This is not a game, many imagine it to be until they are screaming around a mental institution. What should you expect when your third eye is open? You will see other life forms in your "visible reality", this is very strange at first and sometimes frightening, however, it happens gradually so there is actually a "small" threshold for adaptation. You will also secrete more DMT into the hippocampus. This makes you feel like you are an introvert having some type of internal union or natural ectasy, this energy should be breathed into the stomach and held to stir up chi force to bring power into your manifestations. Avoid using this energy in a overly provocative way, it always spells trouble. This is as much warning as I can give you and it is from experience not from books. Fear is the mind controller your Guides are with you. 7

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And again :)

very good book. He also has an audio available to accompany the mediation along with music, but the music sounds very alien like and is suppose to be felt by the vibrations of the third eye. Let me what you think resistance if you've heard the audio portion. WBV

Ashe Sevan. Thank U.

Ah finally some innerstanding as to what the lights I see actually are, thank you :).

I seem to be further on than I thought with my third eye work (still only one step of infinity) but lagging behind out of balance astrally, thanks Sevan for this resource.

I'll link the audio files for this book later today.Wbv everyone
Hi white knight. Please send the last no to the book we an was referred ng for opening the third eye, many thanks!

The  techniques described in this book(especially the beginning steps of palming the eyes, throat friction and connecting the impulses between those) certainly assisted me in one of the most lucid projections ive ever had, though it certainly freaked me out as if i was experiencing "another" me, or that everything in the experience was slowed down. In alot of ways its like the new energy ways system by Robert Bruce with less focus on the tactile aspect of the method and more on how to create friction between the chakras at the throat to the 3rd eye for better seperation results.  I found the method quite powerful but certainly wasnt the right time in my life to be doing it.  Id say combining the methodologies apart from the mystifications is sound advice-- even to add in something like new energy ways by Robert Bruce would be excellent since it highly expands upon the meridians or differently put, the minor secondary chakras/tertiary centers.

What is the name of the book



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