Controllers - Psychopaths or Children?

I was considering this, this morning, and it led to a surprise sudden burst of consciousness, a visit from the soul, where my awareness was considerably bigger than the other times this has happened, bigger than anything physical could be. 

Sevan spoke of responsibility, and it occurs to me that much of those with power are acting as children would. Letting tantrums dictate the course of their actions, hoarding all the toys and sweet things for themselves, snapping at anyone who gets too close. I freely admit I have done this too when learning of our situation here on Earth at times.

The more I thought of this, the more it made sense, its even reflected out in many family breakdowns across the world, the children running the parents some of the time. Micro of the Macro.

As I was thinking of this, I was wondering where the adults went exactly. I know Sevan touched on this, with betrayal by others etc, but still, if you were a strong adult in a playground, you could maybe help influence 20-30 children; now put several thousand in there, maybe ten thousand, it would be a very different ball game. It also helps explain (but doesn't really help excuse) why people retreated almost underground, from this sudden empowering of their children.

So in conclusion the world does need adults, -badly- my current estimation is it won't give any more power to the children running about, nothing substantial anyway.

In parting I wanted to add some advice, don't overload the soul with all your problems and issues at once!  

As I thought of this and had a visit by the soul (or a much deeper consciousness), a very distinct visit, who after a time of honing in towards me (the body in stages of integration), stuck around for a morning meditation. When we were done, and I had asked it not to leave us again as we need it, I tried to pass some of the challenges we face to the soul, and opening up some of the more distasteful things that need fixing, it was too much and the connection blew. I physically heard it in a stream of words and felt it go dormant.

Then I had a dream about it afterwards, which involved a hospital and me signing against a name that wasn't mine for medication. I didn't sign, as I realised the name wasn't 'mine' on the medical sheet, but the medication was given anyway, as I began to get sleepy, and have one of those dreams were the body is not quite responding (becoming blurred/enlarged/smaller in parts). The name was Chris/Charles (s) something, I passed out, and woke up in the childrens ward. I said what happened, they told me i passed out, and it had been the talk of the place for a while! I asked the children if they had told them I was here, and they giggled and said no, I played around a bit and pointed at each girl as they ran after me giggling, saying they hadn't said anything! While I was wheeled off in a wheelchair, and work up, the last thing I remember was the grinning faces of blond little girls :D.

As it was connected, and may impart a few things to people with expanded awareness, I wanted to put that experience in to to be sure.

Praise sent to anyone who took the time to reply/read!

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So Mark how often do you break you soul? (LOL) In real life we know accountability is a part of being responsible for others  and in doing so one needs to exhibit maturity and wisdom but it doesn’t mean we  have to be rigged such things hold be balance while teaching others and being responsible for picking up the slack of slackers. I see a metaphor here. A person who may  or may not over load there sole with worry only because he tries to accomplish too much at once. And the urgency and empathy of his insight of what needs to be done by way of repairing and how long it may take can lead to exhausting rare opportunities for any change at all. We all have a blind spot and your own spirit may have shown you what yours is. Maybe by trying not to have a weakness you can make errors that can be costly for what you were trying to accomplish. Believe me I know the feeling sometimes I feel like the clock is clicking loud in my ears and I start to search for things that I can do to improve everything around me all at once. I read your post along with some others at the resistance that I find interesting. You have helped me with some of the information that you share regularly on your current interest. I have the impression that you are extremely wise and passionate about change wherever you can make that happen, whether it be internal or external. At least that’s the vibration I get so it’s what I feel. I sure hope this helped a bit. And I want to thank you for the help you gave me even without you knowing or trying to.

Hope you feel tranquil vibrations Mark

Controllers- Psychopaths AND Children

I just thought of something, I never answered your original question directly. I think they are, children are like stars neither evil nor good they are neutral and take on the energy that people give them to work with. The fact that you asked the question possibly brings attention a need for understanding child-like figures or energies that appear to play dual roles at times between friend and foe or apeir to become psychopathic. They say when Doctors’or Scientist are working on solving an issue for long lengths of time sometimes the obvious can elude them because they lose the ability to see with fresh eyes. I’m thinking Objectivity? Children probably have the easiest time being objective. They can be pure of heart in either direction due to what they are exposed to and even then are quite resultant. Maybe  that’s why they worked in the hospital. They are perfect healers as long as you channel positive energy while asking to be healed. Sometimes things just make sense latter when we relax too.

We are told that only we ( our souls)can go back to the oneness and that the entities fallen angels or whatever cannot. 

Keeping us here by answering our calls into the darkness they pretend to be the one we seek while all of the while the one we seek is within.

Now we know what we are............

Interesting. The controllers = psychopaths and children. Ruthless child = Rothschild

I wrote this when I was in a different place :) but I am glad the density of it still provides illumination.

Mike the Fallen Angels not being able to ascend - I am uncertain on, everything can go up or down. In my first dream after I woke up I was a fallen angel, flying over a very dark planet embroiled in conflict/struggle that I couldn't prevent outside of it, so I went down to stop. Though that could have been programming from all the illusion we have to filter, it could have been the last soul memory before being put to sleep, before Earth was put into this time loop. You have an angelic body when its lit up, at least that's when wings (energetic shapes that look like wings) form on the back. It's just how the body looks when its powered up i'm told. I have felt it at the points tingling on the shoulder blades at my peaks but i've not 'seen' this, makes sense though with all i've experienced and come to understand so far.

Cee: I enjoyed the wroth - child reference :D made me grin.

very helpful,thanks for sharing.I have been overloading for sure.The more i learn the more i want all of the deep rooted mess out of me.OH WOW,the things we learn when we begin to dig.I wonder will a brute force method of ridding these things,help or cause further damage.THANKS.

Yes I agree! The children are running the planet,along with help from other entities, and at the same time giving the parents hell.

Let us not forget that the original man & woman or parents of the planet, were made to forget who they were, after being conquered by those with a less expansive understanding of our incarnation. This in return allowed a group of people who are too immature responsibly to handle the information which was taught to them, to reconstruct "HIS STORY" according to their own private agenda. As is evident by the overall amnesia of the human family, at least in the western world, it is obvious that the information which was once freely available for humanity to make sense of all of this, was stolen,hidden and used by specific bloodlines to create the overall world monopoly of consciousness as well as resources that the planet currently suffers from. That is why I am eternally grateful to my brother Sevan, and the resistance family for creating a platform to help us reeducate ourselves back in to the knowledge which was once hidden from us. Wholeness!



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