I had an experience when I was 19 where I was going through a great deal a stress depression and overall disallusioment with my life.  I believe that I chose to come into the life at this time and I had made a choice to leave my body and move onto another plane with the hope of moving to a different planet or dimension not driven by materialism, fear, and the lower self.  I felt this was a better choice than suicide.

I went into a deep meditation and I was able to separate my astral body from my physical body. It was interesting I felt that my arms hands feet began to lift out of my physical body and it was if they were light as air however I had command over my limbs.

I was laying flat on my back on the floor and I was rising out of my body when I saw what appeared to be an old asian man.  He did not look menacing and I was not fearful when I saw him.

However, I could feel that he was very powerful, very old, and very wise.  He simply looked at me and said, "It's not your time.'  after he said those words he literally threw me back into my physical body.


Shortly thereafter I came out of meditation feeling puzzled but knowing full well what had taken place and somehow having an intuition that this a guardian of some sort.

I have always wondered was this guardian assigned to me.

Am I apart of a soul group that was sent here to accomlish some task. (deep in my heart I have always felt this.)


How can I find out who he is and what he wants or perhaps it was the Grace of the most that there was positive entity that would not allow me to leave for some reason.


Lastly could it have been a negative force charading as something positive because like I said I was angry and I wanted to leave this life and this world.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I have wonder about this for a very long time.

Thank you

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Hey Ahmad--

First, everything in my response is just my opinion, and I have found over the years that when it comes to such matters it is really really important to make sure that any information or opinions someone else shares be taken with a grain of salt until you see if it's really true for you.  Your own inner Authority must be the ultimate determiner of what is true and right for you.  So my response is based on my own experiences and I do not speak to you as if I know "The" answers.

So, having said that, this sounds like a Guardian of some sort.  If you want to know more, ASK!  If you meditate, in your meditation, pose the question, even silently and internally.  Before you sleep, pose the question ("I want to know more about this old asian man.")  Information might make itself available to you during meditation or during a dream.  

Often people do not know or do not believe that we can just ask for the answers.  But in fact everybody has ancestors, spirit guides, and unseen support that is waiting to be asked for help!  As far as I have learned, we are less likely to get the help if we don't ask for it.  Guides who have your best interest in mind have a respect for your journey and will not interfere unnecessarily like overbearing parents.  I find that this is important because it means your free will choice remains un-violated.  Also, for me, as my Guides began to show me things that strayed more and more profoundly from consensus reality, there were times when I said "Enough."  I experienced some fear and I needed a pause to integrate what I had learned.  My Guides respect me and will listen to that.

As we move into these "unseen" realms and our experiences get more complicated, we can discover entities that will seek to violate these boundaries without permission.  In my experience the entities from beyond 3-D that I've worked with are respectful and we are partnering in the journey (as opposed to any suggestion that they are in charge or that I have to obey them....there is no coercion or force).  

It sounds like this man was respectful of you and was helping you to see that you are meant to stay here on earth and work through this anger etc. which leads me to believe he was a "positive" entity, and by positive I mean serving the All, serving Wholeness.

Also, when communicating with other realms, the more simple and clear your questions the easier it is for them to respond.  

Again, this is just my experience, and I would always say to stay alert and pay attention and see what is true for you.  Clues and answers can appear any time, any place, even through the words of strangers who have no idea that they are delivering answers or signs to you!

Thank you for your answer, yes I feel that your explanation goes hand in hand with what I feel in my heart.  In addition, I must admit that I have a great deal of cleaning up to do.  I have always felt that

1.) I am supposed to accomplish something some would consider it great but I consider it a necessary a timely action as it relates to this time and planet.

2.) I have always felt that I came from somewhere else once upon a time and I have been on the planet for a reason preparing for something.

3.) I am a warrior, what I mean to say is there is a powerful warrior aspect within my very essence that activates in the face of injustices this is why I have always have had a profound and deep seeded Hatred against bullies.

The All/Prime Creator did not put us here for any single being or group of beings to enslave and exploit another.

I intend to take your advice, I have returned to my path I have stopped drinking and smoking and I have been meditating and each day I make my affirmations to THE ALL and I surround my thoughts and my heart with love wisdom courage and unity.  It is my intention to ascend and see the truth for what it truly is and in doing so it is I intend to help free others if I can.  This resonates deep from within me.

Thank you for input it is much appreciated!

Love Courage Wisdom and Unity to YOU!

Hey, good news, i just found a clip of a radio show where Sevan discusses this....
go to this video and listen starting around 1:19.  A caller asks a question similar to yours and Sevan gives a great detailed answer.



