The Biochemical Salts are wonderful and in such a short time they have already proven great worth and are the main tool in the cabinet of the real Alchemist. It can be as simple as a restoration of you Vital, Electric, and Magnetic energies that allow you to begin enjoying the benefits of being in a well tuned spiritual, mental, and physical body. In addition we have already received emails of individuals removing problems that have plagued them or love ones for quite some time. This has been done by using the proper cell salt corresponding to the ailment. This has occurred even after Doctors have tried continuously with western medicine and failed.


To assist people as much as I can with this I have created this post to share all the books I have on Cell Salts while in addition giving all members an opportunity to help compile information here also. If you have not yet looked into the Cell Salts now is your time.


Info and Salts can be found at this link: Bio-Chemical Salts

For those that have asked about purchasing Cell Salts individually do keep in mind it is very important to have the other Salts, at least Bioplasma to aid in balancing the change in Ph if necessary. Why suffer from any ailment out of ignorance and complacency?


I will start with the top 3 books sought after in regards to the topic. You will find find them also attached for immediate download. I have renamed them somewhat so they won't be removed immediately. Wholeness



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No problem Hoodie just keeping it coming..
this may be what i needed, the salts are wonderfull i feel like a new person as corny as that might sound,thank you sevan i promote this

I just finished reading 'Unlimited Power', the author stated that liquid foods was the key to healthy existence.

Salty and sugary foods are poison to our body.  Fruit and vegetables are better than dry foods such as bread and milk products that come from a cow.  You can further on fruit juices than a fuel inefficient car.

Thank you for posting this Sevan, I have been using Himalayan pink salt for several years now with remarkable results. I am looking forward to reading these... Still working on the Earth and Moon book right now... Wow! Again, Thanks!

I'm using it now for acid reflux, and its working great for my ph level

Sadly I have no record of the time of my birth.  Is this information so vital that it would render the Salts ineffective? :(

Thank you :)


I sadly have the same problem as Terry. Don't know my birth time.

Huge THANKS, Sevan..Much appreciated.



Can it be taken for Rheumatic Arthritis? Thanks.

Hello Murthy !

I gave some to my mum who suffers from rheumatic arthritis, after a week she told me she felt better, I also noticed she was calmer...

Thank you so much Sevan for this post re Bio Chemical Salt and the free to download books attached to the post. I do really appreciate all your hard work and effort for providing innerstanding across the universe. I also wish you all the very best for the future as you continue the work you are doing of educating/enlightening all those who are interested in their own spiritual development.  Many thanks once again.



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