Good morning resistance wholeness and balance vibrations to all. I seem to be having a problem recently: When i manage to gain consciousness in my dream state and try to take control or just as im realizing that im goin lucid i wake up. Can any one lend any counsel on this issue, it would be much appreciated. Thankyou.

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wbv to you also well ive had the similar thing happen to me before when i first started to become lucid in my dreams and what ive found out was with me it had to do with a lack of energy. I had one OBE (out of body experience) where as soon as i exited my body and opened the door to go outside i almost immediately got pulled back to my body but i was never fully awake yet because if you practice enough you can catch yourself and slip back into the mode and try again to exit the body. i kept exiting on and off until i just said forget it and just fully woke up..well earlier that day i had barely eaten anything and i definitly was low on fluids so i didnt have the energy to maintain my other i feel it has something to do with your eating habits and how healthy your body is in the physical... make sure you keep your energy levels up and try to remain as healthy as possible.. the astral realm from my experience requires alot of energy to remain there for some time...the other week i had one where i was literally walking around for about what it felt to be about 8 hrs but when i woke up only about 3 hours had passed. Energy level was high that day and it reflected itself in my dreams/astral plane..hoped this helped..WBV
Thx fam.. definetly gonna implement this and wurk on cultivating more energy.. Wholeness

Yeah it definitely helps to be well rested.  This kind of activity isn't well supported by a night of heavy drinking - something I personally had to conquer in order to not have not gotten rusty and lose the ability.  Too hard to keep concentration on the details you have planned for yourself - you'll enter the void and stay there till you wake if you don't have proper momentum.


That might be the way to get by it - it might not.  The mechanics of fear definitely have clout with whether or not you get through that phase.  I likened it to killing yourself when I started - it really was that scary.


Fear not!




 I've also experienced the same thing upon becoming lucid my dream state. I've been having trouble remembering my dreams and/ or being lucid lately so i've been researching and reading up on techniques. This might sound a little silly, but i've found through research that distracting yourself within the dream state can help you remain in the dream. For example, If you are in a lucid dream, the moment you began to feel as if your being pulled from that realm start spinning in circles or counting your fingers. By doing so you re-shift your focus from the fact that you are awake within an dream and your mind remains conscious,but the body asleep. I haven't had the chance to try this technique for myself, but i hope it helps you remain in your lucid dreams.



@chardonnay youre absolutley right i read somewhere also where it said to spin around and you'll regain focus and i did It! I felt like i was being pulled back to my body..So i remembered to Spin around and it worked! everything became clear again! I did it like 3 times! I never tried the counting Fingers thing but the spinning around definitly works...WBV to All
The best way to deal with this situation is by before resting, try to eat foods that are high in omega 3 like fish , tuna or some other seafood that you like with some light carbs and drink drink plenty of water water water. Before going to bed make sure your environment is set for relaxation. Play some calming music, no hip hop or rnb stuff. Some real melodic music you can find online. That way your body is getting itself ready for relaxation and thus will help you to relax and go into the dream world faster. Keep a notebook by your bed so if you see key items in your dreams upon awakening you can jot them down. I've done that and had researched words hat i haven't heard of before in which do exist in this dimension. I've found for me, if i consume fish, my body responds lovely to lucid dreaming. Maybe its due to my blood type and how the body metabolizes the fish oils.

Turn your tv, pc and all electronics OFF too. If your cell phone rings, that can jolt you out of your dream as well. and the main thins is TO RELAX AND LET GO. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRAVEL. TAKE THAT PLUNGE AND GO. YOU WILL LOVE IT.
Thnx guys this has been so helpful.. Wholeness



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