Something just dawned on me all the sudden . That circumsision is something spiritual . I made the mistake of getting my cat fixed . She is not the same . And they cut half her ear off in the name of identification purposes for animal control . I knew  nothing of this until my mom brought her  back . I  plan on a lawsuit against this vet for negligence but it was done in my moms name and shes in agreement with them . They are going to recieve quite a scolding from me to say the least , they think this is just o.k.  .  Whatever this is its got to do with the animals also . Like they cant take care of themselves . I just have a feeling that its something more then population control . Its 2 late for us , its already been done (  I was circumsized )  But all should consider this . If someone else knows more on this let me know .

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They cut half her ear off?  How cruel is that? 

I've been circumsized myself, and I'v been wondering about it too man.

Circumcision is pharonic apparently.  If you haven't seen the Pharoah show on the top left of the Resistance site check it out bro.


im sure its to do with yahweh/enlils convenant sign for his ppl

No look, so many of these pets are killed and if you knew you would just cry your eyes out, try volunteering at a shelter if u dare! You will fall to your knees and ask why?! And what can we do to stop this massacre, you would do anything to stop it if your a real animal lover. And that something is SPAY AND NEUTOR
Oh yeah your mom took her to a free one lol that's why the clip the ear because there's a program that says if you can catch a stray bring them to us and we will spay them for free, so they clip the ear so they do not go to spay the same cat again! That's terrible to put them down again with he harmful gas only to find out their already neutered. So yeah that's what happened she told them it was a stray so she could get it done for free most likely because that's what my old roommate did to all his now earless cats

Hi brother! apologies for your cat friend, a shame. I too have been circumcised and it is indeed a psychopathic act. subjecting a new born infant to extreme Trauma ? removing from them their foreskin which is CLEARLY there for 'a' reason (in fact it is known that once removed the male has serious sensitivity issues, of course your penis should be sensitive like a tongue in colour, where as we are left with an exposed raw penis unprotected by our natural faculties! Also inhibits the male to make a stronger connection with the female during sexual interaction and over all emotional debilitation, a sort of disconnection from emotion, creating a lack of Empathy! also the Rabi actually sucks out the blood of the infant! OK now does this sound humane to anyone? of course not, so the innerstanding I come to straight away is this is not a procedure that Humanity is propagating! enough implied there but all of these deficiencies are and certainly have been of use clearly to the malevolent factions manipulating humanity. This is some of what I have learned I hope you find some of it beneficial brother. a lady Jeanice Barcelo talks of these topics very well check out her information it is a testament to truth. Wholeness and Balance Bliss You ♥

