Just came across a video recently with a DJ performing live, with a set of machines and devices full of buttons and cables around but in a private environment instead of being in a disco full of people, and seeing the guy performing live to the camera only made me have this realization... As I was seeing him deliver his music and working in "the zone" wich is more of a personal focus point in space and time, I kept thinking more and more about what being in The Zone means and entails to me. Since writing helps me put my thoughts in order I also decided to share this piece of text.

Our bodies are like filters from wich particular Essences of All That Is get attracted by the "magnets" each of us have in different matters and quantities, resonating within us. Essences that resonate start to add up, those that don't can be expeled by the body from the several ways it has to deal with what doesn't serve it and ultimately to the magnetic field.
So we can say that when something resonates with us by attraction, it accumulates and it's that build up that makes a person have one kind of inclination or natural talent or the other, since the combination of both filters (the physical and the electromagnetic body, aka:aura), when properly maintained, contain certain percentages of "what is it that we most love".
So, how can a person be in the zone and understand how to reach it? By finding and experiencing more and more with the things the person like to do! At some level of practise, it will be possible to access The Zone whenever and wherever we want if conditions are met. Mostly these conditions have to do with the motivation, mood, environment, all these integers that amplify those frequencies. The pristine state of the mind, body and soul being integral parts, make possible for the Channeling of the creative form, wich can be seen as the flow in real time, or even faster than light transmissions that solidify The Zone environment.

The ability to raise vibration to the point of summoning one's own natural frequency, is what being in The Zone means.

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i love the zone, great text and great picture! my motivation had been zapped this past month, i realized i have to move out of my house, enter the next step of freedom . 

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