Recently, while trolling YouTube, I found an interesting video which reported that the sounds that were contained in the video would put me into a meditative state and help calm me down. I don't know about you, but I have heard this claim a million and one times, but I said "Screw it, why not?" So I donned my headphones and listened away. After having heard these tracks I don't know if they put me into a meditative state, however, I did feel incredibly calm and centered, and because of that I have decided to share. 

Upon further research of this new sound, I found that the creator and developer of this sound technology, which he aptly dubs "Bliss Coded Sound," preaches that the technology he crated allows people to enter deep meditative states (theta waves) and achieve some inner bliss. He writes, "BlissCoded sound is created using a sound manipulation process invented by me, that uses the Golden ratio principle. After research about Phi, the Golden ratio and how this is found in everything in nature, I had an idea about how I wanted to manipulate or create a sound. It resulted in a meditative soundscape (not music) which was coded with extremely precise frequencies that I found through my research and converted the math behind it into sound." Whether or not this technology works or not to the scale the creator has suggested, I have yet to determine, however, the fact that it was created with the golden ratio in mind makes it very interesting nonetheless. The creators other tracks are available for purchase on his website (, or for FREE via torrent by searching for "Bliss Coded Sound" at . Also, I would like to note that this sound technology is NOT binaural beats! It is completely separate. So without further adieu, I present to you the YouTube videos I found.


Please let me know if you found the sound to be helpful and what you experienced. I would like to turn this into more or less of a research topic, with different reviews of this product so that New Members and even veteran members can look here to determine whether or not they should even bother.

Thank you for reading (and listening)! Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations!

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Also, listen with headphones! Stereo headphones work best!

Hey Light Inside, thanks for putting this together.

In my personal experience I could feel pressure building around my third eye.

The nature clip did bring about a calming effect. I also felt "reminded" in a get back to nature kind of way.

Thanks again.


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! WBV

Very true. I love using singing bowls. They have a power that penetrates very deep.

i enjoyed the calmness it brought


Hey Light........Kool........Im def gonna try this one later this evening.......WBV

I am very brand-spanking new to meditation and I was really very surprised at the effects this had on me.  I too, found it on Youtube and plugged my headphones in and pressed play.

It's hard to describe how I felt.  I don't know that it was even a "feeling".  But, I had the very, VERY strong sensation of my friend standing behind me with his hand on my shoulder.  My friend passed away just over a year ago.  I have listened to the bliss coded sound twice and had the same sensation of not being alone both times.  It was really something and I'd be curious to know if anyone else has experienced this.


  It had the  same effect on me



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