" 'Even certain good customs such as "sooniat," or circumcision, now
existing among you in Islam, passed to you from the Judaic religion This
custom was included at first in the Christian religion also, and at the beginning
it was obligatory, and was strictly observed by all its followers Only later, no
one knows why, it suddenly disappeared entirely from this religion.
" 'If you wish, my young friend, I will tell you in detail about the arising
of this custom of "sooniat," and you will understand from this why a practice
so good for the health and normal life of people was included in the Judaic doctrine, and how, since
that doctrine was made the basis of the Christian religion, this custom was
bound to have been introduced into the process of the ordinary life of its
followers also.
'This custom which you call "sooniat" was first created and introduced
into the Judaic doctrine by the Great Moses.
" 'And as for the reason why the Great Moses introduced it into the
religion of the Jewish people, I discovered it in a very ancient Chaldean
" 'It was said in this manuscript that at the time when the Great Moses was
leading the Jewish people from the land of Egypt to the land of Canaan,
during the journey he noticed that a disease then called "moordoorten," which
contemporary people call "onanism," was becoming widespread among the
children and youths of the people entrusted to him from Above.
" 'It was further said in the manuscript that having ascertained this fact the
Great Moses became greatly perturbed, and from then on made close
observations in order to discover the causes of this evil and the means of
uprooting it.
'Later his research led this incomparable sage to write a book entitled
Tookha Tess Nalool Pan, which in contemporary language means "The
Quintessence of My Reflections "
" 'I once happened to become acquainted with the contents of this
remarkable book.
" 'At the beginning of his explanation of the disease, "moordoorten," it was
made clear, among other things, that the human organism has been brought to
such perfection by Great Nature that each and every organ has been provided
with a means of defense against every external contingency, and hence that if
any organ should function incorrectly in people, it must always be people
themselves who are to blame, on account of their own established conditions
of everyday life. 'And as for the causes of the appearance of "moor-doorten" among
children, it was said in Chapter VI, Verse XI, of this incomparable book that
this disease occurs in children for the following reasons:
'Among the definite substances elaborated by the human organism and
constantly eliminated as waste, there is one called "kulnabo."
'This substance is generally elaborated in the organism of beings for the
purpose of neutralizing other substances necessary for the functioning of their
sex organs, it is formed and participates in the functioning of these organs
soon after the arising of the beings of both sexes, that is, from their infancy.
'Great Nature has so arranged it that after its utilization, the residue of
this substance is discharged from the organism, in boys at the place between
the "toolkhtotino" and the "sarnuonino," and in girls at the place between the
"kartotakhnian hills."
" 'In this incomparable book, what are called "toolkhtotino" and "sarnuonino"
correspond to what contemporary medicine calls "glans penis" and "prepuce
penis," and are found at the end of what is called the "genital member" in
boys The "kartotakhnian hills," in girls, covering what is called the "clitoris,"
are called "labia majora" and "labia minora" or, in ordinary language, the
"large and small lips " " 'Contemporary medicine has no name at all for the
substance "kulnabo," which is entirely unknown to it as an independent
'Contemporary medicine has a name only for the general mass of
substances in which the substance "kulnabo" is included.
'And this total mass, which it calls "smegma," is composed of entirely
heterogeneous substances, secreted by various glands having nothing in
common with each other, such as the "sebaceous glands," the "Bartholinian glands," the "Cowperian,"
the "nolniolnian," and others.
'The elimination and volatilization of these waste substances are meant
to take place in those parts of the organism, in accordance with the
providence of Great Nature, through all kinds of chance contacts and various
movements occurring in the atmosphere.
" 'But the clothing that people have invented for themselves, unforeseen
by Nature, prevents these factors from freely effecting the processes of
elimination and volatilization, with the result that the "kulnabo," remaining
for a long time in these places, promotes the arising of "perspiration," which
is the very best medium for the multiplication of bacteria existing in the
atmosphere as well as in the "subjective sphere" of every object that comes
into direct contact with the children And this multiplication provokes in those
parts of the organism of children what is called "itching."
" 'On account of this itching children begin, unconsciously at first, to rub or
scratch these places.
'Since it is in these parts of the organism that there are concentrated all
the nerve endings created by Nature for the special sensation required for the
accomplishment of the sacred process of "elmooarno," which normally arises
in adult people at the end of what is called "copulation," they experience from
this rubbing or scratching a certain peculiar, pleasant sensation, especially at
certain periods when, according to the providence of Great Nature, there takes
place in the organs of children a process of preparation for future sexual
functioning And from then on, sensing instinctively from which of their
actions this pleasant sensation is evoked in them, they begin to rub these
places intentionally, even when there is no itching And thus the ranks of the
little "moordoortenists" on the Earth are always increasing by leaps and

'As regards the measures taken by the Great Moses for eradicating this
evil, these I learned not from the incomparable book Tookha Tess Nalool Pan,
but from the contents of a very ancient papyrus.
" 'The contents of this papyrus made it clear that the Great Moses put into
practice the ideas set down on this question in the book Tookha Tess Nalool
Pan by creating for his people those two religious rites, one of which was
called "sikt ner tchorn" and the other "tziel pootz kann. "
" 'The sacred "sikt ner tchorn" was specially created for boys and the
sacred "tziel pootz kann" for girls, their practice was obligatory.
" 'The rite of "sikt ner tchorn" for instance, was identical with your
"sooniat " It consisted in cutting what is called the "vojiano" or the "frenum
penis" of boys, whereby the connection is severed between the head of the
genital member and the skin covering it, thus permitting the free movement of
this skin or, as it is called, the "prepuce penis."
" 'As proven by the information which has come down to us from ancient
times, and also according to our own common sense, it is plain that the Great
Moses who, as we learned from another source, was a very great authority on
medicine, wished by this means to make sure that, through all kinds of
accidental contacts, the totality of substances accumulating in the places I
spoke of would of itself be mechanically eliminated, and thus cease to
become a factor for the arising of that maleficent itching.
" 'As regards the vast learning of the Great Moses in the province of
medicine, many diverse historical sources agree that he acquired his medical
knowledge during his stay in Egypt as a pupil of the high priests, to whom
this knowledge had come down from their ancestors of the continent of
Atlantis, those first and last genuinely learned beings of the Earth, the
members of the Society of Akhldanns.