I wanted to send you this before I get to caught in my hectic 3-D day at work :-)

Thanks for the link I definitely checked it out and it resonated with for sure.  I wrote my dream down when I woke up this morning so I will always have a frame of reference.

In a nut shell I feel that I did meet my guardians.  It wasn't the old asian man this time but there were a group of them about 5 to 7.  In addition, I also feel that I had my soulmate confirmed which is also eye opening since I was married about 12 years ago and I have been single and have a new fiance.  Please feel free to read through what I wrote about the dream if you would like.  I will say this, the answer that I receive was simple and straightforward and I felt a wave improvement and innerstanding within myself after the dream.  Thanks so much for ya input! Love Wisdom Courage and Unity to YOU!


When I went to bed I made my affirmations to THE ALL/Prime Creator.

This was a dream and I am not necessarily an expert in explaining what happened but here goes.  I dreamt that I was in two places.  At one time I was in St. Louis around my old neighborhood when I was a kid.  I had an unusual car.  I was able to sleep in it and drive it around, it was like part sports car and part bed with a sliding transparent glass over the top that I could look out of as I was laying down.  I am still in St. Louis and there were some girls that were talking to me or yelling some jokes/joshing at me about something not sure what.  I distinctly remember talking on the phone to my Fiance Renae and we were talking not sure about what though.  The girls who yelled at me were walking down the street to go somewhere and I saw one of them start to turn around and come back to my car.  For some reason I did not like this as I was feeling great they are gonna come ask me for a ride but it was more to it than that I felt as if they were going to try to take advantage of the fact that I would help and try to bully me into doing something else.

I was still on the phone with Renae told her hold on for a minute, I then was driving down one of the streets in my old neighborhood in St. Louis just driving along I remember that all of this was happening at night time.  Suddenly, it was like the scene shifted and I felt as though I was in California or maybe still in St. Louis by the ocean/Mississippi river I think and it was a very beautiful day.  I got back on the Phone with Renae and I told her sorry for having her on Hold for so long.  When I got back on the phone it seemed like she had fallen asleep cause I could hear her breathing into the phone as if she was sleeping, She said yeah I know you were doing something and forgot about me jokingly.  Suddenly, I was standing beside the waterfront to the ocean /river the water was clear and there was a boat almost like a kind of Yacht.  Suddenly as I was walking toward the boat Renae was suddenly there and she was getting on the boat just as I was.  Renae got on first.  There were about 5 -7 people on the boat as she got on there was an older black man look to be 45 -55 and he jokingly said to Renae in that old southern black man way something about her hair style and the style /making her a sexy native/indian (Renae is Navajo by the way).  Renae kind of giggled and smile. As I got on the Boat the Black man look at me he had his hair cut short no facial hair and he looked directly into my eyes and said there is still much pain and anger in you, I could feel waves of compassion and concern from him then he said you need help/counseling and we are here to help you.  As I said before there were about 5 – 7 other people on the boat with the black man, I could not exactly make them out but I knew they were to have something to do with my help/counseling.  I turned to Renae and asked what do you think I should do and she looked at me and said what do you think you should do?

Suddenly I found myself in a home I was not sure if I was in St. Louis or California but I awoke in a downstairs room in a condo of some sort.  I walked out of the room into the main living room and I was walking in circles as if in contemplation but there was a sense of happiness relief and excitement then I awoke from my dream with tears of gratefulness streaming down my cheeks and innerstanding.

After the dream I realized that

1.)    Renae is in fact my soul mate why would she be there when I met the black man and got on the boat and why would she be present when they told me that I needed counseling.

2.)    The black man was a spokesperson for the rest of the group and all of them are my guardians as I said there were 5 -7 people on the boat.

3.)    The message that I received was a simple one, one telling me that I must release deep seeded pain and anger and that I would receive help to do so.

4.)    I felt an slight pressure in the middle of my head where the pineal gland is.  I cannot say it was necessarily painful and I did not have a headache it was simply as if that area was sensitive and tender, not pain per say just tenderness as if a muscle is tender after a good exercise.

This is so powerful!  It got me emotional and it wasn't even my dream!  So glad you got such a satisfying response to your request for more insight!

I want to thank you once again, it is providence that I have found this site as I feel it is truly my time to awaken, after further thought I realized that the guardians are basically saying its time to ascend and stop be ruled and making decisions by your lower vibration.  As I said before I got some changes and cleaning up to do and I am thankful for being given this insight.

Thank you once again, it is amazing how simple insight can have such profound effect!

Love Wisdom Courage and Unity To YOU!

This was a wonderful progress to share thanks you.

I am glad you found it benficial

You are welcome



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