to read more information on the site. 



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