" 'The beneficial results of the customs created by the Great Moses are still
visible today.
" 'For instance, concerning the custom of circumcision, I, being a good
diagnostician and able to tell from one glance at a man's face what
disharmony there is in his organism, can safely say that this terrible children's
disease of "onanism" is scarcely ever found among those children upon whom
this rite has been performed, whereas the children whose parents fail to
observe this custom are almost all subject to it.
'Certain of those who are not subjected to the rite of circumcision do
escape this disease of 'onanism," but these rare exceptions are the children of
parents who are cultured in the full sense of the word, and who understand
clearly that the future normal mentation of their children depends exclusively
upon whether they do or do not suffer from this disease in their childhood or
" 'Such cultured parents know full well that if their children experience in
their nervous system the sensation of the climax of what is called the
"ooamonooanossnian process" even once before they reach maturity, they will
never be fully capable of normal mentation when they become adult, and
hence these parents always consider it their first and chief duty toward their
children to educate them in this respect.
" 'Unlike most contemporary parents, they do not consider that the
education of children consists in badgering them to learn by rote as much
poetry as possible, composed by "moordoortenist psychopaths," or in teaching
them to shake hands politely with their friends and acquaintances, for in
keeping with the notions of people of our times, unfortunately it is these
"accomplishments" which constitute the whole education of children today.
" 'And so, my dear, very depraved, but nevertheless likable young man.

'These two rites were created by the Great Moses and introduced into the
ordinary life of the Jewish people to counteract that maleficent invention of
clothes, thanks to which those factors were destroyed which had been
provided by Nature for the protection of those organs from the harmful action
of the substances they secrete, and these two rites were transmitted from
generation to generation, both to the followers of the Judaic religion and to
others who took over these useful rites almost unchanged It was only after the
death of the great King Solomon that the rite of "tziel pootz kann" ceased to
be observed even by the followers of the Judaic religion, and only the rite of
"sikt ner tchorn" continued to be performed automatically, and reached the
contemporary representatives of that race.
" 'This custom, along with many other ancient Jewish customs, also
reached the followers of the Christian religion, who at first observed it very
strictly in their everyday life, but soon the custom itself disappeared from this
still new religion, and even the memory of its former use among them was lost.
" 'Yes . . . my dear friend, if only the teaching of the divine Jesus Christ had
been fully respected in its original form, the religion founded upon it with
such unprecedented wisdom would not only be the best of all existing
religions, but even of all religions that might arise and exist in the future.

From Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson

PS: Your cat might want revenge...

I found this information on a website, very interesting if its true.

"[Satanic torture/abuse of children. The hidden agenda of Circumcision is mind control as it is designed to Suppress/injure sexuality (suppress love 1) which breeds Violence (e.g. IsraelUSA Genocideand obedience, hence little use of anaesthetic (approximately 96% of babies in the United States and Canada receive no anesthesia) and suppression of studies showing harm 1.  Currently the HIV hoax is the main lie being used to promote circumcision (one Schoen tried in 2003), especially in Africa by the UN, no surprise there.  In the USA, 54% of doctors involved in the delivery or care of infants perform circumcisions [Stang & Snellman, 1998]. The breakdown is: obstetricians 46%, family practitioners 29% and pediatricians 25%. 1  Circumcision removes most of the male clitoris 1.] "

"A neurologist who saw the results to postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim's brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child's brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery........Not only could we not publish the results of our research, but we also had to destroy all of our results. If we refused to comply, we were all threatened with immediate dismissal and legal action."

I don't agree with circumsision in people but please edjucate yourselfs about animals with this article I pieced together with words from the RSPCA and my own little rant at the end :)

Spaying and neutering makes a big difference: Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens!

communities spend millions of taxpayer dollars each year coping with problems that a failure to spay and neuter causes. The one-time cost of spaying or neutering is far lower than the expense involved in rounding up strays, feeding and housing abandoned animals, and euthanizing those for whom homes can't be found.

Cities and counties all over the country are aggressively addressing the animal overpopulation crisis, requiring everyone who chooses not to spay or neuter to pay a hefty breeder's fee. Areas with mandatory spay-and-neuter laws have reported a significant reduction in the number of animals who are taken to their facilities and subsequently euthanized.

Many communities have low-cost or free spay-and-neuter clinics that make it easy for everyone to do the right thing and have their animals sterilized. Call 1-800-248-SPAY to find your nearest low-cost spay-and-neuter clinic.

Ok guys listen... Even if you say "I plan on getting homes for all the puppies that my dog gives birth to" that's still homes that other shelter animals won't get and they will stay there frightened until they are gassed to death. And at least half of the puppies that you give away will not spay or neuter either. Stray dog and cats live a year average until they are killed by some disease that speeds to others or starved or attacked by other animals. And they don't like people and do not seem very happy.

If you care you will spay and neuter. If you don't really care about the world or other animals that are suffering then you will say
"we'll it will be fun for the kids to see the birth of new life and get to play with all the cute puppies"

GREAT way to teach the children about the problems in the world ... Ignore them, they aren't my problem. EDUCATE YOURSELF! Stop this selfishness. ADOPT FROM SHELTERS! SPAY AND NEUTOR! And encourage your friends and family to do the same. We don't make a difference in the world by being polite and letting ignorance take place...



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