It is finished, a great work achieved, the Chakra tuner from bottom to top perfectly calibrated for the 7 Chakras.

Just so everyone knows there are 7 of these and you will find them by going to the "first" page of the comments. You will find another post by me with the rest of the tones attached.

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Ase !!! Awesome !!!!
know this and will see what hapens to the body

rgds yours truley siep
I'm a newbie to all of this, so I feel blessed that I've found such a valuable site to help me in my journey of awakening. Will give meditate to these tracks this weekend.
Thank you so much for providing such quality material and tools.
Much appreciated.
unblock the blockage
I could not get any of the download links to work. Are they still active? I'll try in another browser

right click on the link and download it

Peace and Blessings!  This Chakra tuner is the most  beautifully melodic set I have heard to date. Thank You!


I listened to all seven of these about 5 hours ago and I am still vibrating the same as I did when I finished listening to them. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks Sevan!
When i look into this pic, I can actually see the flower of life moving clock wise and counter close wise. Moving very rapidly.

I have a random question, but, why is it that you put 6 minutes on the 6th one?

sevan these tones r AMAZING. and i consider myself a connoisseur. LOL i do all my work with tones, and these r some of the best i've heard.  had my chakras spinning and vibrating.  just awesome.  i long 2 win the lotto so i can give u the money 2 save the planet :)))))

Thank you for these Sevan.  

I cannot get file # 2 to download on my mac. it shows up as a different kind of file than the other quick time files and doesn't give me the same options.  Does anyone have an alternative file, or a suggestion.  There is no right click with a mac mouse.




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